Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Harsh Reality

As Brendon walked through the hospital doors he tried to figure out how he was going to get back home to his apartment. His car keys were in no use since the car was taken to the repair shop. Brendon reached into his back pocket for his phone to call Pete or Andy to see if either of them would be able to pick him up.

"Shit!" Brendon searched his pants and jacket in search of his phone but they were know where to be found.

I must have left it behind in the hospital room.

Brendon sighed and turned around to go back into the building he had just walked out of.


All she heard were her footsteps and the beating of her own heart as she walked through the empty corridor. The walls surrounding her were pure white and the hallway seemed to never end.

"Hello, is anybody here?"

Remy's soft voice echoed one answered. She suddenly felt a cold breeze and goose-bumps formed on her frail, pail arms.

She then heard someone giggle behind her. She quickly turned around to see that the entire scenery had changed. She was no longer in the hall which had white walls. Instead Remy was standing in front of a lovely, yet familiar, house. The house was white and possessed blue window shutters. Outlining the building were rows of flowers in various colors.

But what caught Remy's attention was a single cherry blossom tree in the front yard. A swing hung from one of its branches and sitting on was a little girl. She looked around 5 years old and her long brown hair was put into a braid.

Remy cautiously walked over to the girl but before she could say anything to her, the girl spoke.

"He's not going to be very happy," she said, making Remy freeze.

The girl turned around to face Remy with a frown on her face. She was the splitting image of Remy when she was that age but instead of sparkling hazel eyes the little girl's eyes were a bright blue ...just like their mother's.

"Why did you let him do this to me Remsy? I thought you loved me?"

Remy blinked away tears that threatened to fall as she remembered the last time she was called "Remsy."

"I-I do," Remy's voice cracked.

The little girl shook her head as she jumped of the swing and walked away from Remy.

"I didn't mean for it to happen, I swear...please...Katie, come back!"

As Remy fell onto her knees everything began to swirl around her and she started gasping for air. As she struggled to breath all she heard was harsh and heavy breathing which broke off into giggles.

Remy finally woke up from the dream but something was still cutting off her air supply. Still gasping for air, she opened her eyes to see the cause of it but instantly regretted it when she saw the last person she wanted to see.

Above Remy was her father whose hands were forcefully grasped around her neck, suffocating her. She tried to scream but nothing came out. Remy started to panic as everything around her started to spin from the lack of oxygen and she was now starting to see black spots. At her desperate attempt to break free she tried to kick the man with her thin legs but it didn't do anything. He was much stronger than Remy and he knew it.

"H-help..." she managed to gasp but it just made the man tighten his grip, crushing Remy's throat.

Remy's father smirked as he enjoyed watching his own daughter struggle for her last breath.

"It's all your took her away from me!" he said in a low menacing growl.

She then heard banging coming from the door but didn't think it was anything.

Just before she was about to lose consciousness from deprivation of air, she suddenly felt her airway open up and the hands suffocating her were removed from her throat.


Brendon pulled open the doors and entered the hospital's waiting room. He turned into the hallway where the girl's room was but when reached her room the door was locked.

Wasn't it just open before?

He went to the glass window, hoping he might see if his phone was in there but it was covered by the blinds from the inside. Brendon squinted his brown eyes and looked through the slits of the blinds. Brendon found the night stand and saw a something rectangular on top of it.

There it is...

His eyes shifted to the left and what he saw made his eyes grow wide. Brendon tore his eyes away from the window and frantically tried to open the door. He repetitively banged on it and yelled out multiple profanities out of frustration.

"What are you doing, your going to wake up the other patients,"

A man wearing a white jacket walked towards Brendon, clearly agitated by all the commotion he was creating.

"Someone is being attacked in there and the door is locked!"

The doctor hesitated, not believing Brendon, but eventually took out keys to the room and opened the door. Brendon pushed him out of the way as the door opened.

On the bed was the man he had seen earlier and he was suffocating the tiny girl beneath him.

"Get the hell away from her!"

Brendon threw him against the man and pulled him away from the girl. Brendon smelled the stench of alcohol and cigarettes as the man lunged at him but missed. Brendon grabbed the back of his jacket and pushed the man against the wall. He wasn't very strong but the man was drunk so it wasn't difficult to restrain him.

"Get your hands off me you son of a bitch," the man slurred.

"That slut deserves to die...especially after what she put me through...It's all your should have been you not her..." he said, directing it to the girl.

Brendon turned his attention to her and saw that she was shaking. Was it from fear? Anger?

Even though her now tangled hair was covering her face he could tell that the girl was crying. The man took that chance to get out of Brendon's grip and ran out of the room, escaping the security guards that had finally arrived.

Still shaking the girl, broke down into hysterical sobs. Brendon's face softened and he walked over to her.

"He's gone now. I'm not going to let him hurt you ever again,"

The girl mumbled something barley audible under her breath but Brendon somehow heard it.

"He'll come back...he always does,"
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