Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

A Cup Of Desire Filled With Lust

Brendon sat at the bar alone as he downed his 4th glass of beer thinking bitterly about how much fun Remy was probably having on her date with Jake. He was surprised that it had lasted this long thinking that Jake was one of those guys that couldn't keep a commitment for no more than a month. Brendon found that he was wrong and that when he would sneak glances at the couple he saw that the way Jake looked at Remy was just like the way he did when she wasn't looking. The only difference was that Jake had her in his grasp while Brendon could only look from afar and put up a facade that disguised his despair. He drowned his sorrows with another swing of alcohol and ordered the bar tender to give him another drink...something stronger. Without delay Brendon was given more liquor. Even though he had no idea what was in the glass Brendon chugged the entire cup in a matter of seconds. As he slammed the cup on the bar table his head started to spin and the room began to swirl. The cigarette smoke danced around the room and the smell of it calmed his nerves. He craved for one but decided against it knowing that he would be too stoned to go to work tomorrow...not that it would matter since he felt a major hangover coming his way. Brendon finally felt that he had enough drinks for one night and was about to leave but was stopped by a pair of hands.

"You know, it's a bad idea to drive when you can't even walk in a straight line."

Brendon turned to argue with the person but stopped when he saw a hot blonde in a skimpy dress that barley covered he ass and large chest. He broke his gaze from her cleavage and protested.

"But I gotta get home and I got work tomor..."

His sentence was broken by the woman putting her fingers on his lips and shushing him. Dazed and drunk Brendon staggered and fell back into his seat, trapped by the woman's lustful gaze.

"Oh, don't be so tense...let me get you another drink," she cooed.

With a single flick of the wrist the bar tender handed her a mug of beer and gave her a nod, recognizing her from past orders. Brendon hesitantly took the glass of beer and contemplated on wether he should take it or not. That moment the image of Remy passionately kissing Jake flew threw his mind causing a grim expression to fall on his face. He tilted the cup and drank it easily as if it were water. The blonde smiled slyly to herself as she watched the drunken musician take the last drop of beer. She then snaked her arms around his neck and sat on his lap, wrapping her legs around his narrow hips. Brendon sat in his seat transfixed by the woman as she leaned forward.

"Why don't we have some fun," she whispered huskily into Brendon's ear making him shiver.

She gently sent a trail of kisses down him neck and teased him by stopping at the corner of his lips making him whimper a protest. With a satisfied smile her hands trailed down to his inner thigh which soon moved upwards causing another moan from Brendon. Unable to control his lust and desire he let his own hands travel under the blonde's dress...revealing to Brendon that she was not wearing anything under it. His conscious clouded by alcohol and heavy nicotine filled smoke he hungrily attacked the woman's lips and she happily responded to it. She tugged at his worn out collar to pull him closer so that their bodies rubbed against each other provocatively. The woman threw her head back with a moan as Brendon kissed her neck and his hand roamed under her dress.

"Uh, I can't take it anymore...let's go somewhere a little more...private."

Like an obedient puppy Brendon instantly got up from is seat but only to fall onto the floor from drunkenness. The woman laughed at him and helped Brendon up. She slipped her hands into Brendon's pocket and took out his car keys. Brendon grunted as she shoved him into the passenger seat and told her the address of his house. Despite his slurring the woman nodded and started the car and drove away into the night with a drunken Brendon at her side.
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