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Call It Love, Call It Lies

If Aaron Visits Me In My Dreams Or Not

I slowly walked into the library and found Kat hunched over a table that was literally covered in books. As I walked over to her I looked around the library. It really wasn`t a small library by any means. It was probably ten times bigger than the kitchen and living room combined. And those rooms alone are pretty big.

"Hey Kat, can I talk to you about something?" I asked, walked over to her.

"Sure babe," Kat said, patting the little love seat she was sitting on.

I sat next to her and ran a hand through my hair, "Aaron and I um....well he.....well we kind of....." I groaned and trailed off, burying my face in my hands. Kat might of been my best friend, but I was still embarrassed to talk to her about this.

"Babe? Did he hurt you? All you have to do is say the word and I`ll kill him."

"Thanks babe but its not like that."

"Okay, well explain before I got slaughter him," Kat said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

I laughed at her words and leaned against her side. "Well um...its kind of embarrassing. Um..he um...," I paused and blushed, "Kind of licked me...between my legs."

"Why are you embarrassed by that? Michael has done that to me plenty of times."

"Oh god, don`t tell me that! I don`t want to know about your sex life."

Kat laughed and nodded, "Okay, okay I won`t tell you any more. But why are you so embarrassed?"

"Well, you know I`ve never done that or had that kind of stuff done to me. And um, well I haven`t exactly known Aaron all that long. Because of what he did....that doesn`t make me a whore, does it?"

"No! Oh god no. Honey, for Vampires what Aaron did is perfectly normal. Vampire relationships move fast. Especially when it comes to anything sexual."

"She`s right you know."

Kat and myself jumped, looking at the doorway of the library to see DJ leaning against it.

"DJ don`t scare us like that!" He chuckled at Kat`s scolding and walked over to us.

"Okay, okay. I won`t sneak up on you like that again. But Kat is right, Flora. Vampire relationships move fast, especially the sexual part. For Vampires, even with a human lover, we like to mate within the first week or two. But with appearing in your dreams for a while, Aaron has been moving slow. By Vampire standards anyway."

I nodded slowly at DJ`s words. I understood that Vampires moved fast, but I didn`t think they moved that fast. I was thankful though that Aaron seemed to be moving slow. But he wasn`t exactly moving slow enough for me.

"DJ? Could you talk to Aaron about something for me?"

"Of course, anything you want."

"Could you talk to him about maybe moving slower? I know Vampires move fast and he`s trying to move slow but...his pace is still a bit fast for me. I`m not exactly comfortable with how fast he`s going."

"I`ll go talk to him sweet heart," DJ said as he kissed my forehead and walked out of the library.

I let out a soft sigh and looked up at Kat, "How far have you gotten with the ritual?"

"Unfortunately I haven`t gotten very far. Plus we`re going to have to go home soon. We have work tomorrow and we won`t be getting another day off till next week."

I groaned and shook my head. I didn`t want to go back to work. I was enjoying my alone time with Aaron and I didn`t want it to end.

"I know how you feel babe. I don`t want to leave Michael just as much as you don`t want to leave Aaron. But we have to. We need to go to work to pay for the bills so we can have the house. Although I do love the idea of moving in with the guys."

"You only want to move in so you can cuddle with Michael," I said with a laugh.

Kat blushed a little and shrugged, "There`s nothing wrong with cuddling with your boyfriend."

"True, true. But still wouldn`t you miss sharing a house with me?"

"Of yes," Kat replied, laughing a bit and pulling me closer to her. I smiled and moved closer, laying my head on her shoulder as she started reading through a spell book.

After about an hour Michael came into the library and told us the roads were clear so we could go home and rest for work tomorrow. So we went home, Kat taking twelve spell books with her. I hope she gets some sleep tonight with all those books.

Something bothered me though when we left. Everyone but Aaron told us goodbye. Actually, I couldn`t even find him. I hope I didn`t upset him when I had DJ talk to him. Maybe I should of talked to him instead...Well I guess I`ll find out tonight if Aaron visits me in my dreams or not.
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I know this is really short and seems like a filler, which it kind of is, but I wanted to show some of Kat and Flora`s friendship. Along with the growing/future friendship between Flora and DJ. On another note thank you so, so much to my new commenter and subscribers! Please keep commenting and subscribing. It means a lot to know people like this story. :)