Its like a dream come true.

Finally in Manchester.

So, I finally got to Manchester and the first thing I experience was the confusing as fuck airport. Lovely. I couldn't find 2 out of my 8 bags (yes I reduced it to 8, big difference) for about an hour or so, and then it took me another 4 minutes to find Natalie. Luckily she carried some of my bags for me. Then on our train ride to the flat, we were so squished with all the people. Doesn't help that everyone kept knocking my stuff around too. Ugh. Slowly regretting this decision.

Finally, we arrive at the flat. It was great! Not too big, not to small. I no longer regret anything!

"So, your room is down the hall, the only door on the left." Natalie gestures over down the hall for me. "She left her wardrobe, her bed, her nightstand, and a shelf, so, see what you can do with that. I'm gunna get to making food, i'm starving." Nat then walks to the fridge to start making us food.

I walk to my room and place my bags onto the ground. The first thing I do is whip out my ipod dock and plug it in. I throw on my music on shuffle and Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance comes on. Nice choice iPhone. I start making my bed, throwing my sheets on, then the comforter, then my 3 pillows. Surprisingly that was all able to fit into one case. I then start putting my clothes away, put my movies onto a shelf, plug in my laptop, all the setting up stuff. Midway through Nat calls me into the kitchen to get lunch.

"So, after we eat, you wanna go into town ? Ya know, go to some shops, you can by some things you couldn't bring with you?" She smiles while taking a bite of her food.

"But, I need to finish setting up." I tell her, gesturing back to the room.

"Oh you have time for that. I wanna give you a brief tour of town, please??" She begs me.

"Ugh, fine!" I say laughing. "You're lucky I love it here!"

Once in tow, she takes me to the nearest mall and we go in and out of shops like crazy. While in this cute little candle shop my phone goes off and its a twitter message. Its a tweet from Phil reading: "Going into town with Dan today, we feel like buying everything!" My stomach dropped. They are what?! WHAT IF I SEE THEM WHAT DO I DO?! Oh god oh god oh god.

We leave the mall and Nat gives me a brief tour of around the city. I love it here. I absolutely love it. I am so happy I decided to move here. Best. Choice. Ever.

Later that night, I set up the rest of my room, put the other little random things that I bought today in my room and I decide to finally relax and just curl up in my comfy new bed with my laptop. The first thing I check is youtube. There is a new vlog from Phil on his LessAmazingPhil channel just of him and Dan is town today. Midway through the video, it cuts to scene while there walking in the mall, and in the corner of the screen, you can see ME. WALKING OUT OF THE CANDLE STORE. GOING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. NOT EVEN LOOKING BACK. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! I screamed.

"Dude are you alright?!" Nat bursts into my room looking concerned.

"I'M IN THE NEW PHIL VIDEO!!" I scream more.

"Are you positive its you??" She walks over to my bed and looks at my laptop.

"Yes that's me! The same candle store! The same purple hair! Black beanie! My vans! My wrist tattoo! It's me!" I'm on the verge of tears. Did that honestly just happen!?

"Holy shit dude it is. That's crazy." Nat says finally sitting down. "You were so close to them. Phil, who's your idol, and Dan, who's also your idol and the guy you're in love with. How strange." She says, being specific as possible.

"Yea, thanks or reminding me of that." I give her a quick death glare then bury my face in my pillow. "I'm just going to go to bed now." I mumble inside my pillow.

"Okay, try not to have a heart attack in your sleep okay?" She laughs while exiting my room. "Also, try not to be too jet-lagged in the morning okay??"

"No promises!" I mumble again.

"Haha, okay night." She giggled out while closing my door.