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Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad.

You Scream "Don't Touch."

I walked outside to the parking lot. I see my father and mother standing outside. My mother came running up to me and hugged me.

"Honey, I am so proud of you." She said, sniffling. I smiled at her. "Thanks. I already have a guaranteed job with a record company!"

"Oh that's wonderful!" She said, hugging me again. My father looked at me. I tried not to make eye contact. "Good job, sweetie." He said, hugging me. I cringed and blinked back tears. "Thanks." I said, dryly.

"Well, I have to leave again tonight so we should go out for lunch." My mom suggested. My stomach dropped. I'm going to get the crap beaten out of me. My mom is my only protection and now shes leaving again.

Me and my father agreed. We drove to the diner around the corner from the college.

We made small talk until the food came. All in all, it was a very uncomfortable and awkward lunch. I liked to avoid socializing with my father at all costs. My mom, on the other hand, was an absolute sweetheart to me. I love her with all my heart.

I just wish I had the balls to tell her about what he does to me. But if he makes her happy, I don't want to ruin her happiness. She was happy for me though. I told her what Mr. Marks did and she said she was proud of me.

After lunch, we drove home and I ran straight to my room to call the record company. It was called Epitaph. I've heard of a few bands that were signed to it. I couldn't wait until I could work for them.

I dialed the number and after a few rings, a lady picked up. "Hello. Epitaph Records. How may I help you?" I bit my lip. "Um. This is Jeydan Drake. I was told by a friend, Adam Marks that I was offered a job here...?" "Oh, yes. I got it right here. All you have to do is come down here whenever. Like say, an hour. And you'll get a meeting with one of the guys from the board. They'll tell you where to go from there." I grinned. "Okay, I'll be there in an hour." She told me where the company was and we hung up.

I ran to my mom and jumped onto her. "MOM! I'm going to the record company for a meeting!" She grinned. "Good for you, honey. When you get back, I'll be gone again. So give me a kiss now."

My heart sank. I kissed her cheek. "I love you. See you in a few weeks." I said, grabbing my keys and pushing the thoughts of my impending beating to the back of my mind. I jumped in the car and put the address in my GPS.

Since I'm in New York City, it took about an hour to get from the house in outer Manhattan to the Epitaph headquarters. The traffic was really heavy.

When I finally got there and parked, it was about 2:30. I walked inside and walked to the front desk. "Hi, I'm Jeydan Drake. I called earlier..." The lady smiled. "Hi. I'm Cassy. I remember I talked to you on the phone earlier. I already set up a meeting with one of the guys with the board," She glanced at the clock,"You can go in now. It's the first door to the right down this hallway,"

I nodded and thanked her. I walked into the room and saw a man in a casual suit. "Hello." He said, "You must be Jeydan Drake." I nodded. "Yes sir." He motioned me to sit down. I sat down in a big fluffy chair in front of the desk. "I'm Frank." I shook his hand.

He opened a file and picked up a picture I had taken at an 'A Day To Remember' concert about a year ago. "These are impressive. You should give a big thank you to your friend Adam. He sent these in." I grinned. "I know. I couldn't thank him enough."

"Well, I guess I should get straight to the point. We want to offer you a job as a band photographer for the band, Escape the Fate. Their last photographer quit because of complications with their bassist. You would go on tour with them and take the picture while they're on. There's only one problem." I frowned.

"What?" I said. "Well," He rubbed the back of his neck, "You have to move out to Los Angeles, California. Obviously the company will pay for the apartment until you get paid and you are settled in. But if that's a problem then we can offer you a spot as a photographer for a smaller band but you won't get paid as much."

I thought about it. I'd be on my own. Away from my father. I won't be abused. "I'll do it." Frank smiled.

"Okay. Between me and you, I think you would be better off going to LA. Brett Gurewitz saw these pictures and he wants to meet you. You already got people out there that will look after you. I mean you look like your 17." He said, laughing. I laughed.

"I'm 19. Thank you very much." He grinned. "Ahh so young." I laughed again. "Well, let's get this paperwork done." He said, standing up.
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