Its like a dream come true.

Getting known.

The next morning we both wake up around 8 to Phil knocking on his door.

"Dude, why are you awake at 8?" Dan shouts through his door, rubbing his eyes.

"Well, I went to bed early, so I guess that's wh- whoa!" Phil yells while walking into Dan's room and sees me in his bed. "When uh, when did this happen?" Phil asks pointing back and forth between us.

"Last night after you fell asleep, obviously." Dan says, standing up and putting a shirt on.

"Did you guys....?" Phil makes a face.

"Ooooh, noo, not yet no!" Dan says quickly laughing.

"Wait, did you say not yet??" Phil sounded startled.

"I did? Oh shit." Dan facepalms and I burst out laughing and cover my face with the blanket. "This is not funny!" Dan points at me and laughs.

"I should probably get home before Lex notices." I say getting up and grabbing my shoes and jeans on the floor.

"Lex doesn't even know you're here??" Phil yells as I walk out the door. I just shush her while trying not to laugh.

While in the hall I slowly start to open the door and quietly walk in. I look around to make sure Lex isn't awake, I start to walk to my room slowly and quietly. I slowly peek my head in my room to see Lex sitting on my bed on her laptop. She looks at my and smiles.

"You honestly think I wouldn't know you were gone?" She giggled setting down her laptop. "Where did you even go so early?"

"Uh, nowhere." I start to close our door to quickly change in the bathroom so she wouldn't see me in Dan's pants.

"Oh no you don't!" She whips the door back open to see me holding my clothes trying to run to the bathroom. "You slept over Dan's did you??" She starts laughing.

"Yea.. why does it matter?"

"You guys totally fucked didn't you!"

"No! We didn't! Phil asked us the same damn question." I walk into the living room and set my stuff on the couch

"Well what did you guys even do then?" following me in and sitting on the couch

"Talked about tattoos, piercings, jobs, what not." I say walking into the kitchen and looking for food.

"What do you mean jobs?"

"He said I should start youtubing like him and Phil do, I could get money like that. I think it's a pretty good idea. Do you think I should?" I ask while pouring a bowl of cereal.

"Sure, go for it!" She says smiling.

"Okay, I will. Hey, me, Dan and Phil are heading in town for lunch and go to the shops later, wanna come? So you aren't here all alone?" I ask joining her on the couch.

"I don't know, maybe.." She fixes her hair.

"You can get closer to Phillllll." I nudge her and wink.

"Ugh fine!" She laughs.

We start to get ready and I pick out my outfit: My Hellraiser flats, a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, an Aesthetic Perfection shirt, a Motionless In White hoodie and my black beanie. Pretty simple outfit. I leave my hair wavy, put on my heavy eyeliner and dark-ish lipstick, and to touch things up, one white contact, just to creep people out.

I hear a knock on the door so I run over to get it cause I know its Dan. I open it to see Dan pointing a small digital camera at my face.

"Are you seriously making a video??" I laugh pushing the camera away. "Yes, I need to introduce you to the people! I've already said you were American but that's it. Whoa, trippy eyes." He moves the camera to my eye with the contact in. I laugh and push it away again. He pulls me in close to him and rests his head on top of mine and points the camera at us. "But yes, this is my amazing, American new best friend! Say hi!"

"Hi, i'm Allora." I wave and stick my tongue out at the camera before walking away to get Lex. I hear Dan talking to the camera in the other room.

"You guys should totally subscribe to her channel, she's gunna start making videos as well very soon. Her channel should be linked down there." I here him say as me and Alexis walk into the living room.

"Don't promote me! You don't need to do that!" I say sitting down on the couch and throwing a pillow at him.

"No need to throw pillows!" He says then see's Alexis. "Oh and this is her friend Alexis who is staying here until the end of summer, say hello Alexis." He points the camera at her face and she puts her hands over her face.

"Noo!" She yells laughing.

"Hey when is Phil coming?" I ask.

"Right now." Dan smiles. "PHIL! PHIIIIILLLL!" He yells out of the flat and Phil runs in.

"WHAT?!" He asks.

"We were waiting!" Dan laughs. "Are we all ready to go?" We all agree and head out into town.

We head to Starbucks and since I don't like coffee I just get a muffin. I steal Dan's camera while they are waiting and position in so you can see half of the muffin and half of my face.

"So, this is Muffin vision. We're at Starbucks and I stole Dan's camera while there waiting and oh crap he saw me bye guys!" I quickly shut off the camera and try to look innocent.

"Nice one. Stealing my camera, vlogging without my permission!" We both laugh to ourselves.

After Starbucks we head to the nearest shopping area. After about 20 minutes of walking around me and Dan secretly ditch Alexis and Phil in the middle of the mall and go sit outback on the ground.

"So, we ditched Alexis and Phil, we're trying to get things going between them, it'd be cute." Dan says to the camera. "So, what do you think of Manchester so far Allora, after being here about 3 weeks."

"Its pretty good, I met some really amazing people so far." Me and Dan smile and stare at each other for a bit then I try to be cute and pretend to be a raptor and start lightly clawing his nose.

"What are you even doing?" Dan laughs trying to get me off.

"I'm raptoring you!" I laugh too.

"You are.. raptoring me. Okay then, lets watch that become a thing." We both start laughing to ourselves. "Oh I got a text from Phil." He says pulling out his phone. "Where'd you fuckers go?" We laugh even more.

Back at home me and Dan are in his room for about an hour recording ourselves being stupid and playing around. We edit it and put it up on youtube. After that we crawl into his bed and fall asleep cuddling.