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Your Forever Is All That I Need

If you want to, I can show you.

The next few days were crazy while I was trying to make sure I had everything. Finally the day came for me to leave for the summer to tour with Sleeping With Sirens. I will admit I am nervous about seeing him again after all this time. Hopefully we can act civil towards each other and not ruin everything for everybody.

I fell asleep as soon a s the plane was in the air. I started to dream about us, well the past us. I was dreaming about all the good times and the bad that was shared between us. I definitely missed the way we were before.

The plane landed which meant I was in Oregon. I didn't know who was picking me up, but someone was supposed to. I walked towards baggage claim to see Justin waiting for me. He ran towards me and hugged me tightly. "Finally you're here!" He practically yelled in my ear still hugging me. "I know! The trouble twins have been reunited!" I replied smiling at him. "Everyone is at Kellin's house now. We leave tonight." He said putting my stuff in the car. I nodded my head and got in. Justin looked at me and smirked. "You're nervous aren't you?" I didn't say anything and looked out the window. He knew I was nervous so he decided to be an ass.

We finally pulled up to the house and I knew everything was about to get crazy. We got out the car and got my stuff out of the trunk. He put in on the bus and we headed inside. "Finally he's back! So is the girl cute? What does she look like? Is it actually a girl?" All of the guys asked Justin at the same time. "Shut up! Yes it's a girl and yes she is cute, but none of you can hit on her." He said and they all groaned. "Why?" Jesse whined. "This is why." Justin grabbed my had and pulled me into the room. All of them gasped and Gabe was the first one to get up and hug me. "You'll be with us all summer?! FUCK YES!" He yelled still hugging me.

After I hugged everyone we sat down and just talked about everything. We heard the front door open and we all got quiet. Kellin walked in with a girl right behind him. He stopped talking and just stared at me and I did the same. "What are you doing here?" He said kind of rudely. "You know her?" The girl behind him asked. "Again, what are you doing here?" He repeated ignoring the girl. "I'm doing the story on you guys this summer." I said still looking into his eyes. Those beautiful hazel eyes.

We just stared at each other while everybody stared at us. No one said a word and didn't move at all. I thought that seeing him this time I wouldn't fall under his spell, that I would ignore him and have the best summer ever with my friend, but I guess I was wrong. The feelings for him that I thought were long gone have returned.

♠ ♠ ♠

Yes it's true. I have, finally, updated and it's a filler. I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK ME THIS LONG! I've had so much homework for school and I need to keep my grades up. But once school is over I will be updated more over the summer. Plus I don't have my computer right now and that's where I have my other story ideas at and it sucks. But once I get it back I'll be updating a little bit more until summer.

Oh and another reason I haven't updated much is because almost a month ago I lost one of my best friends in a car accident and it's been hard. I've been trying to just talk to my other friends and talk about the good times we all had with him. So it's still a slow process for us all because we were all so close to him.

love you guys :)
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