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Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad.

Start To Tremble, And My Throat's Aching,

Brett left the room and the guys and I talked some more. When I say 'the guys', I mean Craig, Monte and Robert. I learned Craig was really nice and has a daughter, Leila. Robert is really funny and Monte is shy and doesn't talk a lot. Max, though, I didn't talk to at all. He was sitting in the corner, sulking and glaring at me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Don't pay attention to him. He's just pissed 'cause his latest plaything, Lexi, quit because of him." Craig said in my ear. "A plaything? What do you mean?"

He sighed. "Lexi was a photographer, obviously, but her and Max had a thing. Then they fought over something and she quit..."

"Wow..." Was all I could say. I mean how are you supposed to react when someone hates you because you took their ex-girlfriend's job that she quit?

"Just don't let him get to you. He'll probably be over it by the end of Warped tour.." Craig said. "Wait, Warped Tour?! We're going to Warped Tour?!" I said.

I thought we were going on just a small tour around the country. Not fucking Warped Tour! Craig chuckled. "Yeah. Didn't Brett tell you?" I shook my head. "Well, only a week left until we leave."

I couldn't get Max off my mind. Ever since I left and went home, I couldn't shake what Craig told me.

I don't understand why he would hate me. I did absolutely nothing to him. I just met the dude for Christ sake. I just hope he's not a dick on tour...

I flopped on my bed and covered my face with a pillow and groaned. Why does something always have to ruin good things?
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