Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

The Past Holding On and Not Letting Go

Remy swore as she limped towards the house. Walking 7 miles in a brand new pair of shoes was not the best thing to do especially when her day was already shitty. As she approached the building she saw Brendon's car parked in the driveway. Her eyebrow rose questionably.

*That's strange if he was here why didn't Brendon pick up the phone? Maybe he wasn't home when she had called and had just got back.*

Remy shrugged it off and stood outside the entrance. She made sure that all traces of her crying were wiped away and then went inside the building. Once she was inside she stopped in her tracks. Strangely, all the lights were turned off though Remy was certain that it was Brendon's car that was parked outside. Even his shoes were scattered on the floor as if he was in a hurry to get them off.


Remy took off her jacket and placed it on the couch along with her bag. She turned on the lights in the living room and when she walked to the stairs she noticed Brendon's t-shirt on the third step. Remy sighed and picked it up to take it to Brendon and scold him for being so careless. If it were Jon that found his clothes lying around everywhere he would have had another fit about how that he was the only keeping the house in order.

At the end of the hallway was the guest room where Brendon was sleeping in during her stay and she noticed the light on in the room. As she got closer Remy heard music slightly pulsing through the door.

*Well that explains why he didn't hear me the first time.*

Without even knocking, a bad habit of hers, Remy opened the door.

"Brendon you really shouldn't leave your clothes..."

Remy's mouth froze, unable to let her finish. On the guest bed was a half naked Brendon and a blonde woman who looked like she was only wearing a bra tangled in the sheets . The smoke caused Remy to cough as she stormed through the room and pulled out the stereo's plug. The woman finally noticed that Remy was standing in the room and pulled away from Brendon who was clearly drunk. The woman narrowed her eyes at Remy who gladly returned the stare.

"Who the hell are you?" the blonde spat irritated that her little session with Brendon was interrupted.

"I happen to actually live here so I should be the one asking why a slut like yourself is doing in my house."

"Well i was having a nice chat with Brendon here until you rudely interrupted us."

"Oh sure, shoving your tongue down his throat is definitely a conversation starter," Remy spat.

"Listen kid, just because you can't get in his pants doesn't mean he doesn't want to be fucked!" she spat back, causing Remy's face to color.

"Shove it up your ass, bitch!"

"Oh but, Sweetie, he already did," she said with a smirk.

The blonde then quickly changed into her clothes and shoved past Remy who was livid. The blonde's smile was soon wiped from her face when she saw Ryan who looked completely baffled by the scene in front of him. But once his eyes landed on the blonde they narrowed and turned cold. The woman's extremely tan face paled at the sight of Ryan and seemed to shrink under his gaze.

"What the fuck are you doing here Elise! Aren't you supposed be back at that bunny mansion fucking that ancient boyfriend of yours?" he said cooly.

Remy blinked and looked back and forth from Ryan to Elise, dropping her raised fist which was supposed to smash into the bitch's face.

"I found Brendon here at the local bar and just thought he'd want some help getting home. I was jusy worried that Brenny..."

Ryan gave a short laugh.

"Worried...WORRIED? You don't have the right to give a shit about Brendon especially after leaving him like the way you did. So now that you see us 'not wasting our goddamn time playing around with

With a huff Elise pushed Ryan to the side and went down the flight of stairs. Once they heard the front door slam Ryan gave a tired sigh and looked at Remy apologetically. Remy rubbed her head groaning. She already had a shitty day and coming back home to this was not helping. Ryan had already entered the room and unsuccessfully bringing Brendon back to his senses. Remy attempted to help Brendon get up but instead her hand was slapped away.

"I don't need help from you, you cold hearted bitch!"

Remy froze completely shocked by Brendon's reaction and Ryan shared the same shocked expression.She felt like she was slapped right in the face. He had NEVER talked to her like that before and what scared her was that she saw her father in his face expression. Remy's eyes turned cold and rigid. Brendon realized what he had just said and seemed to have sobered up a bit. His eyes softened but Remy didn't want any of it.

"Fine then, i don't want to help a man whore like you anyways. Sorry for interrupting your little fuck session then," Remy replied cooly.

Turning her back to Brendon who was regretful for what he had done, Remy pushed past Ryan. Without thinking about where she would go she stormed out of the house and didn't look back.


Remy walked aimlessly through the town as she wiped angry tears from her face. She had promised herself that she would cry but it was hard to do when the person who she thought was her best friend and practically family chose a fucking whore over her.

*Why do i even fucking care! It's his life so why should i care about who he fucks?*

Remy let out a frustrated scream ignoring the strange looks people were giving her. Suddenly she heard a grumbling sound coming from her stomach. Remy sniffed.

*Great...not only do i look like a total freak but now I'm starving.*

She didn't even have any money on her since she had left her wallet back at the house. With a sigh she decided that she should go back and not freak out Ryan and the others. She had done that way to many times in the past and now she is starting to feel guilty about it. As she turned back around something in the store to her left. It was a stand selling cheap t-shirt and accessories but what caught her eye was the television screen which was being watched by the vendor.

"Just this afternoon a body was found in the Las Vegas mall. The body is identified to be an 18 year old male who happened to work in the mall as a janitor. It had been informed that the young man was shot twice with a handgun. Officer White is said to be leading the investigation..."

Remy couldn't breathe. No. It couldn't be Jake. He was supposed to be at his apartment. Safe. No it had to be someone else...probably one of Jake's friends that worked with him at the mall. Just then an image of a boy not much older looking than her appeared on the screen. Looking back at her was a familiar set of eyes that seemed to tug at her heart. The same mouth that has been drowning her with kisses that made her head swirl.

"This is Jim Watkins reporting from the Las Vegas Mall. Back to you Heidi..."

The screen switched to other news but Remy froze on the spot. She felt her heart pound and a stinging sensation behind her eyes that was all to much familiar with. Remy couldn't breathe. She tries to take a deep breath but only end up choking on sobs that soon came after. Why is it that everyone she cares about always leave her? Why does it always connect back to her father? Why is it that she can't leave behind her past for good?

Remy wiped away her tears and stared blankly at the television screen as these thought ran through her head. This will be the last time someone she cared about would get hurt. And she will make sure of it.
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