Its like a dream come true.

A drunken blur.

Later that night Nat and I get ready for Dan and Phil's party and i'm trying not to scream, cry, then die. I'm actually hanging out with DAN AND PHIL and a bunch of other FAMOUS BRITISH YOUTUBERS like OH MY GOD OKAY.

"Nat, I think i'm about to faint okay." I say stumbling into her room.

"Dude, there just people, you know that right?" She laughs at me while closing her laptop.

"You know Jack and Dean are coming right?" I say, knowing those her favorite youtubers.

"WHAT?! THEN THIS OUTFIT IS TOTALLY MEDIOCRE!!" She leaps from her bed and runs to her wardrobe and goes to change. Then I hear a kinda loud knock on our door. I walk over and open it too see Phil there.

"Oh hey Phil whats up?" I ask leaning up against the door frame.

"Okay, so, I just want to warn you now, Dan about an hour or two ago that he likes you. Like, more than friend like. It's not to extreme but still. Well, he's out buying drinks so I thought i'd tell you now that when he's drunk... he does things he doesn't normally do. So if he trys to do anything with you, he won't realise he's doing it, and if anything does happen then he wont remember it. But still, just try and prevent yourself from doing anything too bad okay? Thanks." He starts walking back into his flat.

"Wait, did you just say he likes me.. more than a friend?" I ask, astounded.

"Yea, but give him a little to let him produce his feelings fully, let him approach you okay?" Phil asks again.

"Yea, sure. Thanks." I say closing the door. I listen for him to close his doors and when I hear it I start running to Nat's room and scream. "DAN LIKES ME NAT! HE LIKES ME!!!"

"You mean like, more than friend like?" She asks, sounding exited.

"Yes!! Phil just told me! Oh my god my dreams are coming true Nat!" I jump on her and hug her then start to cry. "Oh dear, I should probably fix my eye makeup now." I say laughing.

"Yea, cause losing a little bit off your pound of black makeup would be such a loss." She sarcastically comments.

We get to the party and Crabstickz and KickthePJ are already there. And they are all already drinking.

"Hey! Allora! Lemme introduce you!" Dan says walking towards me and grabbing me hand. "So, this is Chris, or you might know him as Crabstickz, and this is PJ, or KickthePJ." He then looks over to them. "Guys, this is Allora, my new best friend!" He says giggling.

"So, American girl huh?" Chris asks, chuckling.

"Uh, yea, I just moved here about 2 weeks ago. I'm going to uni here so.." I trail off.

"Hmm, cool, well enjoy your stay here!" Chris giggles while getting up for another drink.

"Here, Allora. Let me show you around." Dan grabs my hand again then drags me to his room. "Yep, my room. Sorry if its a bit too bright for you." He laughs.

"Its fine, really, I like it. It seems very, you." I laugh while looking around. I turn around and our faces are about 3 inches away from each other. He's smiling the cutest smile ever. My heart is pounding like crazy. I don't know what to do. Oh god.

"Well, good to know you like it. We could be here often." He said smirking, like, flirty smirking. Like really flirty.

We exit his room and he shows me around the rest of the place.

"Okay, and if you need to use it at all tonight, here is the bathroom. Oh, damn, we're out of toilet paper. Be right back." I realised he set his phone down on the counter and it goes off with a text from Chris saying 'Well that's good, I'm happy you think you finally found someone after 20 years. Loser. (;' Before he walks back in I click his phone off really quickly. He walks back and fixes the problem then we exit the bathroom.

I notice that Jack and Dean already showed up and I notice also that Nat is already drinking and flirting horribly with Dean. Oh god.

A couple hours later I check my phone and see its 11:30 at night. Nat and Dean are getting close to drunk and cuddling on the couch, and Chris and Dan are just gone. They are drunk as all hell. Everyone else showed up and they are all sitting around in a circle drinking a little, talking and having fun.

I get up to go to the bathroom and when I get there I realise Dan's phone is still in here. I close the door quickly and grab his phone. I sit on the counter and start to go through the texts from him and Chris.

Chris: So, thats the American girl Phil said you're trying to get with?

Dan: Well, yea, I know I just met her yesterday, but I cant just tell we have a lot in common.

Chris: Dude, Have you looked at her? I can tell she listens to that music with screaming and shit, goes to those hardcore shows all the time, and she's a goth. Yea, i'm diggin her look and its her own and its cool, but you guys seem to be compleatly different.

Dan: Trust me, if you just got to spend time with her, you'd understand.

Chris: Okay, whatever. Just wait another week or two, make sure the likes you back, then go for her.

Dan: I know, I was planning on it. I don't want to mess anything up with her.

Chris: Well that's good, I'm happy you think you finally found someone after 20 years. Loser. (;

I quickly shut off the phone, set it down where it was before and just blush.

"Hey Allora! Get out I need to pee!" Nat knocks on the door over and over. I exit the bathroom fast and go into the living room and sit down on the couch. Due to my social awkwardness, I just kinda sit in the corner and watch everyone else. I take sips of my drink and just think. I whip out my phone and decide to check Tumblr really quick.

I notice that after reblogging about 25 pictures and then going through Facebook and Twitter that 2 hours have past. Everyone is drunk. But me. Great. I get up to go to the bathroom again just to look like i'm doing something. I wait about 2 minutes then decide to pretend I actually used the bathroom and flush the toilet. I try to exit the bathroom and head back to the living room but as soon as I open the door I get pulled across the hall into Dan's room and pushed onto his bed.

"Hey cutie pie." Dan's whispers really close to my face. I almost gag on the amount of alcohol I smell on his breath. He tries to lean in to kiss me but I push him away. I get up and leave his room fast. I want him to kiss me, but I want him to know he's doing, I want him to remember it. I start to head for his front door and go back to my flat and sleep.

"Hey, where you going?!" Phil and Nat yell at the same time.

"I'm just really tired. I guess i'll see you all in the morning." I say closing the door and heading across the door. I rush to my room and jump onto my bed.

I curl up and think for bit. He was going to do it. He was going to kiss me. DAN was going to kiss ME. Ugh. Why did he have to be drunk. Why? I think about this over and over I drift off to sleep.