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Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad.

'Cause Everytime I Think About Your Voice, I,

I closed the car door and took a deep breath. I'm meeting the band today and I'm beyond nervous. Brett already explained what I needed to know and that I was going on tour with them in a week. He told me I only needed to photograph big shows at certain venues. All the other times, I would be doing merch.

I need to make a good impression on them or I'm screwed.

I pushed my camera bag higher on my shoulder as I made my way to the recording studio room, where Brett told me to meet them.

My phone beeped and I ripped it out of my pocket to see who it was. Out of nowhere, I smacked into someone's chest. My camera bag went flying off my shoulder and I tumbled backward, only to be caught right before I hit the ground. I flinched as he grabbed my shoulders, where the bruises were just going away.

"Woah!" He said. "Are you okay?" I picked up my bag and looked up at the man that just saved me from damaging my face. I looked him up and down.

The stranger had long black hair. He had a black shirt ,tight black jeans with a few belts. He had sunglasses covering his eyes. Fucking gorgeous "I'm okay. What about you? Didn't hurt you, did I?" He chuckled. "Depends. If you did, will you take care of me?" I laughed.

"Well, since you aren't, I have to go. I'll see you around." He waved and I walked away, not getting rid of the grin off my face. One thing bothered me though. He looks so familiar. Where have I see him before?


I pushed open the door of the meeting room and was greeted by Brett and 3 guys, talking. Everyone turned to look at me. "Oh, Jeydan. Meet Escape The Fate." Brett said, motioning to the guys, who all went around the room, introducing themselves. Craig= Long Black Hair. Monte= Bleached Hair. Robert= Slash.

"Well, guys, as you all know, you're leaving for tour in a week for 3 mont-." Brett was cut off by the door opening and Max Green walked in. He's the only one I recognized because I fangirled the other night and Googled him because he was the one I looked up the other night.

"Max, you're late." Craig said, sounding more disappointed then angry. Max just snorted and flopped down in a chair.

"Who's the chick?" He said, glaring at me. Um? What the hell? "I'm Jeydan. I'm the new photographer slash merch girl." I forced a smile on my face. He just looked at me, with a blank stare.

"What happened to Lexi?" He said, sarcastically. Who the fuck is Lexi? "That bitch finally quit?" Craig slapped his shoulder. "Dude, stop being a dick." Max scoffed. "Whatever."

Well, I can see this is going to be fun.
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