Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Unrequited Love?

Remy woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. Despite her protests the band had bought her a cellphone to keep in touch with her or incase she was in trouble. She groggily picked it up and answered it, to tired to read the ID.


"Remy, it's Jake. I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"

"Yeah, but its okay, it's what...1:00! Shit, why didn't anyone wake me up!" she heard Jake laugh in the background as she jumped out of her bed.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw a note posted on the door. Remy peeled the post-it off and read it.

We didn't wake you up since I thought you'd like a day to sleep in. We'll probably be back at 5 or later knowing Pete but if you need anything just call us.

Remy smiled at the note. Even though she was a bit disappointed in not seeing them all day she didn't want to always follow them around and be a burden. It had been a week since she had confided in Brendon and he had been nothing but sweet to her. He was like an older brother and so were the rest of the band.

"Jake, are you doing anything today?"

"No, why?"

"Cause everyone else are at work, leaving me all alone in the house. Plus I haven't seen you in days," Remy whined the last part making Jake laugh.

"I'll be right over then."

Jake hung up and Remy quickly brushed out her tangled hair and put on some decent clothes that were bought by Ryan. She put on a pair of tight jeans and a My Chemical Romance t-shirt. Remy then applied make-up over her scars and bruises, since Jake didn't know about her abusive past and didn't attend to tell him until he proves to be trustworthy. She put on a light layer of eyeliner surrounding her almond shaped eyes and threw on some dark grey eye-shadow.

After a few minutes she heard the doorbell ring, signaling that Jake had finally arrived. When she opened the door her smile turned into a confused frown after seeing that no one was there.

*Stupid immature teenies.*

She turned around annoyed but squealed out of surprise when she felt a pair of arms lift her up and swing her around.

"Jake, put me down!" Remy screamed, unable to contain her laughter.

The boy finally put her back onto the ground and gave her his wide grinned which she had began to love. Remy blushed as Jake bent over slightly to kiss her lightly on the cheek and put his arms around her waist.

"I've missed you, you know that?"

"I missed you are up for some Guitar Hero!"

"Hell yeah, but I must warn you, be prepared to get your ass kicked. I'm the ultimate king at that game," his remark caused Remy to huff.

Hayley had never played Guitar Hero back home and thought it was a waste of time after seeing how obsessed people got over it. But after staying in a house full of guys that drank energy drinks non-stop and play video began to interest her, especially after seeing how ridiculously serious they all get.

"Psha, yeah right. I'm taking you down."

A couple hours later, Jake was running around the house holding the guitar over his head, smug about his victory. Remy stood their pouting, her arms folded across her chest, not happy about the situation.

"No fair, you were supposed to let me win!"

Jake laughed and rolled his eyes.

"I'm sorry, what would it take to make it up to you?"

Remy gasped when he was suddenly towering over her small figure, him being at least a foot taller than her. Jake bent down slightly bringing his face closer to hers and brought up both of his large hands to cups her face softly. Before she knew it their lips met, his lips massaging hers gently. Remy felt her mind go blank as they continued to kiss and when he laid her on the couch so that he could be on top of her. All of the sudden Remy saw Brendon's face flash in her mind, making her make-out session with Jake feel strange. Remy deepened the kiss, moving Brendon to the back of her head. She soon felt Jake's hands caress her hips as she intertwined hers in his sandy blonde hair, his hands slowly moving upwards. She suddenly felt nervous but was to scared to tell Jake to stop, having bad experiences when she refused to do things she was told to do. She couldn't explain how relieved she felt when they were interrupted by a familiar voice.

"I can't believe Pete made us...oh dear god!"

Remy immediately pulled away from Jake only to see Spencer, who was the one that had yelled, covering his eyes as if seeing them kiss would blind him permanently. Behind him were Jon who were shaking his head at Spencer and Ryan's eyes shifted worryingly to Brendon who stood there silently. Not a single emotion forming on his face. His usually bright, joyful eyes had glazed over and his full lips formed a firm, thin line.

Remy finally realized that Jake was still on top of her in a very awkward position and her hands were still in his now unruly hair. Remy's face turned a deep shade of scarlet as she immediately got out from under Jake who strangely didn't seem fazed by the situation. Instead he smirked at Brendon when she turned away from him so Remy didn't see him taunt a heartbroken Brendon.

"I uh...I can explain?" Remy said doubtfully.

There was an awkward silence as they kept staring at Remy and Jake. Jake was the first to break the silence with a cough.

"Um, I'll see you later, 'kay babe?"

With that Jake gave Remy a final kiss on the lips after she nodded, agreeing that it would be best if he would leave unless he wanted to be interrogated by the band. As soon as Jake left Remy bolted out of the living room but only to be tackled down by Spencer.

"Oh no you don't! You got some explaining to do young lady," he said with a smile glued to his face.

"It was just a kiss!"

"That looked like more than a kiss to us," Remy groaned as Jon soon joined Spencer.

Why couldn't they just leave her alone? Spencer, who still hadn't gotten off Remy, kept making kissing faces and sounds in her face while Jon lectured her like a father would. The only two who hadn't said anything about the scene they had witnessed were Ryan and Brendon. Remy felt something was wrong but brushed the feeling away, thinking that it was just her paranoia getting the best of her.


The entire time Ryan watched Brendon from the corner of his eye, worried that he would go into the other room and never come back. Ryan was probably the only one of the group that realized how crazy Brendon was about Remy. He had an idea of it when he brought her home form the hospital but his theory was proved when Remy ran away causing Brendon to seep into depression. Ryan liked Remy, not only did she bring back the real Brendon again but she was a sweet girl that deserved to be happy again. Ryan took another glance at Brendon but he was no longer next to him on the couch. His head jerked up quickly to see where he was. Brendon was no where in sight.

"Guys, where's Brendon?"

Spencer shrugged while both Remy and Jon pointed upstairs.

"He said he needed to go to the bathroom, why is something wrong?" Jon asked suspiciously.

Being the "mother" of the band Jon always knew when someone felt uneasy or was hiding something but was never the one to push for the details. Ryan didn't answer Jon and quickly ran to the upstairs bathroom praying that Brendon hadn't done anything drastic. He sighed in relief when he saw Brendon splashing cold water on his white face. Brendon jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder but relaxed when he realized it was only Ryan.

"Hey, you holding up okay?" Brendon stiffened.

"What's there not to be okay about?"

"Uh, like the fact that the girl your crazy about was just lip-locking with some other guy," Brendon winced at the image of seeing Jake and Remy together on the ouch.

Ryan sighed and sat next to Brendon who had slid down to the bathroom floor.

"We've been friends for what, 10 years? I know when something is bothering you Brendon
especially when it involves a girl."

Brendon stayed silent, his head turned away from Ryan knowing that with one look into his amber eyes he would give in to his friend. He didn't want to admit to himself that he had fallen hard for Remy even though they only knew each other for a week and a half. They had so many things in common and shared the similar pain of having an abusive father. Ryan, Spencer, and Jon were the only ones that knew about Brendon's horrid experience in his household. His family were extremely religious and when they learned that their own son didn't want to be Mormon they flipped. Brendon's mother eventually understood but his father started to beat him, taking out all his anger and stress on Brendon. He finally couldn't take it anymore and moved out of his house and lived with Ryan. Remy made him forget the pain and rejection he had went through as a growing teenager.

"Come one Brendon you can tell me anything, you know that," Ryan smiled gently which Brendon returned.

"Thanks Ryan, but I don't think talking about how the girl of my dreams was sucking face on our couch will make me feel better," Brendon said chuckling slightly, trying to get Ryan to see that he was all right and didn't need a baby sitter.

"So admit that you like her. Then why don't you just take her form that kid, Jake?"

"It's not that simple...she seems to really like him," Brendon mumbled sadly.

Without another word Brendon got up and so did Ryan who followed Brendon back down to the living room where Spencer and Jon were now wrestling in. Brendon's heart fluttered at the sound of Remy's laughter from seeing the two make complete idiots out of themselves. When she looked up her eyes saddened and worried. She jumped off the couch and went over to Brendon.

"Your not mad at me are you?" Brendon blinked.

"Why would I be mad with you?"

"Well, you haven't talked to me since you came back from the recording studio and after you know," Remy's face flushed at the memory of that embarrassing moment.

Brendon forced a reassuring smile and put his arm around her.

"I guess I just got a bit jealous that your getting closer to him and not me. It doesn't help that I always have to go to work," he admitted.

"Aw, don't worry. you'll always be my Brenny Bear," she cooed.

Brendon wrinkled his nose at the name.

"Ug, didn't I tell you not to call me that. I've already got molested by little 13 year olds who called me was traumatizing."

Remy laughed and then cheered when she saw a smug Jon sitting on top of Spencer, who now owed Remy 10 bucks for losing to Jon. She then huddled closer to Brendon and resting her head on his shoulder, making him smile.

From afar Ryan watched Brendon and Remy cuddle on the couch. He saw his friend's face light up when she rested on him, shaking his head at how clueless they both were.

*When will they realize that they are both crazy about each other?*
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