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Josh's POV

“Is this your car?” I asked her once I reached were she was standing “Then lets go.”
I got in the passenger seat, Nina in the drivers but she didn’t start the car she looked a little confused

“What are you doing?” She asked

“Lets go somewhere.” I said

“You should stay with your friends, you had a great performance Max is right you should celebrate together.”

“Yea but I don’t want to talk to Max now, he was a prick to you, so I’m going to celebrate with you instead.” I told her, she turned the car on and pulled it into reverse but didn’t go anywhere.

“What’s the matter love?” I asked

Where do you want to go cause I’m not confidant driving in England yet and I tend to get lost a lot.” She looked up at me under her long lashes.

“It’s okay, let’s just drive, I know my way around. You will be okay, trust me I trust you.” I told her and she nodded though her mind seemed to be somewhere else.

I turned the radio on and old Blink 182 song came on, I turned it up and she seemed to relax.

“Can I take you somewhere?” Her voice was so quiet, I had never seen her like this, obviously what Max had said had gotten to her.

“Yea, as long as you’re not taking me somewhere to kill me.” I tried joking

“No,” she laughed “But you make me go to all your gigs I want to take you somewhere.”

We pulled up to this dark and grey building with one streetlight light up out the front, Nina got out of the car and headed for the door.

“The fuck are we doing here are you going to get me arrested?” I asked and she laughed at me

“I have a key Josh.”

“Why do you have a key?”

“Cause I come here a lot if I’m not at school I end up here.” She told me.

“So when you skip music, you come here?” I asked she laughed but nodded. As she opened the door she flicked the lights on and the single room was huge with mirrors lining every wall. The floor was wooden and a railing lined the mirrors. Clearly it was her dance studio. I couldn’t help but smile at her.

Nina walked into the middle of the room and stopped, while I sat my back up against one of the walls.

“Dance” I commanded though I was only playing around, she shook her head.

“I can’t just dance for you.” She laughed looking up at the roof like I was crazy.

“Like hell you can’t, have you forgotten I saw you dance that one time in your room, why can’t you dance right now.”

She just sat down where she was half a room away from me and looked down at her hands in her lap.

“Come on Nina what the matter, it’s just you and me?”

“That’s what scares me.” She wouldn’t look up at me.

“I don’t know what that guy ever did to you, and I can tell that what Max said tonight really affected you, but I am not going to hurt you, or laugh at you, or force anything on you Nina.” I sighed running my hands through my hair, what was this girl doing to me? I wanted to know what had happened in her life to make her shield herself from the world and so vulnerable.

“Do you have any music you could play?” She asked quietly and I pulled out my iPod playing the first thing I saw which was something by Jimmy Eat World. And slowly she stood taking off her heels and started to float around the room dancing. She was so beautiful it was impossible for me to look away. So I sat there on the floor for quite some time just watching her.
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