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Call It Love, Call It Lies

"You`ll Remember It As You Die."

I let out a soft groan as I began to wake up. Unfortunately as I began to wake up I started to remember what happened before I was knocked out. As soon as I remember everything my eyes shot open and I was met with almost complete darkness. The only light was the moonlight shining in from a small window to my left.

From the moonlight I could see that I was in what looked like a basement with cement walls and a brick floor. From what I could see the room was bare of any furniture, but then again I couldn`t see much.

As I did my best to look around I realized something. My arms were up against the wall. I quickly looked up and saw my wrists were cuffed to the wall. When I made a move to pull at the cuffs I realized my ankles were cuffed to the floor as well. This can`t be good. This can`t be good at all.

"It seems you`re finally awake."

I looked up and saw the man that was the reason for all this. The man that took me from Kat and the boys. And he was smirking at me.

I narrowed my eyes at him and made a noise similar to a snarl Iv`e heard Aaron make once when he was pissed off at Michael. Maybe Kat wasn`t the only one spending a smidge too much time with Vampires. I`m starting to make noises like one too.

"What, you aren`t going to speak?" He asked as he walked over to me.

I simply narrowed my eyes in response to his words. He glared at me and grabbed my chin, making me look at him.

"You will listen to me," He growled before letting go of my chin and backhanding me. And of course, I flinched. To which he grinned, clearly getting the reaction he wanted. And I was pissed at myself for giving it to him.

He stood up and turned away from me, seeming to look around the room. He started to hum as he walked away from me. And I will admit, the humming was a bit creepy. But then again, I never liked it when creepy men hummed. It just makes them more creepy.

Minutes later he returned with a knife in his hands, a fairly large one I might add, with some dried blood on it. This isn`t good. This isn`t good at all.

"What are you doing?"

"What, you didn`t expect me to be nice to you, did you?"

I narrowed my eyes as I watched him walk up to me. I was growing to detest the smirk on his lips. He`s acting like he won something. Well, he hasn`t won anything. Soon the guys will be here and kill them all for this. Wow I need to stop hanging out with Vampires. I`m starting to be a bit sadistic.

"Listen to me you bitch!" I gasped out in surprise as he backhanded me yet again. I need to stop being surprised by him hitting me.

"Alright, have it your way," He stated and I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked down and saw blood staring to seep through my dress. It was then I realized he had cut my stomach. Hopefully the cut wasn`t too deep.

"I hope Aaron kills you! I hope he rips you limb from limb!" I yelled before I could stop myself.

He snarled and backhanded me again, but this time it was much harder. So much so that my vision started to blur. Well, at least I`ll black out and forget the pain in my stomach for a while.

As he crouched down in front of me that stupid smirk came back on his lips, "My name is Victor. You`ll remember it as you die."

And with those words my whole world was enveloped in darkness and everything disappeared as I blacked out.
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