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Like Cherries


Sunday night rolls around and I thought it would be just like any other Friday night, head to the studio for a bit, come home shower stick a movie in or find a good book. And that was how the night did go until I was fast asleep and I was suddenly awake at 2am. I could hear all this commotion outside I decided to ignore it. I could hear it go on for a couple minutes and then there was a rather loud knock at the door. I got out of bed, maybe not the smartest move but who tries to break into a house by knocking on the front door. Dad met me on the stairs and told me to go back to my room but I ignored him and followed him down anyway.

He opened the door only to find Josh standing there leaning up against the railing.

“Josh…” I spoke scowling him, “What are you doing here at 2am?” I asked my farther looked at me oddly he was not impressed.

“I just, I didn’t want to go home.”

“How did you get here?” I asked

“Dan dropped me here.” He sighed, you could tell he had been drinking. And fucken Dan was plotting against me trying to get Josh and I together.

“Son I suggest you go home.” My dad intervened, Josh was about to say something but I cut him off.

“Dad it’s okay, I can handle this go back to bed you have to get up in a couple hours for work.” He looked at me cautiously. “Its okay dad, if I need anything I’ll yell.” I told him he nodded, gave Josh a final look and headed back up to bed.


“I can’t go home, my mum will kill me, just let me stay the night.”

“How fucken drunk are you?” I asked

“Not that drunk.” He proclaimed

“Fuck,” I mumbled “Be quiet” I told him as I let him in and locked the front door back up leading him up the stairs to my room.

He instantly flopped down onto my bed, kicking off his shoes, jacket and shirt leaving him in his jeans he climbed under my covers without even asking.

“Ill see you in the morning.” I told him.

“Where are you going?” He asked

“I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“Come here Nina, it’s your bed sleep in it. I won’t even touch you.” He chuckled rolling over so I had more then half the bed to myself, and I climbed in next to him carefully.

“You smell like pot.” I mumbled, I really hoped that he wasn’t high.

“The boys were smoking.” He replied

“And you?”

“Nah, I had one puff but I just don’t like it, I don’t like the feeling, I just smell like it cause I was in the room.” He told me “but you smell like cherries, you always do.” I sighed rolling over to look at him he was already facing me. What was I going to do with this boy?

“I have a cherry body wash.” I told him he laughed at me.

“That makes sense.” He mumbled, “Thanks for letting me stay the night Nina.”

“Its okay Josh, lets just go to sleep, we have school in the morning.” And with that we both drifted off to sleep.
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