Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill


Jake opened the door to his apartment and let Remy in first. It was small due to the fact that he didn't earn enough money to get a better place. Maybe once he gets paid after the job is done he'll be able to move his family out of this town once the bills are payed. He had lived in Las Vegas his entire life and was desperately searching a way out of it. The only thing holding him back was his brother and the blood pulsing through Remy's veins. Jake shook the thoughts of what her father had said to him earlier out of his head and closed the door behind him.

"Sorry if it isn't as great as Spencer's but it's the best I can do with the mall's salary," he told Remy embarrassed, making her giggle.

"There's nothing to be ashamed about. I love it," she said giving Jake a peck on the lips.

"Hey, could I borrow your phone real quick? I need to tell the guys that I might be home late so they don't freak out on me like last time."

She laughed to herself grimly as she recalled the week before when she stayed out with Jake the entire day and forgot to tell the boys that she would arrive home late. It was a Friday night and Jon had planned to cook a nice dinner in order to celebrate the band completing their second album that day. It wasn't until she got a call during one of their make-out sessions that she was informed about the dinner. Fortunately she made it in time to celebrate wit the gang but Jake was welcomed by Jon while sharpening his knife. Remy had a feeling that the band didn't like Jake, especially Brendon but she ignored it thinking that they were only being overprotective.

Jake gave a nervous chuckle as he too remembered that day.

"The phone over there next to the couch. I need to talk to the landlord and hand over the money for last month."

He gave Remy a final kiss on the cheek before he left the apartment room and left Remy to make her call. Remy walked over to the phone and called the house. The phone continued to ring for half a minute before she heard a familiar voice. Before she speak a word there was laughter on the other side of the call. Remy sighed. It was only the answering machine but she smiled at message. The week following her arrival Spencer and Ryan decided to make a new message for the machine and everyone dragged her into it.

After calling for the 2nd time Remy gave up and decided to watch tv while waiting for Jake to come back. She fell back on the couch and reached for the remote but before she could even turn the television on the phone rang. Thinking it was one of the guys calling back she didn't bother looking at the caller ID and picked it up. Before a single word came out of her mouth she heard a familiar voice on the other side.

"I'm warning you O'shea, if you don't kill the girl within a week I'll promise you that she won't be the only one in a body bag."

Remy fell to her knees as she hangs up on the man. Her entire body shook violently as she tried to comprehend what she had just heard. Not only did she know who it was it was the last man she had ever wanted to hear from. The room seemed to swirl around her as she tried to get up from the carpeted floor. Images of her and Jake flew through her mind, both of them laughing and supposedly in love. Remy let out a short laugh as her fear and disbelief soon turned to anger and resentment. Jake was on it all along. From the time he "saved" her in the mall to the very moment she stepped into his apartment it was all planned. As if on cue Remy hears the front door open as Jake entered the apartment.

"Sorry for taking so long but I thought you'd be hungry so I...babe what's wrong?"

Jake placed the bag of bagels down the table and gave Remy a worried look seeing that it looked like he had been crying. Remy let out a dark laugh.

"What's wrong...what's wrong?! Well I don't know maybe the fact that I just heard my father call your number and telling you to have my head on a stick by this week. Care to elaborate O'shea?"

Sarcasm dripped from every word. Jake's face turned pale at he realization that the girl he had fallen for found out his secret. Various things flew through his mind as it dawned on him that everything he had with her shattered that very moment. The tiny girl before him shook with anger, her eyes filled with fury...or was it pain? Either way it hurt Jake to see her look at him this way...hating him.

"R-Remy, I can explain!"

Jake walked towards her but only to see Remy take more steps back with her hands up.

"Don't touch me," Remy growled.

Jake winced at her tone. If looks can kill he'd probably be dismembered that very moment.

"I really needed the money to help my family pay for the hospital bills that were for my brother a-and I he said...your father said that he would help me. It's not that I could have said no since he could have blown my fucking brains out at any second if I didn't say what he wanted me to say."

Guilt washed over Remy as she looked into his eyes which were pleading. She knew that he was telling the truth but she refused to give into him. He had planned to kill her for her father. Remy looked angrily at the wall afraid that one look into his green eyes would make her soften up but remembering that he had been working for her father caused what ever was left of her heart to grow ice cold. Remy look straight into his face glaring at him.

"I don't care about you're sad little sob story. You fucking betrayed me! After all I've told you and finally gave you my trust you were only using me to get your money."

Jake's eyes closed for a minute so that he could think clearly. He didn't even know why himself. If it were any other girl he would have done it weeks ago but something inside him wouldn't let him do it. There was only one explanation for his hesitance of giving her into her father. He reopened his eyes and looked into Remy's hazel ones.

"Because I fucking love you! Yeah, I admit it. I was going to give your sorry little ass to that goddamn son of a bitch but everything changed after I met you in the mall. I kept telling myself that it was nothing and that the feelings were just temporary but it just wouldn't go away!"

Remy felt a sharp pain in her chest and realized that she was sobbing silently as he yelled at her. Even if he was telling the truth it no longer mattered. He had betrayed her and nothing was going to change that.

Jake's eyes lowered to Remy's and his hands gently cupped her face that was now soaked in tears. His face drew closer to hers but before their lips could touch Remy came back to her senses.


She pulled out of his grasp out of anger, fear, and sorrow. Jake tried to pull her back but Remy slapped his hands away, forcing herself to forget everything that happened between the,.

"Stay away from me you fucking bastard!" she cried.

"Remy, please I..."

He came closer to her so Remy grabbed the first thing she could grab and threw it at Jake. To her annoyance the lamp missed his head by an inch and the pieces of porcelain shattered against the wall. Grabbing her bag Remy ran out of the apartment ignoring all the people she bumped into yelling at her. Remy tried to get the elevator open but soon gave up when it wouldn't budge and ran down the stairs. Jake's strained voice echoed throughout the stairway but Remy didn't pay attention. She felt like her heart was ripped to pieces and nothing left for her to hang onto.

Once she reached the bottom of the stairs and went out of the building she didn't stop running. Remy kept on running as fast and far as she could away from Jake's apartment. Her eyes were watering but she blinked them away not wanting to admit what had just happened really did occur.

Remy finally stopped, breathing heavily trying to fill her lungs up with air. After her breathing rate went back to it's normal rhythm Remy looked at her surroundings and Remy noticed that she didn't know where she was. Without hesitating Remy dug out her phone from the bottom of her jean pocket and dialed a number. After a couple of rings Remy smiled at hearing a familiar and friendly voice but it was instantly wiped away when she realized it was the answering machine. She wiped a tear that secretly escaped her eyes and with a sniff she walked to the nearest bus stop hoping that this was all just a horrible dream.
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