Its like a dream come true.

I really think he likes me.

"How did you not know they lived ACROSS THE HALL FROM YOU?!" I shouted at Nat, terribly confused.

"I guess I never really payed attention." She said sheepishly, just waking up cause she worked late last night.

"Ugh." I slump down on the seat. "But anyway, yesterday had to be the BIGGEST accomplishment of my life." I smile and hug a pillow.

"Hey, I'm happy for you, and now you get to hang out with them a lot!" She mentioned.

"Also, this might seem weird, but I think Dan was actually flirting with me!" I blurt out, paying no attention to what she just said. "But, I don't understand why he would, we're completely different..." I start slumping again.

"Yea, you kinda got that concert junkie mixed with goth look and hes kinda... not that." She says reaching into a bag of chips. "But who knows, he might like that style. You never know." She then says with a mouth full of chips.

Just then my phone goes off and I reach to the table to get it. Its a text from Dan saying: "Hey, come across the hall for a sec, I gotta ask you something." I rise from the couch and rush towards the door.

"Hey hey, where are you going?" Nat grabs my arm and stops me. I hold up the phone to show her the text.

"He wants to ask me something! Be right back" I lose her grip on me and rush across the hall. As soon as I get there I stop. Staring at the door for a second. This is Dan and Phil's flat. Oh my god. I pretty much know this place by heart now just by watching videos. I go to knock on the door ad right before my knuckle hits the door it opens, and I see Dan's smiling face greeting me.

"Hey, come on in!" He says happily, grabbing my wrist and pulling me in. Oh god, we're practically holding hands. Don't die Allora. He sits me down on the couch then he moved to the chair next to it.

"So, what did you want to ask me?" I say, trying not to die still. I can't believe i'm here.

"So, we're having a party tonight, with a couple other youtubers and just general friends. I was wondering if you and your flatmate wanted to come?" He smiles. Is he blushing again?

"Yea i'll come, I'm not sure about Nat though, she might be working." I say playing with my hair trying not to badly blush. "You know, you could have just asked me this over text right?" I giggle.

"I know, I just wanted to see you. Also, I wanted to ask if you want to go out lunch with me?" He slides closer to me and rests his hands on mine.

"Oh.. uh.." Say yes dummy!! "Yea sure!" I smile and start to get up. "Just let me grab my bag really quick, i'll be right back. I start to walk towards the door.

"No no, i'll come with, I kinda wanna see how someone as unique as you lives." He smiles and twirls the end of my hair. Oh my god he is flirting!

We travel across the hall to my flat and we start walking down the hall. We first go to Nat's room and pop our heads in.

"Hey Nat, this is Dan." I say gesturing towards him. Her jaw almost drops. "We're going to go out to lunch, i'll see you soon okay?"

"Uh, oh... okay bye!" She laughs.

We then go to my room and we enter.

"I have really no lighting except for one lamp and a couple candles, so its kinda dark and hard to see, but I like it dark. Obviously." I giggle and gesture to my all black outfit. I just hope he doesn't get weirded out, with the all black pretty much everything, the fake foam tombstone hanging on the wall, or the human skull on the bookshelf (obviously bought at a halloween shop.)

"Its deffinetly different." He giggles out. "Its very you, I like it." He smiles and grabs my hand. Oh god. Oh god. I'm dead. I'm officially dead. This isn't real. He starts puling me out of my room and I quickly grab my bag off the ground and throw it on my back before we head out the door.

We're at the small little cafe/ lunch place and we are just talking. It's really nice.

"So, about the party, who's coming?" I ask sipping my tea.

"Just a couple other youtubers. You night know them. Chris, PJ, Charlie, Alex, Carrie, Jack, Dean. And a couple of our not youtube friends." I says, biting into his sandwich.

"Oh, sweet, seems really fun!" I smile at him. All of those youtubers?! You have to be kidding me I love all of them!!

"Yea, are you okay with drinking, cause we're obviously going to have alcohol there." I asks.

"Well, i'm not old enough, i'm under 21 remember?" I let out a sigh, cause I do like drinking, but I only did when my parents let me.

"You have to remember we're in England dear, the legal age is 18. You are 18 correct?" He giggles.

"Yea, I am." I giggle too. "Well then yea, I'm perfectly fine with it!" I take my last sip of tea. There's a silence for a moment while Dan looks like he's thinking.

"Hey, I know this small shop a couple buildings down that I think you'll like. Come on." He gets up and pays really quick then we leave the cafe.

At this little gothic shop that, we was right, I really like, I start looking around at all the cute little hats, the jewelry, shoes and what not. I really with I had enough money I just want all of it. Dan comes up to me with a cute bracelet.

"It has black diamonds in it, I have a feeling you would really like it." Its a bracelet with black diamonds all around it and every 3 diamonds was a little metal skull. It was so cute!

"I do like it, but its 17 pounds. You don't have to get it for me"

"But I want to, its not that much." He walks over to the counter to buy it and I slowly walk up behind him.

"This is nice of you to get this for your girlfriend. She looks like she would like it." The cashier lady says. I got wide eyed and froze. Did she just say girlfriend??

"Uh, yea." Dan say's handing the woman the money. "Have a good day!" He says as we exit the shop.

Once we get out of the shop Dan grabs my wrist then clamps the bracelet on my wrist.

"Thanks, Dan, but did you hear her? She called me you're girlfriend." I giggle knowing the almost impossibility of that.

"Whats wrong with that?" He smiles wide then we start walking back to our building. I look over and now he is mega blushing.