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Butterflies and Rejection


Maybe I jinxed myself by saying that I had gone unnoticed for two weeks, that I was the school’s resident wallflower. Or maybe being noticed was inevitable.

The following day music class I got noticed, an assignment had come up and we were to be put in pairs. It was teacher’s pick, thank god cause otherwise I was sure to be left without a partner. And I had seen him sitting somewhere in the middle of the room before the teacher called out our names.

“Miss Davis” she spoke “I’ll be partnering you with Mr. Franceschi, ensuring you will be in good hands for this assignment.” she spoke at first I had no idea who she was talking about or what she even meant for that matter.

But then I saw him turn around and smirk at me and knew exactly who I was partnered with. The rules of the assignment Miss Buckett directed were that both members of the group had to be actively involved in the final product; one song, there didn’t have to be vocals and we could use whatever instruments we wanted as long at it was original. Well that sounded like fun.

“Miss can I change partners?” A boy yelled out.

“No Max, but why would you want to change aren’t you friends with Chris?” She sounded curious while the rest of the class laughed.

“I am, you know I love you Chris,” the kid laughed “But everyone knows Josh is the creative one in the band, and I really need a good mark.” He concluded.

So this Josh character who let me borrow a smoke and is in some band was my partner on an assignment. This just sounded like trouble.

“Hey would you wait up?” I heard him yell for me after class, I didn’t stop but I did slow down.

“I don’t even know your name come on.” He called

“Nina.” I replied

“What?” He had caught up to me but was a little out of breath, he was a little on the chubby side but it worked for him.

“My name, its Nina.” I told him

“Nina.” he repeated like he was testing it out and the way it rolled off his tongue his accent thick gave me butterflies.
“Anyway, do you want to catch up after school, throw around ideas for a song… get to know each other?”

“Sorry I’m busy.” I replied quickly shutting my locker and starting to move again.

“What about tomorrow then?” He questioned.

“Sorry I’m still kind of busy.” I sighed like I cared.

“Well when are you free?” He seemed a little pissed, I didn’t mind.

“I’ll let you know alright,” I gave him a quick smile “I’ll se you tomorrow I suppose.” I turned and left him in the hallway.

The following day went by much the same, music class was last so I hadn’t had any more encounters with Josh and though I was grateful my days were getting a little too quiet.

Lunch was spent in the library at the same table that I had been at for the past two weeks reading Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses. Well until a girl sat next to me.

“Hi I’m Emma”

“Nina” I replied

“Ok so I don’t mean to pry or anything but I have noticed that you have sat in this exact seat by yourself for almost three weeks now.” She stated, she was upfront.

“I have.”

“Well…why is that I mean obviously your new but haven’t you made any friends?” I didn’t know what to say, but I could tell straight away she wasn’t trying to be mean she was just an upfront sort of person and I respected that. So I talked to her and though I didn’t let her in on my life before Elmbridge, we talked. And it was kind of nice.

“Okay so I also happen to be in your music class, I’m totally not stalking you, but you got partnered with Josh that is so lucky.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Well he is the lead singer of this band he started with his friends and he I actually really good, I’ve head him once before, so you will get good marks easily. Plus I mean all the girls love him, personally I think his best mate Dan is better looking but everyone seems to go for Josh”. She laughed.

I understood why, he wasn’t the best looking kid out there but there was something about him that drew you to him. Maybe it was his cheeky grin or his blue eyes cause that was the one thing I remembered most about him, the eyes.

“So Miss Davis, have you worked out your schedule found a time in your very busy day to fit me in?” Josh was being sarcastic I think I may have offended him that I didn’t just swoon after him like everyone else did.

“Uumm yea I’m not really busy this weekend.”

“What are you so busy with anyway, you just got here and I haven’t seen you speak to one person.” He wasn’t being mean, there was something charming about the way he spoke and it was more then just his accent.

“I dance, and I have a very strict training schedule, but I like to leave my weekends free.” I told him

“You don’t seem the type to dance Miss Davis.” he gave me this look of a half smile half smirk.

“And you don’t really know me, but why do you say that?” I asked

“Because I saw you trip over your own feet in the corridor this morning and fall into your seat in class just then.” He laughed and I blushed, which only made him laugh even more.

“I’m only clumsy when I’m not dancing.” I told him.

“Then prove it to me, I want to see you dance…Saturday night my mate is having a party, my band is playing, if were good enough his older brother will sign us up for a gig in town the following week. Come watch me play, I mean really it would be a start on this assignment and I could see you dance as well.” He finished.

It did sound good.

“Sorry I don’t really do parties Josh.”

“Come on, as if you don’t do parties,” He was right; I had been the main attraction at many parties…just not anymore. “Just don’t say no, think about it okay, get back to me”.
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