Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Bad Moon Rising

As Brendon closed the door behind him questions swirled inside his head. What did she mean that someone was going to kill her? Was that the reason why she ran into the street in front of their car or was it just bad luck? Brendon started to get a bad feeling but shook it off, thinking that he was thinking to much into it. It was probably nothing.

"Hey, man. How is she?"

Brendon turned around and saw Ryan holding two cups of coffee from Starbucks. He smiled and thanked Ryan when he handed him one of the cups.

"The doctor said that she had to get a few stitches but other than that he said that she'll be good as new and can be discharged in 2 days," Ryan's face relaxed.

"Thank god, I was afraid that we might have killed her or something," Ryan looked down at his watch.

"Crap! I promised Keltie that I would meet her at the diner 5 minutes ago! She's going to be pissed..."

Brendon chuckled as he watched his best friend run off, knowing that his girlfriend of one and a half years will defiantly give him a piece of her mind.

It was now twelve in the afternoon and her wanted to relax for the rest of the day. Who knows when the band might have another break from recording their new album.

Jon and Spencer weren't at the hospital since they had to take the car to the repair shop. The glass had broken from the impact when he had hit the girl.

Brendon looked through the glass to see the girl for one last time. He then turned around and left. Brendon decided to let her rest for the rest of the day and visit her tomorrow morning before he had to go to the recording studio again.

He walked to the entrance of the hospital and as he was about to leave he accidently bumped into a man.

The man wore a heavy brown trench coat and he looked like he hadn't shaved in weeks. Brendon didn't know who this man was but for some reason he gave him a chill down his spine.

Despite these feelings he quickly apologized and walked out of the hospital.


As he entered the hospital a boy bumped into him. He felt aggravated but before he could tell him to watch where he was going the boy apologized and had already walked away. The man sighed and continued to walk to the front desk. The young woman at the desk looked up at him and have the man a warm smile.

"Hello, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Yes, I'm looking for Remy William?"

The woman looked down at he clipboard and then turned back to him.

"I'm sorry but you can only family is allowed to see are?"

The man smiled.

"I'm her father."
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