Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

Anything But The Truth

Remy's father dangled a clearly sharpened knife in front of her face, way to close for her liking. She felt cold rough hands go up her shirt and started to caress her waist, bringing back memories of what she went through every night. Remy tried to wiggle away but with no success, he was to strong and practically twice her size. The fact that he was in the military when he was younger didn't help. She felt his face move close to hers hers as he leaned forward.

"You shouldn't have run, it only makes things more complicated for me. You know how I hate it when things don't go as I planned," he whispered in her ear.

Unlike last time his breathe didn't reek with alcohol but that didn't mean he wouldn't hurt her. With the knife he grazed her cheek, just enough to slice her delicate skin. Remy took a deep breath as the knife drew closer to her neck, just above the major artery. She knew she was in no position to talk back to him but that didn't stop Remy.

"So, what are you going to do to me, huh? The same thing you did to Katie?"

Remy blinked away angry tears as she remembered her baby sister. She was only 5 years old, her entire life ahead of her...and it was taken away in a matter of seconds.

"Daddy! Don't hurt Remsy, please, Daddy!"

The man pushed the little girl out of his way so that he could get to Remy, who was cowering in the corner of her torn up room. Covering the floor of her room were glass from a broken beer bottle and drops of Remy's own blood. The girl wiped tears from her giant blue eyes as she watched her father go to attack her big sister.

In her father's hands was a steak knife and his eyes flashed dangerously. Remy whimpered as he drunkenly walked over to her. He was always worse when he was intoxicated. The alcohol fueled his anger and made him unaware of his surroundings.

He now stood above her and raised his right arm where he held the knife, ready to strike her. Remy put her arms in front of her to defend herself, even though she knew it was be useless against her father's strength and the sharp blade of the knife. She was ready for the impact but instead she heard a sickening thump.

As she opened her eyes she saw a pool of blood surrounding the body of her 5 year old sister, a large slash in the middle of her throat. Remy's hands flew her mouth, stifling hysterical sobs as tears uncontrollably slid down her bruised face.


That was the last time Katie had tried to protect Remy from that man. The next day, when her father was sober, he wrapped Katie's dead body and drove to California...throwing her body into the ocean. Everyone in Overton believed she was kidnapped but Remy knew the truth. So far no body had found the body or question her father, all believing he was a grieving man.

"Shut up you little bitch!"

Just before he was about to strike her he was suddenly tackled to the ground. Remy watched her savior punch her father in the face causing him to stumble and drop the knife. The boy tried to hit him again but was kicked in the stomach sending him flying into the wall. She watched in dismay as her father ran out of the room, escaping once again.

"Hey, you okay. I just called security so they'll catch that guy."

Remy looked up to see the boy that had just saved her. He had dark green eyes and his dirty blonde hair framed his attractive face. Remy blushed as he helped her up form the ground, wiping the dust from her slightly torn jeans.

", how did you know I was here?"

"I was supposed to check if the lights were working when I heard something coming from this room."

Remy realized that the boy was wearing a janitor-like uniform, which was now covered in dust and wet paint when he was slammed into the wall earlier. She then heard a a muffled noise come from where his belt was. The boy reached behind him and in his hand was a black and yellow walkie talkie.

"Yeah, this is Jake...uh huh...are you serious...alright, thanks anyways," Jake's eyebrows furrowed in frustration as he put the object pack into its pouch.

"That was one of the guys I work with and he said that they couldn't find him anywhere."

Remy's face fell as she heard the news that her father had once again escaped.

"Did you happen to know that guy?"

Remy panicked when he asked her if she knew him. She didn't want to tell him her life story and how her own father wanted her dead.

"Uh..." Remy looked up to see a clock on the wall and the time made her gasp.

"Shit!" Brendon and Ryan are going to kill me!"

It had been almost half and hour since she had left them at the store and she didn't want them to call the police, thinking she might have been kidnapped or something. Jake gave her a questioning look but Remy then explained to him that she was at the mall with friends. He decided to walk with her despite Remy's protests. As they walked back tot he store she was at last, she saw a familiar face searching through the crowd. Before she could say anything Brendon spotted her and angrily marched over to where she and Jake stood.

"Fucking christ, Remy where the hell have you've been? Ryan and I have been looking everywhere for you and we started to get worried that...who are you?"

Brendon's eyes left Remy and landed on Jake, narrowing his eyes at the boy suspiciously. Remy shifted uncomfortably as the atmosphere around her tensed.

"Uh, look I gotta get back before my boss finds out I'm not working. So hopefully I'll see you around," Jake gave Remy one final smile before turning away and disappearing into the crowd.

Brendon, still mad at Remy, was about to start to give he another lecture but Remy interrupted him.

"He found me..." she whispered.

Brendon didn't understand what she meant at first but when he saw the cut on her cheek his eyes grew wide as it clicked in his brain. His face softened and anger quickly faded from his eyes as he looked down at Remy who seemed emotionless.

"Oh god, I'm sorry I..." Remy shook her head.

"No, don't be. I should have known better than to go running off alone like that."

An awkward silence fell between them. Brendon gave a nervous cough.

"I'll go get Ryan and call the're probably tired from everything."

Remy forced a thankful smile and she followed him back to the store where Ryan was still shopping.



That was how everyone was in the car back to Spencer's house. No one knew what to say or do after hearing that the man came after Remy again...blaming themselves for not being more careful. Brendon on he other hand felt more curious about Remy and wondered who that man was...and why did he want Remy dead. Brendon shuddered at the memory of seeing Remy's unconscious and bloody body after he had hit her.

Once they had finally got back to the house Brendon watched Remy walk past him quickly and into his former bedroom. Ryan, Spencer, and Jon had all left to get pizza for dinner so that left him all alone with Remy.

*Maybe it's time I find out who that man is* Brendon thought.

He looked down at the shopping bags and grabbed the ones that were Remy's and carried them to her current room. As he walked up the stairs and closer to the bedroom he heard Remy singing.

It's not the way you see me
It's the way you let me down
I can't believe that it hurts this much
When I hear your voice
You're calling out to me
Though you know I can't be with you

So please don't leave
Just remember to keep some distance
And remember you‚ve already had your chance with me
I hope you see
I could never be without you
Just try to see the way that I see...

He knocked on the door and the singing stopped. The door opened and Remy stood at the entrance, one earphone hanging from her right ear.

"I brought up the clothes that Ryan brought today. I'm not sure if the sizes are right but I have a feeling they are, especially since Ryan's the one who picked most of them."

"Thanks, I really appreciate you doing this but..."

"Who is he."

Remy blinked a couple times, making sure that she heard him right.


"Who's that man that is after you and don't avoid the question."

Remy suddenly became interested in her fingers and started fidgeting.

"I-I don't know...I never saw himm before that day,' Remy lied but Brendon saw right through it.

"Don't lie to me! For once tell the truth and stop running away from it!" he yelled at her, not knowing why he was getting angry.

This hit a nerve and Remy suddenly felt furious. Who did he think he was? Brendon knew nothing about her and what kind off hell she had went through.

"He's my father! Yeah, my own father want me dead. You happy now? Knowing that he blames me for my mom's death and it's because of me that my little sister is dead!"

Brendon was in shock, still trying to absorb everything that she had just screamed at him.

"And to top that off, he beat me whenever he felt pissed and would come into my fucking room every night to make himself happy!"

Tears were now falling from Remy's eyes and she her breathing was ragged from yelling and sobbing at the same time. Memories that she had desperately tried to lock away in the back of her mind flooded her thoughts, overwhelming her. Before Brendon could say anything Remy slammed the door in his face.

Brendon stood in front of the closed door not knowing what had just happened. He crumpled to the floor and placed his face into his hands.

"What have I just done?"


Remy didn't come down to eat dinner.

The rest of the band knew something had happened between them but Brendon refused to talk about it. He didn't even touch his food and just stared of into space...not paying attention to the worried glances his friends gave him. His eyes were puffy and red, possibly from rubbing them constantly, and his left hand was bandaged. Ryan found the bathroom mirror shattered and broken glass covered in blood.

It was now dark out and everyone had finally gone to sleep. Well, thats what Remy hoped for. Across her shoulder Remy carried a bag filled with as many clothes she could shove into it. She quietly and cautiously walked down the stairs, avoiding and step that might give her away.

Once she finally got down the stairs she walked tot he door, praying that she wouldn't bump or trip on something. She then gently unlocked the main door and opened it. As she stepped out into the moonlight it was easier to tell that she had been crying. Her deathly pale skin illuminated in the light, making her look almost like a ghost.

Without a single glance back, she carried her bag on her back and away from the house. Remy dragged he bag along the sidewalk and continued to walk along the street...not knowing where this road would take her.
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