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I woke up the next morning and I was warm and content. Rolling over with one of Josh’s arms wrapped around me I strangely felt safe, for the first time in a long time. I sighed closing my eyes again what was I going to do. Moving slightly to check the time it was already quarter past nine. I decided that school could shove it for the day and rolled back over and into Josh’s side and closed my eyes again.

I woke up again not long later to the sound of Josh swearing.
“Shit.” He mumbled

“What’s the matter?” I muttered back

“Nothing, sorry I didn’t mean to wake you I just had no idea where I was for a second there.” He told me and I had to laugh at that
“Did you sleep alright?” Josh asked

I nodded “Yea your kinda nice and snuggly to sleep with.” I chuckled and probably blushed as well

“Well I am glad I could of service to you miss Davis.” I nodded
“It’s too late for school.” I told him

“Good.” He mumbled, “Lets go back to the field, we should probably try and get our song finished too.” I nodded it sounded kind of nice, and from where I laid I could see it was a lovely day outside.
“Well I’m gonna get dressed and ready you should maybe tell your parents your alive, cause you never went home.” He nodded and I rolled out of bed.

It was in fact a lovely day the breeze was cool as usual but the sun still shone through the clouds. It was kind of nice to sit in this secluded area with only Josh like we could escape from the rest of the world.

We worked on our song for quite some time and worked out what I was going to sing and play opposed to Josh, who would take on the larger role. I was actually happy with what he had written and it all fit together really nicely with my ideas.

“Are we done yet?” Josh moaned and groaned sick of doing stupid schoolwork as he called it.

“I suppose.”

“Good god are you always this uptight?” He asked and I frowned.

Shaking my head I said “No, Josh I used to not give a shit about school work, I could have fun and not have a care in the world. But too much has happened, I don’t think I’ll ever be that carefree again.” I told him looking down at the ground.

“I can’t imagine you being carefree and reckless,” He laughed “I think it would be stunning.” His words shocked me like they often did, and I found myself smiling.

“Lets go for a swim.” I said abruptly standing up and walking over to the lake not far from where we sat.

“What?” He asked laughing.

“You heard me, you want me carefree, now who is over thinking?”

“Touché Miss Davis.” And with that I found myself stripping off into my underwear. I was completely aware of his eyes trailing over my body and for the first time in ages that didn’t make me uncomfortable. Josh was changing everything about me all over again. I think he was teaching me how to trust again.

Slowly and without looking at Josh I slid into the lake and instantly regretted it. It was freezing but as I turned around in the water I could see josh on the land shimmying out of his jeans and ready to jump in. and he did just that.

“Josh,” I yelled as he surfaced I sounded panicked but I was so cold.

“You alright Nina?” He asked, clearly noticing the tone of my voice

“Its cold” I yelled back and he just laughed at me.

“What did you think it was going to be warm, you silly girl I thought that was part of the whole reckless Nina deal.” He laughed and I dunked under the water once more to fix my hair pushing it all back.

“Come here love.” He was still laughing but I could see he was shaking from the cold too. I swam over to him and into outstretched arms, he pulled me closer to him and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me close, closer then he had ever touched me before and I melted into him, his hands on my waist mine around his neck.

At first I thought that Josh was going to be like Neil, cold and hurtful but this boy had shown me nothing but warmth in the month we had known each other.

“You are so stunning, wet hair, reckless and all.” He chuckled and I ducked my head down hiding from his eyes, but he lifted my chin. “I wanna kiss you.” I didn’t speak but I bet he could feel every muscle in my body tense up and then relax again.

And his lips were wet but warm and soft; he didn’t apply much pressure like he was testing the waters as to my reaction. And as I slowly allowed my lips to move with his the whole thing intensified. I pulled him closer, needing him and wanting him like I hadn’t needed anything in quite some time.
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