Wild Things.

Cadenza De Luca or Enza as everyone called her was looking for a way out of Las Vegas, Nevada to start anew. She was twenty-four and still living at home with her mother after leaving her boyfriend for the umpteenth time. With the death of her Great Zia Sophie, Enza is left her home that is located outside of Forks, Washington. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity Enza decides to pack up everything and move to Forks with her cousin Jacqueline. However, sometimes starting anew is harder when complications arise.

Jacqueline De Luca, or Jack as she was called, couldn’t be happier when her cousin informed her that she was moving from Las Vegas. For a regular teenager leaving the exciting Vegas for plain old Forks would sound foolish to any other teen but given the troubles Jack was in, she didn’t think twice. But troubles followed Jack and her life in Forks wouldn’t be as simple as she had dreamed.

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