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Straight Answers


Monday at school I tried to avoid everyone but was having a rather hard time doing that. Emma had run straight up to me in the morning and profusely apologized for getting drunk. She crashed at my house after the party and I dropped her home the next morning. I didn’t tell her about the guy or Josh helping, I really wasn’t in the mood so I kind of bluffed her off and kept going about my day.

By lunch Josh had found me out the back of the school with a smoke in my hand.

“Mind if I scab one of those from you?” he asked. I silently handed him one.

“I am really sorry about the party, that guy he was just drunk”.

“And high.” I cut in.

“Yea I know anyway I feel bad I made you go to that party and you just cop a hard time”. He tried apologizing.

“It’s okay Josh, it’s not your fault I should have known better then to go to some stupid party”.

“I’m sorry Nina, but I don’t believe that you have never gone to a party before.” He accused.

“I didn’t say that I have never been to a party, that’s just putting words into my mouth”. I tend to get defensive fast.

“Well it’s a bit hard with you love, you don’t give straight answers or any for that matter, you’re a complete mystery”.

“I can give straight answers”. I almost yelled, taking another puff.

“Ok go on then love, I dare you. What did you really think of my band?”

He caught me off guard; I had to think about how I was going to say it, even though I already knew what I wanted to say, so I took another drag.

“The first song you played…it had this one line in it that just didn’t seem to fit,” I paused and he let me take my time “Take your colours off, who are you wearing them for”. He nodded “What did you mean by that?” I asked.

“It can mean whatever you want it to Nina, I love the fact that you understood it differently…that it wasn’t sexual or course, whatever meaning you drew out of it I’m glad”. He sighed. “How did you interpret it?”

“Like take off your colours…take off the façade, the mask I don’t know,” I was rambling, “Who are you wearing it for.” He let out a sly smile and a shrug of his shoulders.

“Maybe you should take your own advice sometimes.” He chuckled

“I didn’t expect that voice to come from you by the way”. I said as I put my smoke out

“Impressed?” he asked he had that cocky smile on again.

“A little.” I couldn’t lie as I left him standing there on his own. I skipped the rest of the day, including music.
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I know its short but its better then nothing.