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Call It Love, Call It Lies

But I`m Not Going To Tell Them That Just yet

I woke up the next morning cuddled up to Aaron`s side with my head on his chest. I looked at the small clock on the nightstand, sighing softly when I saw it read 10:30 in big red numbers. I buried my face in Aaron`s chest for a second then looked up at him. I smiled as I looked at him. He was so damn adorable in his sleep.

I looked at the french doors and sighed, a light smile on my lips when I saw it was still raining. I sat up a bit, giving him a soft kiss on the forehead and carefully getting out of bed. I drapped a blanket over my shoulders and held it tightly against my body. I went over to the door and opened it slowly, slipping out and shutting the door as gently as I could so I wouldn`t wake Aaron.

I walked down stairs and wondered around for a few minutes until I found the kitchen and someone I missed and needed to talk to standing in it: Kat. I went over to her and stood behind her, my eyes narrowing slightly as I said, "You are so dead." She let out a shriek and spun around, facing me.

"Damn Flora you almost gave me a heart attack. Now, why am I dead?"

"Because of Aaron. You didn`t tell me he was the guy in my dreams."

"You never told me what the guy in your dreams looks like," Kat said, going back to making breakfast.
I let out a groan and hugged her from behind. "Fine, you aren`t dead. But can I ask you something?"

"Of course hun. You know you can ask me anything."

" with Aaron? Or more specifically, what is he?"

"Except for that. I wish I could tell you and explain everything, but I`m not allowed to. Only Aaron can tell you, and that`s when he think`s you are ready."

I sighed and nodded, hugging her again.

"I really wish I could tell you. I know it would make everything so much easier."

"I know. Thank you for trying though."

"Of course. Now get over here and help me cook."

I laughed and nodded, moving away from her and started helping her make breakfast. After almost an hour Michael walked into the kitchen and went straight for Kat, wrapping his arms around her and nuzzling her neck. Kat giggled and kissed his cheek, making him smile and kiss her cheek back.

I`ll admit, they are very cute together and Michael seems to make her happy. And honestly, all I want is for Kat to be happy. Michael makes her happy and it looks like he treats her right. After watching them interact Iv`e decided that I approve. But I`m not going to tell them that just yet.
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This might be my last update for a while. My grandma is in the hospital again and has fluid around her lungs and heart. There`s also some signs that she might of had a stroke. I don`t know a whole lot because she`s in a different state and of course because its the weekend and you aren`t going to get much information till Monday. I`ll try and do at least one more update, but like I said this might be my last update for a while. It just depends on my grandma`s health. I was also planning on making this chapter ten times longer, but with what`s going on its hard to write.

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