Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Why Can't This Nightmare End?

Remy woke up when she felt a slight jolt as the train came to a stop. She rubbed her sore eyes against her sleeve and got up from her seat, realizing that everyone in her car had left. Just as she stepped off the train the doors closed behind her and the train moved on to its next destination.

It had gotten darker outside but it was easy to see everything because there was so much light coming off the buildings. Remy stuck her hand in her pockets and pulled out her wallet. She counted how much money she had left and to her dismay she only had twenty bucks.

"Shit," she muttered irritated.

Remy had saved up to $300 from working at Starbucks but left it in a secret compartment under her drawer. She planned to use it when she escaped that house but there was no way in hell that she would go back to that place again.

Remy sighed and walked down the crowed sidewalk in search for any type of shelter. As she passed a couple of stores Remy would stop once in awhile and see if there was anything she would need that fit in her twenty dollar budget. Eventually she found a drug store that sold inexpensive make-up to cover the bruises that formed on her face and neck.

The man at the register looked at Remy with a concerned look on his face when he saw the condition she was in but Remy just pretended that she didn't notice and tried to hide her face more with her hair. As the man handed her the bag with her purchases in it she walked as fast as she could out of the store. She hated it when people did that...staring at her and giving her their obviously fake sympathetic smiles.
Remy pulled out the money she had left out of her pocket.


If she bought something to eat she would probably have six dollars left...maybe even less. Remy felt her stomach growl from hunger. It's been 3 days since she had anything to eat. Remy and her father gotten into another fight and he ended up locking her in her room for 3 days without water or food. Fortunately, Remy's room connected to a bathroom so she had some source of water.

Remy's stomach let out another growl but she ignored it and continued to walk along the sidewalk.


"His arms were the branches of a Christmas tree
preached the devil in the belfry.
He checked in
to learn his clothes had been thieved at the train station.
Rope hung his other branch
and at the end was a dog called bambi
Who was chewing on his parliaments
when he tried to save the calendar business.

He took the days for pageant
Became as mad as rabbits
With bushels of bad habits
Who could ask for anymore?
Yea who could have more.

The poor son of a humble chimney sweep
fell to a cheap crowd
So stay asleep and put on that cursive type
you know we live in a toy.
Paul Cates bought himself a trumpet from the salvation army
But there ain’t no sunshine in his song
We must reinvent love...."

"Nice job guys, that's it for today," Pete told them through the glass in the recording studio.

Its been two years since her discovered this band in this town and they were now starting to record songs for their second album.
"Man, I'm starving! We've been recording for what, 5 hours straight now?" Brendon nods in agreement as Ryan rolls his eyes.

"Well, that wouldn't have been a problem if somebody didn't eat all of the pizza!" Brendon, Spencer, and Jon all glared at certain someone laying on the couch sitting next to Jon.

"Hey, I was hungry okay! Besides...Pete's the one who ate Brendon's veggie pizza and his skittles," he says with a smirk.

Brendon's eyes grow wide and he gasps. Pete gives Pete a look that obviously translated to,"Traitor."

"So it was you!" he pounces at Pete but he saw it coming and moved out of way just in time for Brendon to smash right into the wall. Everyone burst out laughing while Brendon pouted. After saying their goodbyes the band got into their car and started to drive back to their apartment.

"I can't believe we actually got a day off tomorrow. We haven't had one for ages!"

Jon exclaimed as everyone nodded in agreement. As Brendon, who was driving, made a turn to his right when he saw someone run right in front of the car.


He slammed on the brakes but it was to late. There was a loud sickening thump and the glass window showed a slight crack. Everyone froze and became pale, still absorbing everything that just happened. Ryan frantically opened the side door and runs to the front of the car...he froze as he saw what they had feared the most.


"That'll be $4.67,"

Remy pulled out her money and gave the girl her money. She grabbed her chicken club and walked out of the deli as she ripped open the wrapping. Remy happily ate her sandwich and decided to walk to the park, maybe she could sleep there for tonight.

Remy was soon alone on the sidewalk but she felt like as if she was being followed. Every once in awhile she would look over her shoulder of stop to look around her if anyone was behind or following her. Every time she would check all she would see was an empty street and maybe a passing car. Remy suddenly heard a twig snap, making her quicken her pace. She quickly looked behind her to see if it was her imagination...but what she saw made everything seem like a nightmare she can't escape.

Not to far away, Remy was a dark figure and she recognized who it was immediately. Fear filled every bone in her fragile body. The traffic light turned green but Remy didn't car and ran across the road. All of the sudden she saw a flash of bright light and felt sharp shots of pain go through her entire body. The last thing she saw was her father's face and his deadly flashing eyes as she is swallowed by the darkness.
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