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I'm Confused


Over the following week Josh had barely left my side, I drove myself to school and he met up with me at my car. He escorted me around the school and forced me to sit with his friends at lunch. I was aloud to drive myself home but had to call him and let him know I had made it home okay. I knew he meant well but it was all becoming a bit too much for me, when it was only Josh and I that was okay I didn’t feel like I had to try and impress him I was just myself around him. But when it came to being around him at school I panicked a little, I don’t like attention and being with Josh at school did nothing but draw attention to me. While all the guys in his band were okay with me being there, well with the exception of Max the girls that they hung out with didn’t say two words to me, and were rude to put it politely.

“Can we skip today?” I asked Josh by the time second period rolled around.

“Why? What’s the matter he asked?” I almost wished I hadn’t told him about the text cause he was so on edge and worried about me because of it.

“Nothings the matter, I just want to skip don’t you?”

“Okay.” He was still a little hesitant.

In all honesty I was just sick of the attention I got I just wanted to go somewhere and not have to worry about shit for a little while. I also kind of wanted Josh to myself for a bit.

As we snuck out I threw my keys at Josh indicating for him to drive.
“Where to Miss Davis?” He chuckled

“I don’t care Mr. Franceschi just drive.”

And so we did I had no idea where he was going but I didn’t really care
“So what’s really up?” he asked

“Nothing” I mumbled

“Don’t lie to me.” He laughed, he was beginning to know me too well and I couldn’t get away with lying to him like that anymore.

“I’m just…I don’t know I’m sick of worrying and I’m sick of you worrying.” I paused “I just I love being around you but…I hate it at the same time.” That so hadn’t come out right and he turned and looked at me funny, like I was crazy.

“Sorry I don’t think that came out right.” I corrected. “I’m just over you fussing over me and checking in every ten minutes and I hate the attention I get at school because I’m hanging out with you…girls I have never said two words to are giving me the filthiest looks.”

“Don’t worry about them.” He told me

“Yea easier said then done Josh.” I spat “I don’t want to argue Josh, I just wanted a day of not having to think about any of that shit, plus we have to make sure we have this song down cause we perform on Monday.” It was currently Friday.

“Lets eat.” Josh spoke pulling into a small café’s parking lot. I don’t know if he was ignoring what I had just said or not.

We sat in silence for what felt like ages as we ate, I didn’t know what to say I didn’t know if I had pissed Josh off.

“So you hate being around me at school?” he spoke out of nowhere knocking the silence about. I didn’t know what to say. “But then you want me to skip school with you? I’m confused Nina.”

I sighed moving out of the both we were sitting in and sitting next to Josh instead of opposite him.

“You don’t realize how self conscious I am, because I am used to people staring at me for all the wrong reasons. Josh and I hate having attention drawn to me, I know it doesn’t make sense but, you have all this attention on you all the time. Because that is who you are, your fun and sweet.” I paused I didn’t know what to say to make this okay, the fact that I didn’t really wanna be involved with him at school, but I didn’t want to stay away from him either.

“Fact is I love those things about you, I really do its just hard for me to around everyone at school.” I don’t think I was making things any better for myself.

I leant up in the booth we were in and pulled his face to look at me.
“Don’t be mad at me, I’m just struggling with everything a little.” Josh nodded.

“I’m not mad I just don’t know what to do” It was my turn to nod.

“Just don’t get mad if I retreat to the library more often okay, and don’t hover Josh, just be.” I softly kissed his lips, in a completely innocent way.
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