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That Boy


Josh’s POV

She fell asleep shortly after; I think everything about today had worn her out. She curled up into my side while I lay flat on my back and was fast asleep within ten minutes. I on the other hand could do nothing but think about everything she had said to me. Her life had been a serious mess, a guy who scared her and hit her and drugs that fucked her up even more.

I had always felt protective over Nina but this feeling was something different and so much more forceful. I couldn’t imagine letting anyone hurt her ever again, I couldn’t imagine letting her out of my sight.

And what scared me most was I didn’t know how I was going to protect her. Instead of driving myself crazy like I was at this current moment I decided to pull the small, beautiful girl closer to me and join her in sleep.

Nina’s POV

I woke up a while later the sun was close to setting in the sky; I could guess it was roughly five in the afternoon. I tried to get up from the bed and found I couldn’t move, Josh pulled me closer.

“Josh.” I shook him gently; he violently stirred suddenly sitting up right. Clearly I had panicked him.

“Sorry,” I mumbled brushing his hair off his face “I’m gonna head home okay.” I told him, making a move to get out of the bed, Josh quickly followed.

“Just stay here tonight.” I shook my head.

“Josh, I’ve got to go home some time, I’ll be okay.” I told him

He pulled me closer to him, and I was content in his arms, I felt safe and warm. I pulled back from his embracing placing my hand on his chin, and lifting onto my tippy toes. Gently I placed my lips against Josh’s, first it was gentle and sweet but soon it became much more intense he pulled me closer like he was going to lose me if he let go. And I held on just as tight digging my nails into his forearm, the slightest whimper left my lips as we pulled away.

“You know how long I’ve wanted to do that for?” I mimicked Josh from earlier wanting to lighten the mood before I left.

“How long love?”

“Since you saved me from that guy, at that stupid fucking party.” I laughed and Josh had this sexy smirk on his face.

“Shit.” He mumbled softly, kissing me lightly once more before letting me go. “Just be careful okay.” I nodded walking out his bedroom door I stopped.

“Josh…thank you.”

It didn’t take me long to get home, but when I did I almost wished that I had never left Josh’s in the first place. My parents sat idly in the living room, as though they were waiting for me to enter.

“Nina Davis where have you been all day?” My mother questioned, and then she realized what I was wearing; still in Josh’s clothes.

“With that boy haven’t you.” My dad was mad. “That boy Nina is bad news.”

“There is nothing wrong with that boy.” I retorted, “In fact his name is Josh.”

“I really don’t care what his name is.” My dad yelled back.

“Why are you in his clothes?” My mother worried

“It’s a long story, involving a lake.” I mumbled not wanting to tell them everything.

“Well I don’t want you seeing him again.” My dad was ruthless.

“Dad, he is a really nice guy.” I sighed

“A nice guy who shows up drunk at two in the morning, right Nina.”

“Sweetheart we are just trying to look out for you, I mean after all you have been through with men, I just….”

“No mum,” I yelled at her “You think I don’t know, you think I’m not careful, have I not changed enough for you…”

“Sweetheart we just don’t want to see you get hurt again and this boy just…”

“This boy…he has done nothing but look after me, so just drop it because lets face it I can hang out with whoever I want and you can’t stop me.” With that I headed for my room. I climbed into bed still in Josh’s clothes, they were warm and comfortable and they smelt like him.

I couldn’t tell my parents about the text I got, it was just too much to tell. Plus I had worried them enough in the past they didn’t need this too.