Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Lost At Sea

"What the hell is this!"

Remy flinched at her father's harsh grip on her arm, feeling a bruise already forming. In his free hand he was angrily dangling the positive pregnancy test she had thrown away. Remy tried to say something but all she could do was gape in horror at her father's discovery, mentally punishing herself for being so careless.

"Don't ignore me you whore! Who's the desperate son of a bitch that fucked you!"

His eyes blazed with anger which was returned with her glare, successfully hiding her fear. She didn't what made her do it but for the first time she talked back to him acidly.

"Who do you think?"

Her father froze...for a split second Remy swore that she saw something human in him. But it didn't last long, his eyes shrunk into slits and he growled at Remy. He then grabbed Remy by her hair and double slapped her face. Remy refused to show weakness in front of him, he had already taken everything she had left...her sister, her virginity, and now he got her knocked up at the mere age of 15. Could her life get any worse than it had already became? Remy bit hit lip hard to hold back a pained scream as he hit her once more in the jaw.

"That's what you get you lying bitch," he spat at her and walked away.

As soon as he slammed the door of his bedroom Remy quietly got up and went to the bathroom in her bedroom. She splashed her face with warm water, making her fresh wounds sting slightly but it didn't bother her. Remy looked at her bruised face in the mirror but just looking at herself reminded of her of her father and everything she had gone through.


Remy screeched and punched the mirror with her right hand. It shattered to hundreds of pieces...some cutting into her hand. She looked at her distorted reflection thinking bitterly that it was more accurate than what she had seen before breaking the mirror.


Remy stopped halfway to the corner of the sidewalk to catch her breath, realizing how out of shape she had become after she stopped playing lacrosse. She suddenly heard a low rumbling sound and looked up. The once blue sky was now different shades of gray and there was a sudden flash of light. A single drop of water fell on her cheek which soon turned to million had started to pour.

Remy's clothes clung to her skin as she walked along the empty sidewalk. Everyone had ran inside to avoid getting wet but she didn't care...she didn't care about anything anymore. She suddenly felt something vibrate inside her pocket and took it out. On her phone it flashed "Jared" but she quickly dismissed the call...not wanting to talk to anyone at the moment.

She continued to walk in the down pouring rain as she saw more memories flash through her mind.

"Mr. Williams, you and your daughter may see the doctor now."

Remy's father smiled sweetly at the receptionist and shoved Remy harshly, which was a warning for her to behave or else. It had been 2 months since her father had found out about Remy being pregnant with his child and he hadn't hit her since. At first she thought it was because he had changed but Remy soon learned that it was for other reasons. He wanted Remy to get rid of the baby...without attracting notice to himself. Her father had waited for all her bruises to turn back to her normal skin color and her cuts to heal.

The hospital was filled with girls around her age or older and middle aged women...all ready to give up their child for some selfish reason. As she passed a few people she saw a girl not to much younger than herself with a boy maybe around the age of 16 sit silently, avoiding eye contact. The woman next to the girl looked stressed an once in awhile would give the poor boy a glare.

Abortion...the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy by the use of chemicals or surgery. That was the scientific definition of it...well, that's at least what the pamphlet the lady at the reception desk gave her said. But to Remy it was murder...pure cold hearted murder of another individual who would never have the chance to live.

Remy held her breath as she stepped into the doctor's white office. The man was in his late twenties and more a pair of spectacles hiding his deep blue eyes, his thick blonde hair combed back neatly. Remy over heard many of the nurses gossip about how attractive he was or that they wouldn't mind being his patient but in her opinion he looked like a fucking gay pedophile. The man looked at her up and down and smiled at her kindly.

"Hello, you must be Remy and her father. I'm Doctor Wilson, it's a pleasure to meet you both."

Not even noticing the glares that Remy's father gave her, he looked down at his board and flipped through pages. He then looked up, taking off his glasses.

"It says here that you've been pregnant for 2 months now, why is it that you want to have an abortion?"

Before Remy could say anything her father cut it.

'You see Doctor, my daughter here didn't tell me about it until a month ago when it was apparent that she had all the signs. At first we decided to let her conceive the child but money has gotten tight and I don't think I could take care of another child," her father said, faking distress.

The doctor nodded.

"I see. Well you must know that there are risks of having this procedure..."

"Yes, we know. We researched it before coming here," not suspecting a thing the doctor nodded and gave her father the instructions and when she was going to have the abortion done.

Once they got into the car silent tears fell down her face. Right before her father reversed out of the parking spot he said something to Remy with a menacing growl.

"After all of this is're going to pay," Remy shuddered at the horrific thought of what he might do to her for the lack of beating for the past 2 months.


Still in her own little world Remy stepped off the curb but to hear loud honking and skidding of tires on the wet road. Remy froze and watched as the truck approached her but before she could feel the impact she was thrown backwards.

"What the fuck Remy are you crazy! You could have gotten yourself killed!"

Brendon stopped yelling when he noticed that her eyes were red and puffy, unable to tell the tears and raindrops apart.

"Maybe you should have let me..." Remy whispered.

Brendon felt his blood run cold, not believing what he had just heard.


"You should have just let me die. I can't do this anymore, Brendon...please...just let me die..." her voice faded as the tiny girl in his arms fell into a deep sleep...lost in her sea of thoughts.

Brendon couldn't believe his ears...the girl that he was practically in love with told him that she didn't want to live anymore. Just hearing those words replay in his head broke his heart. Picking her up, Brendon carried her back to the restaurant where everyone was waiting...not having a single idea about what just happened.


Jon, Spencer, and Ryan were chatting away at the table but became immediately silent when they saw Brendon carrying an unconscious Remy.

"Shit, Brendon, what the hell happened!" Ryan cried standing up from his just as Spencer and Jon did also.

"I don't know. She just suddenly ran out of the bathroom crying and out of the building. When I finally found her outside she looked really upset and..." Brendon grew quiet.

"What is it Brendon?" Jon asked in a calm voice.

" guys won't believe it but...right before she passed out Remy told me that...she wanted to die," everyone's eyes grew wide and their mouths flew open in shock.

None of them knew how deeply troubled this girl was. They knew that there was something in her past but never knew it had affected her this much. Before anyone could say anything the waitress Sara came with there food.

"Hey guys, here's your...oh my god! What happened to her!" Everyone's face darkened.

"Um, look, we're really sorry for the trouble but I don't think we'll be staying for the food.
Here's, the money though," Spencer told the girl.

The girl shook her head and smiled understandably.

"No, it's okay. That poor girl looks like she had been though hell, I'll bring the check."

As they sat in silence Sara came back in no time and handed. Leaving money at the table for Sara they all walked back tot he car as Brendon cradled Remy in his arms. He never noticed how light she was until today. The entire ride back was quiet, no one made a sound scared that whatever they said might cause Brendon to crack form stress.
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