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is that an invitation?

“So are you going to blindfold me or something?”

“Calm down there loverboy, this isn’t the Notebook.”

I laughed dryly and rolled my eyes at Mason’s cheeky smile, dropping myself into the passenger seat of his car. With twenty bucks in my back pocket, a ham and cheese sandwich courtesy of my ever-worried mom, and aviators perched on top of my head, I was ready for whatever “adventure” the blond was going to drag me to. True to his word I didn’t have any idea of where we were going, even Layla hadn’t managed to squeeze it out of him, and she had some tactics that even the military would find gruesome.

“If it’s any consolation, I think you’re just as pretty as Allie,” he said with the obvious teasing undertone to his words, turning the ignition and revving the engine to life.

“Oh really, you don’t think my ass looks fat in these jeans?” I asked flatly.

Mason turned to look at me, the utmost serious expression written across his face. “Ash, no matter what anyone else says, you will forever have the perfect ass. Your ass is flawless.” Immediately after, a grin broke out on his lips.

I scoffed, failing to suppress the smile that slipped onto my face. “Just go before I barf all over your dashboard.”

Chase obviously had been keen to text me at eleven o’clock sharp, trying to look as noncommittal as ever with a simple hey, but I was sure we both knew he only wanted to know how the entire thing would end up. I couldn’t blame him, because I was a little curious myself, it was a kidnapping after all. Looking over at Mason, I doubted it would be anything near boring.

“I was a little surprised though; I figured that Chase would be waiting for me at the door with a shot gun.”

“He’s not homicidal," I said, searching my mind for the right words, “he just…”

“Wants to slice me up into small little pieces?” Mason supplied for me.

I gave him a look and he laughed, thankfully dropping Chase from the conversation. From then on it was a battle of the radio stations, and I was sure that most of the songs that Mason wanted to listen to were purely for the purpose to piss me off, including the strange country tune that even stranger Mason knew all the words to, which of course he belted out right in my ear. I didn’t understand how he managed to drive and irritate me at the same time, but he did.

Finally we got there, and when I realized what there was, all I could do was shake my head with the involuntary quirk of my lips upward.

“The zoo?” I asked with amusement laced into my words, slamming the car door shut.

“Ash, I think it’s time in our relationship that you finally met Albert’s extended family.” He gestured to the entirety of the zoo in front of us with a very pleased grin settled on his lips.

“Wow, I feel so honoured.”

His smiles were a little bit infectious.

“You definitely should be.”

The most amusing thing I found throughout the day was even though I liked seeing all the animals, something like three thousand Mason was very eager to point out, was how excited Mason was about all of them. Every single western lowland gorilla and hippo and python had the blond basically having a seizure of enthusiasm, prattling off about questionable facts and pressing his face as much as he could against the glass as if maybe if he focused hard enough he could transport magically beside the creature.

It seemed less like I was with a seventeen year old and more like a six year old boy.

“Ash! Ash! Oh my god, look at it. Just look at it! Are you looking? It’s a kangaroo in a tree!” He grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and pulled me over quite forcefully, pointing at the strange looking furry animal perched on a platform. “A kangaroo, in a tree. A tree!”

More so than anything, it was nice seeing Mason without his usual cool and composed self.

And I mean, it was a kangaroo in a tree, that was pretty cool.

“I want it. I want it so bad.”

“Mason, I’m pretty sure you can’t own a tree kangaroo.”

He huffed, crossing his arms. ‘Not with that attitude you can’t, but let’s go! I heard there’s a komodo dragon!” As per the routine we’d somehow grown into during the day, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down the path, eyes scouting for any large reptiles about. I shook my head, allowing myself to become victim to his grip.

When we finally managed to find it, Mason’s body seemed to be drawn to it by magnetic force, pressing himself as close as possible to the glass.

Feeling my phone buzz in my pocket, I knew who it was before even reading the text across the screen. Honestly, I still wasn’t used to this weird over-protective like Chase, since he’d never smothered me like that before. It wasn’t like he ever ignored my existence but I definitely was still a little surprised, and involuntarily a little happy, when he showed more… concern.

Reaching into my jeans, I fished out the phone and to no surprise saw it was from him, and another one that I’d missed from Layla demanding to know what Mason had conjured up.

Chase’s message read that no big deal, if I was bored of the thing or it was a total flop or some shit that you know, he could come get me if I really needed it, he was free anyways, so yeah, no biggie. The edge of my lips curved up.

“Well, I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten an entire search and rescue squad out looking for your ass,” Mason voice’s said surprisingly very close to my ear, causing me to realize that he was hovering over my shoulder and a lot closer than I was prepared for.

“Woah!” I instinctively jumped, feeling a little at loss for breath. “Shit, you just appear out of no where, don’t you?” Slipping my phone back into my pocket without answering any of the texts, I took a deep breath, calming my heartbeat.

“A magician never reveals his secrets.” He grinned. “Funny thing though, I’m pretty sure pretty boy can survive a day without you, I kidnapped you today, which means that I rightfully own you, so for now he doesn’t even exist, okay?”

I rolled my eyes, continuing down the path and desperately trying to keep the blush creeping up my neck at bay. “I’m pretty sure no one owns me but myself, you know, human rights and whatnot.”

“Aw, that’s cute,” he cooed while throwing his arm over my shoulder, pulling me closer to him, “how you think you have rights.” I could almost feel the cheesy smile slapped across his face.

Just as I was about to push him away from me, his body seemingly glued to mine, a small wailing thing managed to barrel into my legs. For a moment I stood, stunned, staring down in bewilderment at the bundle of blonde pigtails and tears in front of me.

“Mommy!” the little girl howled, for some reason clinging onto my legs for dear life.

“Mommy?” Mason echoed, amusement lighting up his eyes.

I swallowed. What the hell?

Bending down, I tried to get at eye level with the girl, but she was burrowing her face in her hands, also managing to gain the attention of basically everyone that passed by. “Um, uh, shh, please? Stop crying please? That would be… that would be nice. Please, shh, please? It’s alright, calm down, use your words. Please just stop crying,” I continued to ramble, panic bleeding into my voice and destroying the calm and soothing tone I was going for.

“Is there something you have to tell me, mommy?” The blond asked, a hand slapped over his mouth and failing to prevent the laughter from spilling through.

“Help me!” I snapped, ignoring the fact that Mason was obviously finding this hilarious.

“Okay, okay,” he said with another chuckle, also dropping to his knees. “Hey, little girl, what’s your name?”

She sniffed, hiccups still forcing up her throat. “Mommy, I can’t find mommy,” she repeated, a fresh round of tears running down her face.

“Shh,” I pleaded once again, rubbing her arm in what I hoped was a comforting motion. Sensing my ever-awkward quality, Mason directed her towards him, continuing to ask her for her name in a voice that even somewhat calmed me down.

“Bailey,” she choked out. “I can’t find mommy!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, we’ll help you find her, right, Ash? Or should I say, mommy?” When he looked up at me, I realized that I’d been staring in awe the entire time. How he managed to get a coherent word out of her, I still didn’t understand.

“Um, yeah,” I said while clearing my throat, tearing my gaze away from them.

Still, for some reason when we both stood up straight, she once again acquired a death grip on my sleeve.

We found our way to an information booth, realizing our best bet to be there. The girl, Bailey, didn’t talk much, just continued to cling onto me for some reason. I still didn’t get why out of all people she decided to attach herself to me.

“So, how’s it feel being a mom?” Mason asked, a defiant grin lighting up his face. “You've definitely got that glowing maternal aura.”

I restrained the urge to punch him, not that I could do anything with the weight clutching onto my wrist.

“I wonder how it’s gonna feel when I-” I began but was cut off with a whirlwind of movement in front of me. An older woman came rushing inside, tears streaking down her face, eyes desperately flickering over everyone before she came dashing towards us with open arms.

I stood awkwardly as she swept up the little girl into a hug, both of them beginning to howl with tears once again.

“Ash?” a familiar voice called and I froze.


Mason, who I’d mentioned the crazy girl in passing to before in conversation, perked up at the name. Out of all places to find Layla's crazy friend I wouldn't think this would be one of them.

“Ash, oh my god, you found her? Wow, I can't believe it was you! What a coincidence! You’re like prince charming! Oh my god, this is... this is fate?” The psychotic glint returned to her eyes as she cornered me rather predator like, attacking me into a hug. “Thank you so much for saving my sister!”

I coughed, every muscle in my body growing tense. “Um, it was more Mason than me, really, he did it, you can let go now,” I suggested, resisting the urge to push her off violently, and tried to ignore the destiny bit in her words.

“Yeah, it’s funny that she went straight to him, almost like his face was familiar or something like that…”

I gave Mason a look, making him aware I was definitely picking up the implications in his words, and was definitely not comfortable with them considering how close she was to me at that moment.

Finally I managed to pry her off me, and she continued to spew out her thanks, also mentioning fate once or twice in between. Her mom finally cut in, thanking me sincerely for finding her daughter, and once that was done I grabbed Mason and made my escape, declining Chloe’s invitation to stay with them.

Mason dissolved into laughter once we were far enough away, clutching onto his stomach and doubling over. “Oh god, prince charming, that was absolutely beautiful, I think I peaked, I don’t think life can get any better than that, and your face! You should've seen your face! You looked absolutely horrified!"

“Shut up, shut up, I could get killed by my stalker and you’re laughing.”

“Because it’s hilarious!"

We locked eyes for a moment, and I quickly diverted my gaze away as soon as I found a chuckle forcing up my throat. And then another. And then I was laughing just as hard as he was, gasping for oxygen and grabbing the ledge for support.

Finally, Mason regained his composure, wiping at his eyes that were wet with tears.

“Hey, hey, ask me how the drawing is going,’ he said, leaning against the ledge.

I gave him a look, chewing the inside of my cheek out of habit. “Um… do you want to tell me how it’s going?”

“You have to ask first,” he sighed dramatically, as if it were obvious, a smirk carving into his face.

I rolled my eyes. “Okay, Mason, how is my dear drawing going?”

“Well, you caught me off guard,” he breathed out, palm flat against his chest as if it were completely out of the blue. “But, you should know, I’m doing everything in my artistic power to capture every adorable thing about you.”

“Fuck you.” I flipped him off, turning to walk in the other direction, desperately trying to ignore my flushing face.

“Is that an invitation!?”

The rest of the day went rather smoothly, and thankfully the zoo was big enough that I never saw Chloe throughout. I shivered at the thought of what she would do if she caught another glance at me, as I was still recovering over the familiar jab Mason had made. I found myself enjoying Mason’s company like usual, and then we were back to battling over radio stations again.

It was dark out by the time we were nearing my house, and feeling the familiar vibrating of my phone, I wondered what Chase had texted me again, only to find it was a call.

Turning down the volume of the radio, piquing Mason’s interest as well, I held the phone up to my ear.

“Ash! S’Chase! Come home! Like now! Please and thank you and shit!"

I swallowed. Oh God, Chase was drunk.
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