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Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad.

What Have I Not?

2 Weeks Later

I finally settled into my apartment after 2 weeks of buying stuff and unpacking. My arm is completely healed and I feel great. My mom told me I don't have to go back to NYC for my fathershis trial. So for now, my life is perfect.

I haven't actually met Escape The Fate yet, but I met Brett. The company gave me some time to get settled. I only know that their a post-hardcore band that has an ex-singer that just got out of jail. I'm more of an 'All Time Low, Mayday Parade' kind of girl.

I decided to go look them up since I was going to be touring with them. I grabbed my laptop and opened Google. The first link was a wiki page. I read the whole thing and sighed. This band has been through a lot.

I clicked on Google Images and clicked the picture of the group. I'm not going to lie, I was instantly drawn to the guy with adorable green eyes and long black hair. Max Green was his name.

I went back up to Google and typed the name in. I looked through a few pictures before going to Youtube and listening to some of their songs. They're really good. My favorite song is Ashley.

After researching them some more, I turned off my computer and went to sleep. I was really eager to meet them now. Especially Max
♠ ♠ ♠

Holy shit. I haven't updated in so long. I really don't have an excuse rather then I'm going through a lot right now. My best friends turned against me and school is pretty rough right now. But you guys made my week so much fucking better.

17 SUBSCRIBERS AND 49 READERS I love you all so much.

And Maxwell Motherfucking Green is not in Escape The Fate anymore. I'm going to cry.

No offense to the firm 'ETF is amazing no matter what' believers but they're going to suck now.

They've been going downhill since Ronnie was out. Monte's out too, I think. So ETF is composed of Craig, Robert, TJ Bell and some other guy I can't remember. -_- Well I can name one person who won't be buying the next album.

Sorry for the rant. lol. I've been meaning to get that out...

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Sorry for the short chapter. It's a filler. :/