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I had been here two weeks, a new school, and a new country and so far no one had noticed me at all. It was perfect; I didn’t want to be noticed. It also took him two weeks to call me, which was what was bugging me today.

Two weeks ago my family moved from Sydney Australia to Elmbridge England. To say it was a big change is an understatement, but at the end of the day it was something that had to happen. For the wellbeing of my family, for the wellbeing of myself.

School has been okay, no one made a big deal about the new girl arriving two months into the school year and I stayed quiet and sat in the back. Drawing as little attention to myself as possible.

Sitting in calculus it was my fourth period of the day, I could feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. Thanking god it was on silent I choose to ignore it, except it kept going off, over and over again. Finally I decided I had to see who was calling and instantly regretted it. As soon as I saw his name pop up on the screen I could feel my whole exterior start to crumble, all these walls I had put up, putting on a brave face and acting as though nothing had ever happened. As though moving to a different country could erase my past. His name flashing on my screen made all those memories instantly come back to me. I had to get out.

Thankfully the bell went shortly after but instead of heading to my next class I headed for the back door of the school, I knew no one would be out there everyone had a class to be in, I just needed a little piece and quiet.

Leaning against the brick wall of the school building I took in deep breaths, trying to calm myself until my phone went off again.

I let out a frustrated groan.

“You all right?” His voice caught me off guard; it was rough and sexy as hell. I also hadn’t realized there was anyone else out there with me until he spoke.

“Uummm yea.” I sighed looking to my right to take in his appearance. He was tall was the first thing I noticed and he had shaggy brown hair that covered his ears, and eyes so blue they reminded me of the ocean at home. He also had a smoke in his hand and as soon as I saw it I needed one.

“Uumm…do you mind if I scab one of those off you?” I asked politely, pointing at the smoke in his hand.

“Yea sure, but you don’t seem like the type to smoke though.” He was making judgments already, that was why I was being a wallflower at this new school. I only had one year left; I just wanted it to pass as painless as possible.

“Yea well you also don’t know a thing about me.” I replied taking the smoke out of his hand and moving closer so that he could light it for me.

“Yea why is that?” He questioned “Are you new or something I haven’t seen you around before.”

“Or something,” I replied as I leant in so he could light the cigarette, inhaling deeply. “I’ve been here for two weeks,” I laughed but it was humorless. I crouched to the floor taking a seat as my phone went off again. “Aarrhh fuck off.” I semi yelled at my phone.

“Everything alright love?” I could not get over the accents here, his especially; it held my attention a little too much.

“Yea I just need to work out how to block numbers from my phone.” I sighed turning it off.

“What some stalker ex-boyfriend?” He laughed it sounded cheeky.
Before I could reply someone else burst through the back door.

“There you are Josh, come the fuck on I’m not going to this stupid class on my own.” The boy yelled.

“I’m coming Max,” Josh, yelled back. “I suppose I’ll see you around then”, I didn’t even bother replying.
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