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Sing Something


Turns out I decided to skip music the next day as well, so when Wednesday finally rolled around Josh cornered me.

I was n the library eating lunch as I normally did with Emma, when he waltzed right up to us. Ignoring Emma altogether.

“Are you actually going to show up to class today?” He asked “Because I’m not sure if you know this but we only have just over a month to get this song done and its already been a week.”

“I’ll show up.” I told him and he stormed off again.

When class rolled around it was last period and I was dreading it I don’t know why I was avoiding music or maybe I was just avoiding Josh. He reminded me of home, he was popular and cocky and very good-looking and by observing him for a week or so I knew the girls feel at his feet.

The teacher set u all straight to work on our assignment giving us time to get it done and free reign on all the instruments.

“So have you ever written a song before?” Josh asked and I shook my head.
“Do you even know how to play any instruments?” He asked. It was like he was mad at me and I wasn’t entirely sure why.

“Actually Josh I play piano and I can kind of play guitar…a little and though I have never written a song I have written a bit or poetry.” I needed to defend myself. “And don’t forget I have heard your band and I’m not agreeing to anything that is about some shitty relationship where she cheated on you and broke your heart cause she is a slut.”

He was quiet for a moment and I thought it must be a miracle.

“Fine I’ve never written anything with anyone else before so maybe just write down some ideas, one liners and we an put them together, see what we come up with. I nodded. “Can you sing?”

“Uuummmm… I’ve been told I can, but I don’t really think so, maybe.” I laughed a little.

“Sing something then.” He laughed and I instantly blushed

“I can’t just sign without music.” I protested

“You have an iPod don’t you, pick something.”
I did not want to do this. But I did anyway flicking through to Kate Vogel’s ‘Manhattan In The Sky’

“Can we uuummm…. Can we go some place where half the class isn’t about to hear me.” I asked quietly. He laughed but led me out into a smaller music room.

“You can’t laugh at me.” I told him before pressing play on my iPod

Whatcha doing today 

what are you doing later 

I don’t know my way through a maze of gray skyscrapers 

But I’m willing to learn

If you want me to I’ll stay just where I am 

But I promise just to follow when I land 

And you can take my word for that

You are my Manhattan from the sky

You look so neat and tidy when I’m way up high,

But I know your streets are lined with a fine mess inside 

And I wanna come down and walk around your mind. 

Once upon an old daydream, that’s what you gave me.”

By this stage Josh’s smile had turned into a chuckle and he was making me uncomfortable so I stopped singing.

“I said don’t laugh” I pushed him, but it didn’t make him budge. So I folded my arms and pouted in protest.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to laugh, its just you were so nervous but your actually good Nina.” He smiled. “Don’t be so shy next time.”

“Don’t laugh at me again” I pouted and yelled in frustration and I tried to push him once again. He still didn’t move but caught onto my arms this time and tried to tickle me instead. I pushed him away I wasn’t comfortable with such contact.

“Wanna go for a smoke instead?” He asked and I nodded.
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