Smells Like Teen Spirit Baby

Your Life is a Rainstorm

CNN: "It has just been confirmed that Kurt Cobain and wife Courtney Love have filed for divorce."

World News: "...and just months after a messy divorce, custody battles have broken out over Frances Cobain, daughter to singers Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love."

MSNBC: "Rumours have now been confirmed that lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, has attempted suicide. So far all medical personell have decline interviews."


Kurt would say it was fate, and I suppose it must have been, but at the time it all seemed like a tragic accident. Nothing in our lives had ever been easy, and games of love were given no exception. Ironically enough, our whole unconventional tale started with a cliche. I saved his life.


"Hurry! We need a stretcher up here, STAT!"

White uniforms rushed back and forth, the only stagnant figures being the unconscious man on the floor and the nervous med student masquerading as a calm, collected EMT.