Its like a dream come true.

Did that really just happen??

So, its a week after I moved to Manchester, nothing really exiting happened. So, while Nat is at work, I decide to take on the city myself for a day. I really hope I don't get lost. Another good thing, Nat took me to a bank earlier that week and exchanged all my American money for English money. Now I can but stuff without being confused as fuck! Haha.

I got in the mood for a milkshake so I went to go find this milkshake place that I heard a lot about. After getting my drink at shake-away (the milk shake shop) I go and find a place to sit down close by. Then I reside there for about 20 minutes sipping my milkshake and scrolling through Tumblr on my phone. I don't notice the people that sat about a foot or 2 away from me until I start tuning into there conversation. The voices start to sound a bit familiar so I turn my head slightly and Dan and Phil are sitting RIGHT THERE OH MY GOD. I try not to pay attention to them so I don't seem like a hardcore fan but its so hard. Oh geez what do I do holy crap. Breathe Allora, just breathe. They wont notice you having a mini heart attack if you try and stay calm.

Oh god we are dressed so differently we are so not alike what was I thinking. Dan is wearing dark blue skinny jeans, plain white nikes, and a black tee with some random logo on it. Then theres me. Purple hair with a black under cut on one side of my head. Septum and spider bite peircings. 1 inch stretched ears. A black beanie, a Pierce The Veil shirt that I cut into a tank top, Black shorts, black leggings with bone print on them, and black boots. Not to mention my also dark as hell eyeliner and tattoos. WE LOOK SO DIFFERENT HE COULD NEVER LOVE ME UGH.

I have to go. I start to get up and walk past them when just to my luck, my canvas backpack slipped out of my grip and right on to Dan's foot. I gasp with embarrassment.

"Oh god, I am so sorry I didn't mean to-" I start blurting out.

"It's fine, here you go, uh, Allora." Dan's says handing me my bag.

"How- how do you know my name?" I ask, nervous as hell.

"Its printed on the front of your bag." He giggles. Hes so cute. Wait a second, i'm having a conversation with him! Ugh, play it cool!

"Oh, haha yea. Duh. Wait, don't I know you guys somewhere? I've seen you on the internet once or twice I think." Nice, act like you know them but don't at the same time. Playing it cool. "Yea, uh, Dan and Phil right?"

"Yea, we make Youtube videos." Phil adds.

"Oh yea, I've seen a couple, they're pretty funny." I smile. Phil smiles and Dan giggles and wait, is he blushing? Dan is blushing, because of me! I think i'm going to faint.

"Thanks, so, you're American?" Dan quickly asks.

"Oh, uh, yea, I actually moved here a little over a week ago, cause I going to uni here." I say, still trying not to hyperventilate.

"You've only been here a week and your going out into to town by yourself? You're a brave one." Dan giggles again all cute like.

"Well, my flatmate is at work and we have no foo back at home, so, I kinda had too. But, I was just about to head back so, I guess I'll see you gu-"

"No no, we'll walk you back, we don't want you getting lost now do we?" Dan stands up, and puts his arm around me and chuckles.

On our way home, we just keep talking, about America, Here, just random stuff. I honestly cant even believe this is happening right now. I'm hanging out with Dan and Phil. Like, Holy crap. Is this honestly happening??

"So, I'm digging this look you got going on, its different. It works for you." Phil says and I blush.

"Yea, its cute. I like different." Dan adds in. I blush harder.

"Oh, well, thanks guys. I never got complimented like this back home actually. But that's probably because my town was full of douche bags." I take another sip of my shake and look down.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that with us. You got friends now to stand up for you." Dan says, nudging my arm.

"Oh, we're friends?" I say, kinda surprised.

"Of course!" Dan happily says. "You're cool, you're new, you need friends. Why not?" This is really happening right now okay. "Actually, here, let me see you're phone." He grabs it with my hand and starts to go through it. Thank god I changed the background from him to Motionless In White a couple days ago. "And, here we go, my number and Phil's." He says handing back my phone.

"Thanks!" I sounded way to exited there. Shit. "Uh, I'll text you so you can get my number. I hope you get this!" I say typing away.

The text I sent him just said "What time is it?!" and he very quickly responds with 'ADVENTURE TIME!! ^.^" Oh god cutest thing ever.

Once we get to my building I start to say my goodbyes but they stop me.

"You know whats weird, this is our building too!" My jaw almost drops to the floor.

"Oh, uh, really? That's awesome! We can hang a lot then!" Again, way to exited.

"Yea sure!" Phil says as we step into the lift. I press my floor button and we start to go up. "No way our floor too!" Phil says in amazement. I just almost die.

The lift stops and we are walking back to our flats. I see my door and start to walk kinda faster towards it. I push my keys into the slot and open my door as they catch up.

"What are the odds that your flat is across the all from ours??" Phil says putting the key into their door. Okay, officially dead. "Why don't you come hang with us in here for a bit?"

"Uh, no thanks, maybe later, I didn't get much sleep last night so I was gunna take a nap. But i'm guessing i'll be seeing you again soon. So, uh, bye." I say then I quickly close my door. I turn around and press my back against the door. I start laughing and crying in amazement then slide down to the floor.