Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Here We Go Again

"You all suck you know that?"

Everyone in the car laughed as Remy pouted in the back, arms crossed. To their surprise, and even herself, she remain extremely calm after hearing that they were her favorite band. Even though she had only known them for a couple days the ban felt like a family she had never had. Ryan and Brendon were the most child like out of the group and if they ever joined forces it would be to torture Spencer as much as possible. Jon, being the most mature, pretty much took care of them and kept everything sane. Remy looked up to Jon as a fatherly figure which had never really had.

The band had finished working on their latest album for today and were all planning to go to one of their favorite restaurants to relax. Once they arrived to the restaurant, they walked into the building. Remy looked around nervously, knowing that anyone of the people sitting at the tables or serving the customers could be her father. Brendon sensed her fear so he took gently took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly. Remy gave him a thankful smile and stood close to him, loving the way his warm body felt against hers. Brendon smiled calmly but inside his heart was beating so fast that he thought it would explode.

As Spencer and Jon were talking to one of the workers that were to seat them, Ryan watched Brendon and Remy get close to each other. At first he thought it was a friendly gesture but seeing the look in Brendon's eye he knew it was something else. He hadn't seen Brendon this happy since his last girlfriend Elise. Truthfully Ryan, Jon, and Spencer hated Elise. Everyone but Brendon could tell that she was a gold-digger and only dated him because of their fame. When she broke up with him when she got an offer from Hugh Hefner to be a model for Playboy it crushed Brendon who thought he had loved her. Ryan had never seen Brendon so broken up before...until the day Remy ran away. With a raised eyebrow Ryan watched Brendon continuously poke Remy as she whined for him to stop, restraining her laugh from forming on her already beautiful face.

"If you follow me I'll take you to your table," the woman said with a fake smile.

Spencer had asked for a private booth just incase somebody would recognize them. It wasn't that they didn't like their was just nice to have some peace and quiet when they were out in public and not only in their home. Spencer, Ryan, and Jon slid down the seat first so Remy was squeezed in between Jon and Brendon. After patiently waiting, pretty a waitress with flaming red hair and black tips, making her green eyes pop out. Spencer's eyes bulged as the girl smiled showing off her perfect white teeth.

"Hello, I'm Sara and I'll be your waiter for today. Is there anything I could get you?"

"I'll like a Red Bull, two cokes and a..." Brendon turned to Remy.

"Just a glass of water," Remy finished for him.

Sara wrote in her notepad and gave us a smile once more and left the table. She soon came back quickly with their drinks. Sara then noticed a pair of blue eyes staring at her.

"Um, is there something you want to say?"

Spencer, still in his little world, kept staring at Sara. Jon and Brendon snickered as Ryan rolled his eyes and nudged Spencer in the ribs. This caused Spencer to cry out in surprise form the sudden impact and choke on his soda which he had been drinking subconsciously. Everyone and even Sara started to laugh as soda dripped down his nose, face gone red with embarrassment.

As everyone gave Sara their order Spencer remained silent, still completely mortified by what had just happened. Jon had to give Sara his order because he refused to say anything. One Sara left Spencer banged his head onto the table and groaned.

"How bad was I?"

Everyone looked at each other and burst out laughing once more.

"It's not funny!" Spencer roared, just making them laugh even harder.

Jon patted his friend on the back sympathetically.

"Don't worry man, I'm sure she'll give you a chance...It could have been worse."

Spencer glared at Jon which he read as "Not helping."

While waiting for their food, Remy had already drank the entire glass of water...making the idea of going to the bathroom a very good idea. Remy got up and was about to walk to the restroom when Brendon grabbed her arm.

"Where do you think your going?"

"Uh, I sort of need to use the facilities...unless you prefer getting peed on right now," Remy joked but Brendon's stern face stayed serious.

"I'll come with know what happened last..." Remy's face darkened as well as everyone else's at the table.

Remy sighed.


As Remy wen t to the bathroom Brendon waited outside making sure no one suspicious would go in. After she finished, Remy flushed and was about to walk out of the stall when she heard the bathroom door open and slam shut. She heard two people talking angrily to each other in hushed voices but it was loud enough for Remy to hear.

"Cassidy Lisa Friedman! I cannot believe you had gone against behind me and your father's back and went to that party! If you had listened to us you wouldn't be in this mess!" the woman screeched.

"Mom! Please, someone might hear us," the girl sounded like she was on the verge of tears as she tried to quiet down her hysterical mother.

"Do not tell me to be quiet young lady! If it weren't for your rebellion and that incompetent boy you wouldn't have become pregnant in the first place!" with every word, the mother's voice rose, the girl's sobbing heard in the background.

Remy's eyes grew wide as she heard all this. She didn't want any part of this but if she were to walk out of the stall now it'll look like she was eavesdropping them, and she definitely didn't want to face the wrath of the woman.

"I thought you would understand! Why can't you just be happy for me and Tyler...I love him! He even said that'll he'll help be take care of the baby when it is born."

"Who said you were going to have that child.." it was suddenly quiet and Remy didn't dare take a single breath.

" don't suggest that I..."

"Your not having that thing and that's final!"

Remy heard footsteps walk out of the bathroom and slam the door...leaving the sobbing girl on the bathroom floor.

Remy couldn't move...she couldn't breath. Everything that she had just heard seemed to have unlocked a piece of her memory that she had thought was sealed away in the back of her head forever.

Silent tears fell as she Remy looked at the white plastic object that showed her fate. Who knew that a little symbol would change someone's life forever? She suddenly heard banging on the bathroom door, hearing the slurring words of her drunken father.

"Oh sweetheart, come out of there...why don't we watch a video together?"

Remy gagged but somehow stopped herself from puking all over the bathroom floor. She knew what he wanted to do to her...and it wasn't some fluffy disney movie he wanted to see. Oh, no, it was far different than that.

Remy wiped her tears and threw the object into the garbage. Taking a shaky deep breath she unlocked the door and walked out to relive what she had gone through for the past couple of weeks.

In the garbage was the long stick shaped object. In the middle of the stick was a single digital image...a plus sign.



Fresh tears slid down her face as she recalled that event and all those that had led to it. Unable to take it anymore she burst out of the stall, ignoring the mortified girl that was still crying on the ground, and sprinted out of the bathroom, choking on her sobs.

She didn't pay attention to Brendon's confused and frightened face as she ran past him and ran for the exit.

"Remy! Remy, come back!" Brendon yelled but his desperate cries were useless. She was already gone...again.
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