Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill


Remy felt blood trickle down the side of her face as she struggled to get up from the floor of her living room. The shattered glass cut her hands but the pain was nothing compared to what she had been through for the past five years.

"Oh, Remy! Come back her you slut!" her father slurred. He had been drinking again.

Remy scrambled to the front door and quickly searched for the keys to her car, every inch of her body filled with fear. She heard more glass shattering but this time it was closer. Remy gave up on finding her keys and ran out of the house...she had finally broken free from that prison.

After running 5 blocks away from her house she came to a stop, gasping for air. Normally Remy could have ran the 4 miles to the train station easily but her most recent injury prevented her from doing so. After taking a couple deep breathes and calming down she looked back behind her to check if he was following her and continued to walked to the Overton train station.

It's been five years since Remy's mother died in a car accident. Remy and her mother were coming back from her lacrosse game two towns away when they were hit. The truck ran a red light and hit their car from the passenger side. Remy survived the impact but her mother died at the scene. Remy's father went into a deep depression after hearing of his wife's death and turned to alcohol to deal with the pain. He then started to abuse Remy physically and verbally, which got worse every year.

Remy shook the painful memories out of her head and walked to the train station.


Train to Las Vegas has arrived at Platform D

Remy got up from the bench as she watched the train come to a stop in front of her. People flooded out of the train as the doors open. She covered her bruised face with her brown hair, hoping no one will notice until she bought some make-up to cover it up.

She hated being asked questions, especially when it has to do with her family...she didn't need their sympathy. Remy entered the train and sat as far away as possible from the other passengers holding onto her bag tightly. Ever since that night two years ago she became paranoid and distant from everyone.

She took out her red nano ipod and put the ear phones into her ears, drowning out everything around her. She silently sang.

"Her headaches are constant,
Increasing in pain
With each passing day.
She can't even manage
To stand on her own, it's gotten so bad.

Now you think of saying
There's no use in praying.
And still, she bows her head.
So she can say
Thank you for just one more day..."

Remy's eyes soon felt heavy from fatigue and years of deprived sleep. She fell asleep...for once not in fear of what night will bring.
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The lyrics used are from "Supernatural" by Flyleaf