Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill


"We're definitely going there next," Ryan said pointing to another store, Spencer groaned.

"Ryan, we've already been that store...2 times!"

Brendon shook at his head at his two friends who were arguing over the fact that Ryan takes to much time shopping.

"Then why don't you shop by yourself and the rest of us could also split up. I mean I still need to buy Cassie a birthday present," Jon interjected, hoping to shut those two up and make everyone happy. Ryan pouted.

"But it won't be as much fun..."

"Great idea! I knew there was a reason we kicked Brent out and hired you!" Spencer joked, intentionally interrupting Ryan.

Jon huffed at Spencer's comment and turned around to go another direction. Spencer followed and told him that he would help Jon buy his girlfriend a present.

Brendon was about to turn to Ryan when he heard a beautiful sound. On the bench that was in the middle of the mall was Remy, who was laughing at the scene that was just before her. Brendon then realized that he had never seen the girl actually smile before. All he had witnessed were sorrowful, teary eyes that were blood shot from non-stop crying. Her light and melodic laugh mesmerized Brendon but his trance was soon broken by Ryan who was now hoping for a new shopping buddy.

"Brendon, because you love me so much, will you please shop with me!"

Ryan stuck out his bottom lip and used his infamous puppy eyes. Brendon rolled his eyes. He had know Ryan for years so that trick had no affect on him anymore.

"Fine. But we also have to find Remy some clothes too," Ryan did a happy dance and ran into the same store for the third time today.

"I'm guessing that he really likes shopping," Remy stood a few feet away from him since she was still a bit timid about being around Brendon.

"Haha yeah, even his girlfriend Keltie can't stand it sometimes," Brendon said with a laugh remembering the last time they had gone shopping together that Keltie had to literally drag Ryan's ass out of the mall.

Remy smiled as she tucked her silky brown hair behind her right ear.

"You know you don't have to do this...buying me clothes i mean."

"But I want to."

Remy furrowed her eyebrows but decided to let it go, following the strange man into the store where Ryan had already bought multiple bags of clothes.


"Ryan! God, now I know why they all hate shopping with you."

Ryan had not only been shopping for himself but also threw Remy piles of clothes for her to try on, which was extremely tiring. Brendon on the other hand was experienced with this type of situation so he stayed as far away from Ryan as possible but also helped pick out clothes for Remy, just to annoy her.

Remy groaned in frustration as Brendon and Ryan both throw her 3 more clothing items each. As they pushed her into the fitting room something finally dawned on her.

"Shit," she muttered, slowly turning to face Ryan and Brendon.

"Um, guys...I'm sorry to stop your fun but peeing is really necessary right now," Remy said bending her legs in together to prevent herself from going on the floor that moment.

*Note to self. Never drink 3 bottles of water and steal sips from Jon's coffee colada without him noticing*

Remy had an annoying habit of drinking an excessive amount of water whenever she was nervous...she would then had to to the bathroom very badly.

Ryan and Brendon both looked at her as if she was crazy and started laughing. Remy felt her face go red in embarrassment.

"Shut up! Now move unless you want my pee all over you shoes."

Ryan and Brendon both stepped aside and watched Remy sprint across the store into the crowd of people. They kept getting in her way which started to piss her off since she really didn't want to piss in her pants. Once she finally reached the restroom and relieved herself, she walked back to the store satisfied.

But before she could reach the store Ryan and Brendon was, she was grabbed from behind and dragged into one of the stores the was under constructions. Plaster covered the glass windows, preventing anyone to see Remy struggling for her life. She screamed but it was immediately silenced by a piece of cloth, gagging her. The mysterious person then threw her face down onto the dusty floor, causing the air to be forced out of her lungs. Before she could try to get up the person held her down and whispered into her ear.

"You know you can't hide from me."

Fear filed her body when she realized who it was. She then saw a shining knife dancing in front of her face.
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