Its like a dream come true.


So, that night we didn't sleep, we left for Warped around midnight and we got there around 3 in the morning. There was only about 15 other people there so we were pretty ahead in line. Actually, 2 girls around 15 years old recognized us surprisingly and we had to explain to them why we were here and then they asked for pictures. I have a feeling this is going to happen a lot while here due to how popular Dan is, and apparently me as well.

Dan and I started to get hungry, luckily we brought a bag with food all for waiting and it somehow turned into all of the people here in line sharing food and having a little pot-luck meal with all the food we all brought. It was nice, we all talked about the bands we wanted to see, why the 2 girls recognized me and Dan, some of us exchanged follows on twitter and what not, and it was just really nice to make a bunch of new friends.

Then it started. Warped Tour. We were let in really quickly and since the first couple bands playing I wasn't extremely exited for we decided to head over to band tents for merch and what not. I bought SO MUCH STUFF. I bought pretty much all the new Motionless In White merch, some Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Breathe Carolina, and so many other bands. While going tent to tent Dan and I were noticed by a couple more fans which was nice. I used to be the girl noticing people and asking for pictures, now its the other way around. Its so surreal.

Right before Motionless In White came on I grabbed Dan's arm and dragged him over to the stage. I fought my way through the front and Dan laughed at me.

"You really like this band don't you?" He smiled at me.

"More than you could ever know." My face lights up when I hear they're little intro song they use to come out on stage and I start screaming when they start to come out. I hear the intro for 'Immaculate Misconception' come on and when Chris Motionless comes out and starts screaming the first lines of the song I go crazy. I'm screaming every word, jumping up and down, enjoying everything.

There's something about being at a show for your favorite band, there is so much energy rushing through you and you're just not caring what anyone else is thinking at that moment, because you are all there doing the same thing. Enjoying music you love so much, and that's all that matters. The crowd jumping in unison, screaming the same words, just enjoying that very moment together. It's perfect.

I look over at Dan and he is getting into the music, jumping with everyone else, moving his head to the beat. He looks over at me and we laugh at each other. I look back at the stage, and they are all there. Angelo, Devin, Josh, Chris, Ryan, Ricky. Its my heroes. I notice when I look over at Ricky that he's also looking at me. He winks at me and I melt, my favorite member, oh my god. I nearly died. After the set Dan and I burst from the crowd of people waiting for the next band.

"Oh my god, that was amazing!" Dan jumps up and down. "I can see why you go to concerts so much. Its so rare when I go."

"Yea, you seemed to be enjoying yourself a lot." I smile at him and grab his hand.

"Yes, it was great!" I pauses then smiles at me. "Guess what?" I raise my eyebrow and tilt my head to the side in confusion. "I got us wristbands to go to the signing in an hour and a half!" I nearly fall over. I grab my wristband from him, grab his arm and drag him over to their tent. We are the 3rd in line surprisingly and we sit on the ground to wait for them. Once I see them come out for the signing I nearly fell over again. I whip out the poster I bought earlier and go down the signing line. First Angelo, then Ryan, then Devin, the Josh, then Ricky.

"Hey, you guys! I know you from somewhere!" Ricky smiles at me. I stand there wide eyed and Dan saves me by saying we make videos on youtube. "Oh yea, I've seen your videos!" He points up at me. "I thought you guys lived in England?" He says confused.

"Well, I moved to England only about a month ago, and he knew I was sad thinking I was going to miss Warped for the first time in 5 years to he surprised me with a trip to come out here for it." He answer, smiling. Ricky nudges at Chris.

"Hey, its that girl from youtube!" Ricky points to me and we move in from of Chris.

"Hey! Allora!" Chris yells happily and signs my poster. "You're videos are cute, like you, keep making them." He smiles at me and then stands up and gives me a hug. "Meet us after the signing if you want pictures okay?" I nod happily.

"Also, we're doing a tour in England soon, maybe we'll see you, i'll keep in touch!" Ricky yells to us as we walk away

After we meet then, I'm nearly on the verge of crying. I just met my favorite band of all time, the band that helped me through so much in much. Ricky and Chris know me!! They said they will 'keep in touch'. DOES THIS MEAN WE'RE FRIENDS OR SOMETHING?! I couldn't help but smile like an idiot.

The rest of warped, we saw all my other favorite bands, vlogged about stuff, met up with Motionless for pictures, vlogged a bit with them, and Ricky and Chris started following me and Dan on twitter! It was just too perfect! I couldn't stop talking about them the rest of the way home.