Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Turn Back The Hourglass

"No! Not my Mocha Latte, anything but that!"

Remy watched in horror as Jake sucked up the last quarter of her precious coffee that was supposed to last her throughout the day through the Starbucks straw. She glared at her boyfriend of a month tilt his head back to get the very last drop of her heavenly beverage. With a loud burp Jake crumpled up the cardboard large cardboard cup and threw it into the closest garbage can.

"I can't believe you just did that!" Jake shrugged.

"You're the one that stole my muffin so you just brought it on yourself."

She pouted and crossed her arms causing Jake to rolls his eyes at her childishness. Once Jake put his arms around Remy she instantly forgot about her confiscated drink and melted into his strong arms, making her feel secure in his presence. For the past couple weeks the band had been busy recording their new album which was nearly done. Most of the time Remy hung out with Joe or Andy while Patrick and Pete worked with the Panic boys but other times she would just stay at home, not wanting to be a burden. Whenever she were to be alone at the house Remy would go visit Jake at the mall where he worked most of the time.

Jake breathed in the smell of Remy's fruity body wash, making him feel a strange but familiar feeling in his stomach that he had started to feel not to long ago. At first he had asked her out because he thought Remy was good-looking girl but she had eventually grown him the last couple of weeks of hanging out together. Most girls he had been with were always clingy and needy, the two things he hated most. Why he fed up with them, cause he thought they were hot and were a good hook up. He started to fear that he was actually falling for this girl, especially under the circumstances that he'd gotten himself into. Guilt poured throughout his body, making him hold onto Remy even tighter.

"Jake, can't breathe," she laughed.

Jake loosened his grip on Remy and chuckled half heartily. His eyes softened at the sight of her toothy smile that could light up the entire city of Las Vegas during a black out. Jake had been fighting the urge to tell her everything, scared that his secret would make her hate him and ruin their perfectly good relationship.

It was when he tucked a piece of stray hair behind her ear when he noticed a tall shadowed figure at the corner of the street, causing Jake to freeze. Remy's back was turned away from the man so she didn't know why Jake had suddenly started to act strangely.

"What's up with you, you've been acting strangely for the past couple of days. Is it me cause I can stop coming during your break if you want..." Remy was silenced by Jake's finger that placed on her lips.

"Don't be ridiculous, I love spending my time with you, I've just had a lot of things on my mind lately," he said truthfully, but still received a worrisome look from Remy.

"Look if it makes you feel better why don't you get another Mocha Latte, I'll even pay," he handed Remy a 10 dollar bill.

"You don't have to do that, it was just a drink," Jake rolled his eyes and pecked her lips.

"Go, don't worry I'll still be here when you come back."


But before Remy turned around to go back into Starbucks, Jake stopped her and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. His hands cupped her fragile face as her lips parted to allow his tongue to dance with hers. After a full minute of kissing they both pulled apart.

"I'll uh, be right back," she said, face still flushed from the kiss.

Jake still felt the stinging sensation on his lips as Remy entered the cafe but his daze was soon interrupted by the remembrance of why he had Remy go back into the crowded Starbucks. The man he had seen earlier walked past him but slowed down slightly to whisper in his ear.

"The alley. We got some business to take care of," the man then blended into the crowed to make it less suspicious.

Jake gulped and followed the man bumping into some people on the way. He then turned into a dark alley but the man didn't stop walking until he made sure they were both hidden from the people from the street.

"We have some talking to do," he growled.

The man took of his hat revealing his recently shaven face, hallowed from lack of sleep and constant plotting. His eyes had shone threateningly but Jake didn't let them scare him.

"You know, pulling me away whenever you want will just make her suspicious," Jake spoke cooly.

"Yes, but that wouldn't have been a problem if you followed the plan would it?"

Jake didn't say anything. The man laughed sending chills throughout Jake's already cold body.

"If I didn't know better I think you've developed a little crush on my daughter," Jake flinched but regretted doing so when he saw a smirk form on Remy's father's face.

"But, then again what do I know. Besides that won't be a problem since you know what will happen if you were to try to turn against me."

He shuddered at the thought of what Remy's father could do to him. Jake was only a temporary pawn that could be gotten rid of anytime...he was disposable.

"But let's get down to business. I'm starting to get very impatient with your excuses. You were supposed to hand her to me days ago..."

"She didn't trust me yet and her disappearing right after I met her will draw suspicion from the band that she lives with, especially from that kid, Brendon."

Jake had seen the way he always looks at Remy and he felt that somehow Brendon knew about his deal with her father. If Remy were to have vanished just after he started to date her, it would bring to much attention to himself. Jake had started to regret helping the man but had no choice but to continue with the deal. He had been promised 10 grand which would help pay for his younger brother's medical bills which should had been payed off months ago. The salary Jake received from working at the mall alone isn't enough to cover the bills.

"You've got one more week," the man snarled.

Without another word he turned onto his heel and strolled farther into the alleyway leaving Jake all alone. He then checked his watch.


Jake sprinted back to the street, hoping that Remy hadn't left realizing he wasn't there. To his relief soon as he reached the spot he had stood before being taken away Remy came out of Starbucks with a steaming cu of coffee and a small paper bag.

"Sorry for taking so long, it's like a friggin zoo in there. And some asswipe kid behind me tried to feel me up...let's just say he won't be able to do the dirty with anyone anytime soon," Remy huffed making him laugh

"That's my girl!" he cried proudly and lifted up a squealing Remy.

"Jake I advise you put me down now unless you want third degree burns from the coffee."

He rolled his eyes and eventually put her down when he got to the corner of the street. Once she was off Jake's shoulders she checked her coffee making sure none of it had spilt. He snorted.

"Why do I get the feeling that you care more about your damn drink than me?"

Remy stuck her tongue out at him and took a sip from her cup. The bus finally arrived and they waited for everyone to go in before they did. Once Remy stepped in the bus Jake followed and entered the bus but not before he saw a horrid reminder of what his duty was. Across the road was Remy's father, his trench coat covering his body and had disguising his face.

He tilted the hat up just enough and clearly mouthed,"One more week."

The doors closed behind him as Jake stood glued on the spot. He didn't realize that the bus had already started to move until Remy waved her hand in front of his face.

"Hello, god what's with you today, you've been spacing out and acting weird," Jake gave her a sheepish smile.

"Sorry, just tired I guess."

Truthfully, he couldn't' stand the idea of Remy being slaughtered by that man...or even being in the same room as him. He wished that he had never her father on the way to work where he was ambushed and dragged into that very alley and persuaded into taking his deal. He wished that he didn't need the money to help his family get out of debt.

He wished that he could just turn back time and had never met Remy in the first place so that he wouldn't feel this pain.
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