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and tonight we dine on my organs

Clearly the words "best friends" had been redefined since the last time I checked and no one bothered to notify me. Apparently Chase was the only one that got that memo, and continuing the latest trend, also managed to keep me out of that loop too.

At the thought I could feel my fingers twitch in irritation, my teeth grinding together hard.

It wasn't like it was the first time that Chase had committed to a girl, that wasn't really anything new from an outsider's perspective, and it wasn't as if girls ignored his face. It wasn't exactly the ugliest face. And he was always somehow drawing attention to himself one way or another, which meant that Chase Evans was a name most everyone in the grade had heard some time or another. What people had to say, however, varied. But he'd dated before, and I'd had a girlfriend once before too, not that it worked out for obvious reasons of my absolute gayness, but still under normal circumstances it wasn't really that scandalous.

This time though, it was a lot more of a shock. It wasn't like we were under the "normal circumstances", unless people giving their friends secret handies suddenly became the usual. Not that I'd know, because apparently no one told me anything anymore.

He hadn't even mentioned any girls since the first time he'd made a drunken move on me, let alone seriously considered dating one, last that I heard. I always seemed to be the first to know about these things with all the other girls.

Fucking Chloe knew before I did. Christ, that pissed me off.

It wasn't exactly that big of a deal that he hadn't told me, because I'd been avidly avoiding him, but the fact itself that after everything he did to me- alcohol aside- it was a really big dick move. Despite my voice of reason constantly telling me that he barely had any idea of what he was doing, I couldn't deny the small part inside of me that hoped that maybe, just maybe after all these years he might return those types of feelings too.

It wasn't that far-fetched considering he stuck his tongue down my throat. Asshole.

Then suddenly Ashley with all her dark brown Pantene-commercial-soft looking hair materialized next to him out of no where. It wasn't like Ashley was that much of a stranger, but to say that the entire ordeal was completely from left field was the understatement of the millennium.

"Hey, are you okay?" came the concerned words of Mason. "I mean Bertie's right next to you and you aren't even flinching!"

"Wha-!?" At Mason's words my eyes shot open and I was suddenly intensely aware of the green monster that was sitting in all his menacing glory beside my socked feet. Just sitting there. Waiting. "Holy fuck!"

At lightening speed I jumped up further onto his dark purple bed and brought my knees to my chest, my heart thrashing behind it's ribcage as I pressed up hard against the bedroom wall. I watched, absolute terror compressed in my eyes as the reptile darted to the other end of the room. Mason immediately broke down into rambunctious laughter, doubling over and grinning manically.

"Oh my god!" he managed to spit out, "your face! You should have seen your face!"

My eyes narrowed into slits, glaring in his direction, which only seem to rouse more laughter from him. The monster was no where to be seen. I finally took a long, calming breath, still feeling a little out of breath as my heart continued to beat wildly.

"You're a dick, I hope you know."

"Aw, come on, I really think you guys could have a beautiful relationship if you gave him a chance."

"Or you know, he might start feasting on my organs. Because that's sort of what monsters do."

He finally straightened back up, wavy blond hair once again hidden behind his light gray beanie spare the bangs that swept across his forehead, and a grin was slapped across his face. My glare did not relent. He shook his head at me.

In the office chair he rolled closer towards where the thing had run off to and picked it up in his hands, cooing softly to it, spurring the bile from throat. Oh god, even Freddie Krueger would be cringing at that sight. I thanked all that was good in the world when he returned it back to its lair of doom.

Another vibration rumbled in my pocket, and as swiftly as I had slipped it into my hand and read the name on the screen, it returned back into its rightful place completely ignored. Mason cocked an eyebrow but I said nothing, instead finding interest in one of the many pictures pinned on the wall opposite of the bed. This one was painted, two silhouettes sitting on a dock contrasted against a blushing sunset, and overall really good.

Despite that I could feel the pit of my stomach still drop when the name flashed through my mind.

I didn't know what to say to Chase exactly because what could I do? I couldn't face him- talk as if this was normal, because like hell was it anything near that, but I couldn't be mad, could I? What was I getting jealous or possessive over? We weren't dating, we weren't together, we were just... whatever we were.

My jaw clenched tightly at the thought, and from my peripherals I could see concern etched onto Mason's face.

"Something's off, you're doing that thing where you're all shady and secretive again. And you haven't texted Chase in the two hours you've been here. Usually he's all over your ass like white on rice. What's up?" Mason asked, curiosity gripping onto his words as he leaned closer with interest.

"It's nothing," I lied, desperately hoping he'd take the bait and drop the subject. I still refused to meet his gaze that almost seemed to demand mine.

He snorted. "You're a lot easier to read than you think."

"Then can you read that I don't wanna talk about it?" I snapped, even before my mind could register the words.

"Why don't you just get over him? I don't get it, he's not even as amazing as you think he is, he's sort of an asshole."

"Can you just let it go!?" I spat sharply, voice falling into somewhat of a plea.

He blinked for a couple moments, a heavy silence flooding between us. I knew I was being childish and unfair lashing out my anger on him, when really he didn't do anything exactly wrong. Maybe it was just because he seemed as if nothing ever bothered him and shit, that looked pretty awesome from my end.

"Christ, okay, I'm sorry, it's just, yeah, I don't even know, it's just really complicated and it's nothing against you I just, legitimately don't even know and, yeah," I mumbled, scratching at the nape of my neck, feeling embarrassment mar my cheeks at the pathetic excuse for an apology.

Mason chuckled, throwing his hands up in the same mocking manner he did almost everything. "Who knew that Ash had a little bark hidden up his sleeve? I think it turned me on a little." He winked at me, a smile dancing across his face.

At his words I rolled my eyes, feeling the edges of my mouth quirk up involuntarily. "Shut the fuck up," I muttered, chucking one of his pillows at his stupid, grinning face.

He caught it easily and brought it to his chest, holding it against him. "Oh, stop it! I don't know if I can control myself, you're getting me all hot and bothered!"

I flipped him off and he licked his lips at me in an exaggerated fashion, unable to keep the betraying grin from slipping on his face.

The rest of the time there passed in usual fashion, with Mason's familiar teasing and my words doused in sarcasm, until my mom demanded that I came home for dinner. It was mostly the reason I kept my phone on despite the fact that Chase managed to text me another five times, none of which I read. I subtly tried to bring up the picture Mason claimed to already be drawing of me, but he was adamant that I couldn't see it, and I didn't want to seem too interested, because Mason would fully use that to his advantage. In reality I was admittedly a little excited to see what he'd drawn me as, and how I looked like to him.

Kicking off my shoes into the closet, I called down the hallway into my house, only to hear the echo of my mom return it back. "Dinner will be in twenty minutes!"

"'Kay!" I trekked up the stairs and padded down the corridor into my room, the last one at the end, the dark green door meeting me as always. All I wanted to do was eat, shower and then probably get some of my homework done before passing out, and busy myself enough to try and forget about Chase and Ashley.

I knew it wasn't exactly her fault, because she obviously didn't know anything, but I couldn't deny that she wasn't exactly going to be my best friend anytime soon. Not that being mine had high expectations, apparently.

When I pulled open the door, the familiar site of my room greeted me with my pale blue bed and dresser pressed up on the right, clothes strewn across the floor like always and my desk on the opposite wall covered in scattered papers. And Chase.

"Mom what did I say about letting people into my room!?"

"Oh, it's just Chase hunny, and maybe you should clean your room if you're so embarrassed!"

I telepathically sent her a glare. It wasn't exactly the messy room that was the problem.

Turning back to him, I absorbed all that was Chase: the familiar coffee dark eyes and dirty blond hair that was matted down at the nape of his neck with sweat, which also glistened on his temples. His face was completely blank spare the slight knitting of his brows and the consistent panting from his parted lips. From the sweat soaking through the chest of his shirt, I could tell he'd been on one of his runs.

I swallowed, calming down my frenzied nerves as best as I could and clearing my throat. "Is there, uh, something I can help you with?"

His eyes bore directly into mine. "You're avoiding me again."

"Well, I figured you might want some alone time with your new girlfriend, is all." I crossed my arms over my chest and ripped my gaze from him, instead allowing it to fall into the window. My words came out a lot more bitter than I had expected.

He gave me a weird look, tilting his head to the side ever so slightly, and my jaw clenched. I laced my fingers together and started to rub the palm of my hand with my thumb, ignoring how much I really wanted to draw Chase closer, his muscles flexing from the t-shirt when he re-positioned himself on the bed. How hot he looked all out of breath and sweaty, I couldn't deny that, but my agitation easily overpowered that feeling.

I swallowed again, hard.

"I was going to tell you but I just haven't seen you," he said, and I watched his Adam's apple bob up and down in his throat.

"Well, I've been here."

I gestured around my room.

We both stared at each other for a while, the silence thick between us, broken only when my mind registered the ticking of the clock on the wall. It rang through my ears, rhythmic: tick, tock, tick, tock.

Chase finally lifted to his feet, the bed creaking under his movement, his eyes still searching to meet mine. "You've just been acting weird lately..."

I scoffed, a bitter chuckle pushing up from my throat. "I've been acting weird? Fucking save it, you're the one that's acting all freaky and shit, you're the one that's, that's... you're the one that's acting weird." Inhaling deep, I felt the words begging to be said on the tip of my tongue, but I pressed my lips shut. I just couldn't say it.

"I know."

From my point of view, he looked like an abandoned puppy. His eyes softened and the beginnings of a frown was settled on his lips. I could see him rubbing his thumb and index finger together as he always did when he was anxious. I hated that look, and normally I'd relent just to make that familiar smile reappear but for some reason this time, I didn't.

"Yeah well," I stumbled over my words, "don't be calling me weird because I'm not."

"I know! Fuck, Ash, I know!" He threw his hands up, balled fists coming to press against his temples, jaw set tight. Despite the anger lacing with his words, his eyes didn't change.

"Well don't go fucking yelling at me then! I didn't do anything!" I barked back, the arms crossed against my ribs flexing.

"Ash, fuck, I'm just, I don't even know anymore, I just..."

"Yeah well, for once in your life maybe you should consider that not everything is about you and your goddamn problems!"

My chest heaved slightly, adrenaline pulsing through my veins with every beat of my heart, that had quickened it's pace. For a moment I had to register the voice as my own, despite the fact that I could barely match mine to it, or believe I said those words. They'd been lingering in my gut for so long but I'd never think they'd ever come to life, especially not like that.

Even worse, the hurt inflicted on Chase face, the sloping of his eyebrows and the slight shining in his eyes, I immediately regretted saying them, but couldn't force myself to the them back. For a moment he merely stood there, staring at me, every second agonizing until he nodded his head with a swallow and crossed his way to the door.

"I'm sorry, Ash, I really am," came the quiet murmur and then, as the door clicked shut, only quiet.
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