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Zombie States of America

Jessica and Valeria are sisters who nothing to live for once they found out their mother was going to be in the hospital for cancer. What they didnt realize was that something more dangerous and that the only people they could trust at the moment were each other. Both sister are separated, and Jessica meets a group of survivors searching the hospital for supplies.

What will become of the two sisters, and will the group of survivors trust them?

1.Zombie States of America – A Walking Dead Fan Fiction
2.The Unwanted Daughter – A Brian “Synyster Gates” Haner Father Fan Fiction
3.The Princesses and The Deathbats – An Avenged Sevenfold Fan Fiction
4.The Pier – A Jimmy “The Reverend Tholomew Plague” Sullivan Fan Fiction
5.The Nerd Daughter – A Matthew Charles “Shadows” Sanders Father Fan Fiction
6.The Golden Rule – A Jimmy Sullivan Fan Fiction
7.The Girl Who Cried Wolf – A Jonathan Seward Fan Fiction
8.The Extraordinary Life of Lolita Jones – An Original Fiction
9.Sons of Anarchy: Season One – An Opie Winston Fan Fiction
10.Sons of Anarchy: The New Prospects – A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction
11.My So Called Life – An Original Fan Fiction
12.Love in the Dark – A Matthew Sanders Fan Fiction
13.Let's Call it Bat Country – An Avenged Sevenfold Fan Fiction
14.How to Love – A Matthew Sanders Fan Fiction
15.Gossip Girl: The Downfall of the Queen B – A Gossip Girl Fan Fiction
16.Glee: Hollywood meets Lima – An Artie Fan Fiction
17.Between Borders – An Edward Cullen and Leah Clearwater Fan Fiction
18.Beauty and the Beast – A Paul Lahote Fan Fiction
19.90210 – An Ethan Ward Fan Fiction
  1. The Hospital Visit
    Chapter One
  2. Finding my other Half.
    Chapter Two