Its like a dream come true.

Heavy Breathing.

The next morning I wake up before he does and decide to check out video while he sleeps. Theres already over 12,000 veiws (Holy crap) and I start reading the comments. Most of them are either "Ew weird goth chick" or "I SHIP DALLORA" Apparently me and Dan have a shipping name now. Haha. I check my channel really quick and I almost faint. 5,000 subcribers in ONE NIGHT. Oh god wow!

"Hey, hey babe, wake up!" I say while throwing a small stuffed animal at his head.

"Wha??" He says half awake.

"Come look at this! Its crazy!" I laugh as he gets up and fixes his hair. I can't help but notice hes shirtless. He looks so good in just pajama pants and bed head. Like, holy crap.

"People are already shipping us??" He giggles while sitting back down in bed and grabbing his phone. I see him typing away and I get curious. Then my phone goes off and I see he just tweeted saying: Haha Dallora? Already a ship? x) Hes such a cutie. Then I see him typing away again. Another tweet? He gets up and heads for the door after setting his phone down on the night stand. "I gotta go to the bathroom, be right back."

"Kay." I say silently. I'm curious about what he was talking about. I quickly grab his phone and see he was texting Chris.

"So you're gunna date her?" Chris asked.

"I'm planning on it yes, why?" Dan texted back.

"She seems too different for you. Like, she's a major goth looking type, and you're you. It just doesn't seem right."

"I don't care if she looks like that or not, I think it look really cute on her anyway. But trust me, mine and her personalities are practically the same, and I for more comfortable around her than anyone else. I really feel like me and her are almost meant to be together." Dan said to Chris. I couldn't help but blush really hard. I hear the toilet flush and quickly put his phone back where it was and pretend I was reading comments.

"So what do you want to do today?" He asked while walking in and running his fingers through his hair. Seriously, he is the most attractive thing ok.

"I kinda wanted to make my first video today. Should I?" I get out of bed and lay down in the bed again.

"Sure, I can help if you want." He says while slowly crawling on top of me. Hes practically laying on me except he's holding himself up with his arms. My breath became still. He smirked a teasing little sexy smirk. "You know, you look good from this angle." He winked. Oh god what do I do. Is he implying that he wants to have sex? Oh god. Should I tell him no if he tries? Should I wait until we are officially dating? WHAT DO I DO?!

He slowly lets his arms bring him down on top of me and we begin to kiss. He begins to kiss down the side of my face then my neck. Oh god. Weak spot. He pushes my hair out of the way and begins to kiss and bite my neck. I let out a small moan as he begins to suck my neck. "Oh you like that don't you?" He whispers in my ear. I slowly nod. He kisses my cheek once and continues to suck on my neck. He slowly brings his hands up the sides of my shirt, sliding it off.

He grabs the comforter and pulls it over us. Is this really going to happen? I finally let myself say it.

"Only if you want to. Do you?" He raises an eyebrow. I nod letting my fantasies take a hold on me. "Well, we should at least be safe. He reaches over to his secret box and pulls a condom out from it. He holds it up and winks. He gets up and starts to walk to the door.

"Where are you going?" I whisper-yell.

"I feel awkward putting it on in front of girls, be right back." He leaves the room while I lay there thinking.

"This is actually happening." I smile to myself and think more for a moment. He comes back in and winks at me.

"All good." He crawls back on top of me and pulls the covers over us again.

He starts to kiss my neck again then brings his hands behind my back and unhooks my bra. He slides one strap off then the next without even stopping with my neck to look. Damn he knows what hes doing. He tosses my bra to the side then brings his hand down near my waist. I thought he was going to take my pajamas off but really he takes off his, then mine slowly. He brings his left hand down to my underwear. He uses his fingers and goes back and forth on the waistband a bit.

"Lets not get into it too quickly." He kisses me while then sliding his hand down inside my underwear. He rubs around their for a bit then starts thrusting his fingers inside me. I start breathing heavier and heavier and slightly moan from time to time. He stops after about 5 minutes. "I can't wait any longer." He practically rips my underwear off me then takes his off. "Are you sure about this?"

"Oh yea." I bite my lip and he slides inside me. I let out a small whimper and he winks at me. He starts moving slowly in and out, deeper and deeper, rougher and rougher, but not really that fast. He uses his hands and pushes my legs apart even more and starts to move faster. I start to moan with every thrust and every time I said his name he went faster. We then here a knock on the door.

"Hey Dan...?" We here Phil call from the other side of the door.

"Not now Phil!" Dan yells in between deep breaths.

"Okay....?" We hear Phil start to slowly walk away. "WHOA!" Phil yells from the bathroom. "You could have at least thrown the wrapper away! Or was this your sign for telling me you're busy!?" Me and Dan couldn't help but laugh.

Dan starts to slow down then pull out. "I think we should stop now, now that someone has found out it would be a bit awkward to continue." He giggles while running his fingers through his hair. He puts his pants back on but leaves his boxers on the bed.

"You aren't going to take it off first??" It seemed a bit strange to me.

"Remember, it's awkward in front of a girl. He leaves and heads for the bathroom.

"Okay, just be sure to throw it out!" I call after him laughing.

"Haha very funny!" He jokes back. While hes gone I am able to at least get my underwear and bra back on but then he walks in with me just standing in the middle of his room half naked. "You know, this is a good look for you, you should be like this more around me, I mean yea naked is more enjoyable but this works too." He smiles at me then brings me in for a hug. After he lets go I pull my pajamas on but can't seem to find my shirt.

"Hey have you seen my shirt?" I ask looking around.

"You mean this?" He holds it up then runs out the door mimicking a evil laugh.

"Dan you fucker!" I laugh and run out the door after him. I make a sudden stop in the middle of their living room to see Phil giving me a surprised face. Fuck. I forgot he was here. I back up slowly for a moment then break out into a run back to Dan's room. I hop on his bed then curl up in his blanket.

"Hey, sorry, I totally forgot he was here too." Dan walks into his room. "Here's your shirt by the way. He throws it to me and I grab it and sit up. I slide my shirt on then fix my sitting position.

"I should probably, shower, change clothes, set up for my video."

"Yea sure. I'll probably do the same, but not my video obviously." He chuckles.

"Yea, hey, could I possibly use your camera..? Its better quality than mine." I ask expecting a no.

"I was actually going to bring it anyway, I thought that could be my way of contributing."

"Oh, thanks hun!" I smile and push my hair behind my ear.

"So, does this mean we are officially dating now?" He sits down next to me. I pause for a second but then think 'why not?'

"Yes, yes we are." I smile at him again. He mouths the word 'yes!' while throwing his fist in the air. I giggle then kiss him. "Should we announce it to the internet yet?" I ask after pulling back from our long kiss.

"Hmm, I don't know yet, I bet the Phan shippers would be a bit pissed when we do, but, I don't know, maybe. Haha." He runs his hand through his hair one more time before I get up.

"Well, I should go." I pick up my shoes and my bag. "See you later babe." I walk out the door and I hear a faint goodbye as I close his bedroom door. I walk over to Phil who is sitting on the couch watching Scott Pilgrim. "You better not tell Lex anything about today, got it?" I point my finger in his face and laugh.

"Got it! Just don't hurt me." He laughs back and pushes my hand away from him.

"Good, see you later." I say walking out the door of their flat.