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Call It Love, Call It Lies

I Guess I Was Scared To Talk To Him About It

Unfortunately that night Aaron didn`t visit me in my dream. He didn`t visit me for the rest of the week actually. Iv`e missed him so much. I haven`t been able to get a good nights sleep all week. But tonight Kat and myself are going to go visit the guys, so hopefully I can talk to Aaron and see what`s going on.

I have a pretty good idea why he hasn`t visited me, though. I sent DJ to talk to him about our relationship when I should have done it myself. I guess I was just scared to talk to him about it. Vampire relationships worked fast and even though Aaron was trying to go slow, he wasn`t exactly going slow enough. I wish I could of just told him that instead of having DJ do it. I just hope Aaron understands.

"Ready to go babe?"

I looked over at my bedroom door and smiled at Kat. "Yeah. Let`s get going."

Kat smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me out of my room, out of the house and to the car. We got into the car and began the simi long drive to the house that held Aaron, Michael, DJ and Philip.
When we got there I couldn`t help but smile at the old creepyish house as I got out of the car. I quickly followed Kat up to the house. Though I was a bit surprised that she just opened the door and walked in. But then again, Michael does live here too. So he probably told her she could just come in.

"Michael? Guys, we`re here!"

"Have you made any progress?" I jumped and looked over to my right, towards the kitchen, and saw Philip standing in the kitchen doorway with a crooked grin on his lips.

"No we have not. And stop, Flora isn`t used to be snuck up on like I am," Kat said, rolling her eyes playfully.

"Okay, okay. I`m sorry Flora. Sneaking up is just a habit Iv`e formed over the years."

I nodded, "Its fine Philip."

"So, how is everything going?"

"I already told you I haven`t made any progress."

"No, I meant with Flora. Aaron hasn`t come out of his room since you guys left. I was wondering if something happened."

I sighed and shook my head. "I don`t know, Philip. He hasn`t visited me at all this week. I wanted to talk to him today."

Philip nodded and gave me a hug. "I hope everything works out. I know he cares about you."

"Thank, Philip," I murmured as I hugged him back.

"Hello everyone," Michael said as he walked over to us with DJ by his side. They both gave Kat and myself a hug before leading us to the living room.

"How`s the researching coming along?" Michael asked, wrapping his arm around Kat`s shoulders.

"Unfortunately there is none. I haven`t found a thing. I swear Iv`e read half the books in that library already."

"You`ll find something, Kat. You`re a smart little Wiccan. I know you can find what we need."

Kat blushed softly at his words and nodded, curling into his side. We all smiled at them. They were such a cute couple.

"Hey, Philip? Didn`t you say Aaron was in his room?"

"Yeah why?"

"I think I`m gonna go talk to him," I said softly as I got up off the couch.

"Be careful. He`s been in a bit of a mood," DJ murmured.

I nodded and walked out of the living room. I walked up some stairs and down a hall that lead to Aaron`s room. I continued to walk until I got to his bedroom door. I took a deep breath and raised my hand, gently knocking on the door. Let`s hope Aaron isn`t too mad at me.
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