Its like a dream come true.

Surprise visitor.

I wake up the next morning hearing loud knocks on my flat door. I get up still looking like a mess from sleeping. In pajamas, makeup smeared, hair a crazy mess. I open the door and see Dan. He looks at me and laughs.

"Well hello there sleeping beauty." He says walking in then he leans on my kitchen counter.

"Haha, shut up." I punch his arm lightly. I walk over to the cabinet and get a glass then proceed to get water.

"Hey, can I talk to you about last night?" He asks, sitting really close next to me.

"Yea, I guess." I shrug.

"I'm sorry I tried to kiss you last night.. when i'm drunk i'm... impulsive." He says lowering his head. I nodded. "Its just.. I will admit, even though we just met, I like you. I feel like we connect. We have a lot in common. Also you're really nice. But I kinda wanted to wait a little before asking you out, to get to know each other more you know?" He looks at me, i see in his eyes how sorry he is.

"You're gunna ask me out?" I ask, surprised.

"Yea I kinda just ruined that surprise... shit." He laughs, I can tell he really didn't mean to say it.

"Well, even if you did ask me now.. I would have said yes either way." I smile and grab his hand.

"Wait. I'm confused. Are we dating now??" I hear excitement in his voice.

"I.. I don't know. But whatever we are, I kinda like it." I laugh then hug him. He squeezes me really tight. When I pull back he pulls me close one more time and kisses my forehead. I honestly can't believe my one true desire of meeting Dan, becoming friends, then dating ACTUALLY happened. It's unbelievable. Its like a dream come true.

My phone starts ringing and I look and see its Alexis. Finally she called me. She's one of my absolute best friends from America and I haven't heard from her for about a week.

"Hey! Where have you been??" I ask excitedly.

"Oh, only on a plane to Manchester and now walking down the hall to your apartment!" She laughs.

"Wait, how did you get he-"

"I chatted up your roomie Nat on facebook and we organized a surprise visit from me for you! Now let me in i'm right outside!" She hangs up quickly and I put down my phone slowly. I just realized how much of a Dan and Phil fan she also is and the fact that I have Dan RIGHT HERE might throw her off a bit.

"Quick quick, hide in my bedroom!" I whisper pulling him off the couch and leading him to my room.

"Wait, why??" He asks concerned.

"Lex is kinda a... really big fan of you and Phil. I'd rather her not fan girl over my boyfriend. So just hide there until its safe for you to leave okay??" I push him into my room, close the door quickly then run to the door.

"Wait, did you say I was your boyfriend?!" I hear him yell right before I open the door.

I open the door after a long breath then I get attacked by my super short best friend.

"I'VE MISSED THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!" She screams practically knocking me to the ground. "This apartment looks kinda familiar. That's weird." Shit, I just remembered Me and Dan have the exact same flat layout. Please don't notice. Please don't notice.

"So, wheres your room?? She goes skipping down the hall. FUCK. I run after her and catch her right before she opens my door.

"DON'T GO IN THERE!" I yell blocking my door.

"Uh, why?" She says, confused as all hell.

"Its uh, really messy. Let me clean it first." I grab her hand and start to drag her to the living room again.

"Oh come on, like I haven't seen your room messy before." She laughs while losing my grip on her and opening my room to see Dan sitting on my floor looking at my cd collection. She steps back wide eyed. "Allora. Why is there an attractive British youtuber in your bedroom?" She asks slowly, still in shock.

"Uh, I might have a surprise too..?" I try and make a joke to clear the tension.

"Hiya!" Dan says all cheery and waves to Alexis.

"Dan, not now." I look at him with a death stare. I walk over to him and grab his arm and start to pull him out of my room. "Actually, Dan was just leaving. Sorry Lex.' I walk out of the door with Dan and close the door to my flat. "Sorry about that. Now i'm going to get questioned and shes going to fan girl and-"

"Its fine, its kinda cute that people fan girl. Obviously not as cute as you." He pulls me in close and stares at my eyes.

"That was so cheesy, you know that right?" I giggle and stare back.

"Oh shut up." He laughs while placing his lips on mine.

Wait. I'm kissing Dan Howell. Dan Howell is kissing me. I'M SECRETLY DATING DAN HOWELL OH MY GOD. How am I not dreaming?

His lips feel so perfect on mine, like this was meant to happen. I wrap my arms around his waist and me and him seem to entwine perfectly within each other. It feels as if time is standing completely still and we are the only two in motion. Like is perfect for that moment.

We part and he slowly walks back into his flat, smiling that adorable smile he only gives when hes truly happy about something. I stagger back a little bit but head back into my flat slowly as well. As soon as I close the door I turn around to Alexis pointing and smiling like a little kid.


"This is why, I knew you'd totally fan girl over him." I said plopping down on the chair next to her.

"I'm sorry... I'll try not too. So, are you guys dating?? You've only been here 2 week geez Allora." He giggles.

"I honestly don't know, we just have some sort of special connection that just... made us instantly attracted to each other." I blush while playing with my hair.

"Well, you've been attracted to him for an entire year and a half before thanks to the internet." She giggles again while walking to the kitchen.

"Yes, but, when I met him and we talked, it was different. I learned so much more about him and what he's all about. It's really different." I smile thinking back to the kiss. "Hey, how about this, we have all day, its only noon. Why don't I officially introduce you to Dan AND Phil??"

"uhm, YES??" She yells almost spitting her water out of her mouth. "Wait, how long is it going to take us cause I still need to unpack."

"Oh, not that long, they aren't too far." I laugh.

"Oh?" I grab her arm and drag her across the hall.

"Okay, here!" I point at their door.

"Wait what? You have to be joking right?" I smirk at her and then knock on the door. A few moments later Phil opens the door.

"Oh hey Allora and... new person. Come in?" Phil says escorting us inside.

"Okay so Phil, this is Alexis, my american friend who will be staying with me for a bit. Alexis, this is Phil." I smile as they continue to talk. I see Dan enter the room out of the corner of my eye.

"Oh... Hi Allora." Dan innocently waves to me and blushes. He sits down on the couch and gestures or me to come sit next to him.

"Hey!" I say smiling while sitting down.

"So, about what happened earlier....." He says trailing off for a moment. "I liked it... a lot. Like, A LOT. It just felt right you know?" He blushed and fixed his hair.

"Is it weird that that's exactly what I was thinking??" I blush too. Me and him just stare at each other for a couple seconds then just laugh.

"Oh yea trust me I know all about it, Dan told me everything." Phil laughs while walking over.

"Oh lovely Daniel." I laugh and shake my head.

"So you guys are dating now??" Phil asks, seeming a little exited.

"We... we don't know yet." Dan looks over at me a smiles sheepishly.

"Well, you guys should wait it out a couple more weeks. You don't have too, but its my opinion, just get to know each other more, ya know?" Phil adds, leaning back on his chair.

"Yea, I guess that's a pretty good idea." Dan says winking at me. We just kinda sit and talk all day.

"Well, we should probably get back to the flat, Lex has unpacking to do." I spring up from the couch and start walking towards the door.

"Bye guys, nice meeting you Alexis." Dan waves.

"Yea, nice meeting you!" Phil adds.

Back at the flat we get Lex unpacked and set up a small area for her to sleep in my room.

"I can't believe you actually know them its to cool!" Lex smiles

"Yea, I guess." I blush while getting into bed.

"Well actually, you are practically dating one! Lucky shit! If only I could hook up with Phil or something... geez. Lucky you. " All I do is laugh at her. "It actually kinda surprises me that Dan likes you."

"Why is that?" I ask, confused.

"Well, he's.. Dan, and your Allora. You guys seem like you'd be pretty opposite, with your whole goth look and everything."

"I'm not goth!" I laugh." I just prefer darker colors and my music. I don't see how people find me 'goth'."

"Dude, look at you." She laughs while turning off my lamp. "Well I'm jet-lagged as fuck. Night."