Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Beautiful Disaster


For the last hour all Remy heard was that beeping sound from the heart monitor. It was starting to piss her off.


"Arg!" she screamed in frustration and yanked off the clips on her finger, throwing them across the room. Her screaming attracted the attention from the nurses and they ran into her room as she was trying to get out of the bed.
"What in God's name is going on!"
"Young lady, get back in bed this instant! You'll rip open your stitches for god sake!" Remy ignored the two nurses but instantly regretted standing up when she felt a severe sharp pain where her ribs and abdomen were. She cried in pain and collapsed onto the ground...curling up into a ball and squeezing her eyes shut, in attempt to block out the pain.

She then felt a pair of arms lift her up and softly place her onto the hard bed. Remy grimaced but she was used to it now...the pain that is. She looked up to see who had lifted her up and saw a man not much older than her standing above her. The nurse with the black rimmed glasses sighed and the one standing next to her shook her head in exasperation.

"Well, now that's taken care of,"

the nurses walked out of the room leaving me alone with the man next to me...she became tense. There was an awkward silence between us. He coughed awkwardly.

"Hey, I'm, look...I'm really sorry about hitting you..."

He took a step closer to Remy, making her flinch. She couldn't help but react that way since every time her father would get closer to her was if he was about to hit her...or touch her. Brendon looked down at his feet, thinking that she was now scared of him for what he had done.

"Its okay," He looked up at Remy confused. She forced a smile.

"I shouldn't have ran in front of you in the first place so it is sort of my fault,"

Remy told him shamefully making him smile. They both laughed nervously but she then gasped after remembering the reason why she was in the hospital in the first place.

", no, NO!" Remy panicked.

He knew where she was. He found her. He was here. Brendon looked at Remy as if she was crazy and when she tried to get up again he held her down.

"Are you insane? Your going to hurt yourself even more!"

He push her down back onto the bed...bringing back horrific memories.

Flashback 2 Years Ago
"Come her you little bitch!" she heard her father yell.

Her head was pounding from the impact from the beer bottle that her dad hit her with, blood was trickling down her forehead but she didn't care...all Remy cared about was to get away from that man.

Ever since her mom died Remy's father had taken out his anger and frustration on her. It was a lot worse when he was drunk...which was almost everyday.

Remy ran to the stairs but before she could reach them she felt someone grab her arm and throw her her across the hallway away from stairs. She collided with the wall and pain shot throughout her entire body. As Remy tried to get up she felt her father kick her in the ribs.


Remy cried in pain. Everything was getting blurry but she forced herself to stay awake. He dad dragged dragged her by her legs, her nails digging into the wooden floor as she struggled to escape from his grasp. The next thing Remy heard was her father's bedroom door be kicked open and her being thrown onto his bed. Before Remy could get up her father punched her in the face and pinned her down. He then started to unbuckle his pants. Remy's eyes go wide.

"No! No, no, no. P-please...STOP!" she screamed but it didn't matter anymore.

Her pants and underwear were now ripped off of her body and was now full exposed to her father. Remy felt his cold, rough hands go up her shirt and unclip her bra...she felt like she was going to be sick. Her legs were then forced open and she felt him enter. She screamed. As he pumped faster and harder the pain became more intense.

After what seemed like eternity it all finally came to an end. Her father threw Remy her clothes and walked out of the bedroom...leaving a tear streaked Remy all alone.


"Get the hell off of me!" she screamed as she pushed him away causing him to stumble from shock.

Remy hugged her knees tightly and hid her face behind her legs, tears rolling down her face. Brendon tried to comfort her but when he attempted to put his arms around her Remy smack it away glaring at him.

"Y-you don't understand! He's here! H-he'll kill me when..."

Remy broke into hysterical sobs and didn't care that Brendon embraced her in a hug. She continued to cry into his shirt which got soaked by her tears.

"'s okay..."

Brendon stroked her hair until Remy eventually fell asleep. He looked down at the tiny girl before him and realized how beautiful she was despite the fact that it was covered in bruises and she looked deathly ill.

He shook the thought out of his head.

*What am I thinking? I barley know this girl.*

He gently placed her back onto the hospital bed and quietly walked out of the room...but he couldn't shake off the feeling that something bad was going to happen.
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