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Call It Love, Call It Lies

Aaron Was Laying There, Looking Sick And In Pain

After having breakfast and watching Michael and Kat being so cute I wanted to puke, I decided to go back up to Aaron`s room. Michael said that Aaron and the other two friends that live with him are very late sleepers. Especially considering it was now noon and they weren`t up yet.

I slowly walked into Aaron`s room, gently shutting the door and walking over to the bed. I sat down and frowned, seeing that he curled up completely under the covers.

"Aaron?" I asked softly, playing my hand on the blanket`s where his shoulders would be. I only got a grunt in response. I started to pull the cover`s back Aaron let out a hiss, almost sounding like he was in pain. Before I could ask if he was okay he pulled me under the blankets then pulled them completely over us.

"Don`t pull the cover`s back."

I frowned and looked at him, my eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. When my eyes were fully adjusted I gasped at what I saw. Aaron was laying there, looking sick and in pain.

"Aaron? Sweetheart, what`s wrong?" I asked, moving closer and gently began running my fingers through his hair.

"My skin is very sinsitive to the sun. I woke up and got burnt."

"Oh honey. What can I do?"

"Close the curtains and make sure the room is completely dark, except for a few candles."

I nodded at his words and gently kissed his forehead. I carefully got out from under the covers, making sure the sun didn`t get on Aaron. I got off the bed and went over to the french doors, pulling the curtains closed. I messed with them a few times to make sure no light would come in.

I went over to the two foot long shelf and grabbed a lighter from Aaron`s dresser. I looked over at the bed for a second, frowning when I saw he was still curled up under the blanket`s. I looked back at the shelf and started lighting candles. After the candles were all lit I went back over to the bed.

"It`s safe now, Aaron," I said softly as I got on the bed, sitting next to him.

He slowly pulled the cover`s back and looked around the room, letting out a sigh of relief. He rolled over onto his back and looked at me.

"Hi," He murmured, gently pulling me down so I would lay next to him.

"Hi. Are you okay?"

"I will be."

I frowned and sat up a little. "What do you mean?"

"Like i said, I`m sensitive to the sun and I think I got a bit of a burn. I`ll be fine after it heals."

"Can I see it?"

Aaron looked at me for a minute then nodded, sitting up and pulling the blanket off. He turned around and I gasped. He had a dark red sun burn on his shoulder. It was so big it covered his right shoulder and part of his left shoulder blade.

"Oh honey! Do you have anything for it?"

"Yeah, there should be some aloe in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom."

I nodded and pressed a light kiss to the part of his left shoulder that wasn`t burnt. I got off the bed and went into the bathroom that connected with his room. I quickly opened the medicine cabinet and found the aloe. I walked back out of the bathroom and went over to the bed, sitting down behind him.

"This might hurt a little because I`m touching the burn," I murmured, pressing another soft kiss to his non hurt shoulder. Aaron simply nodded at my words and mumbled, "Go for it."

I gently started rubbing the aloe into his shoulder, causing him to hiss in pain. I murmured I was sorry and kept rubbing in the aloe. After a few minutes I finished up and kissed his left shoulder, putting the aloe on the bedside table.

"Hopefully that will help sooth the pain."

"It already is. Thank you."

I nodded and laid down on my side. Aaron moved and laid on his left side. I smiled a bit and moved closer to him. He smiled, looking down at me. He lifted his hand, gently run his fingers tips down my cheek and over my neck, letting his hand drop back onto the bed. I dropped my hand next to his, slowly taking his hand in mine and lacing our fingers together.

"Aaron?" I asked, lightly biting my lip.


"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, anything."

"What are you?"

He sighed and sat up, running a hand through his hair. I sat up as well, lightly biting my lip. The last thing I wanted was to upset or make him uncomfortable. I just wanted to know what was going on, not rush him.

"Its...complicated. And its...are you sure you want to know?"

"Yes. But I don`t want to push you into telling me something you aren`t ready to tell me."

"That`s sweet of you but," He paused, sighing a bit. "You will find out eventually. And I want to be the one to tell you. But I need you to promise me something, okay?"

I nodded, "Of course. What do you need me to promise?"

"Promise me that you won`t freak out, that you won`t run screaming and that you won`t hate me."

I frowned deeply, moving closer. "Aaron, what`s going on? You`re starting to scare me."

"Just promise me, Flora. Promise."

"I promise, Aaron. Now please tell me what is going on."

Aaron took a deep breath and moved so he was facing me. He gently took my hands in his, causing me to lace our fingers together. He looked down at our hands for a few minutes before looking back up at me. I gave him an encouraging smile which he returned with a weak one.

"I know this will more than likely scare and shock you, but please keep your promise in mind. Now to begin. I am known by many names: Nosferatu and creature of the night, to name a few. I am Aaron Graves, but I am also called another name: Vampire."
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