Sequel: Never Truly Loved
Status: Fin.

She Will Be Loved

"What makes you think that you should be with her? Why should I believe that you'll take care of her? That you'll love her?!" The pale vampire, Edward, hissed out angrily, his amber eyes aglow with a new found hatred for the tanned boy in front of him.

"I... remember..." The russet skinned boy began, his dark chocolate eyes staring at the muddy, uneven floor below. The torrential rainfall that came down from the dark gray, almost black, clouds hit his bare back, and soft sizzling and hissing sounds were made as the droplets collided with his skin, a barely visible cloud of steam rising from him ever so slowly. "I remember the first day I saw her... the real her. I had never seen someone look so... so broken." His lips whispered the final word and there was now a mixture of pure droplets from the sky and salty droplets from his eyes on his cheeks.

"What are you talking about?" Edward snapped, his hands clenching up into tight fists, the pale skin on his knuckles now turning a chalk white.

"She's still not happy! Don't you get it? Can't you see it?" Jacob shouted, his voice booming outside, echoing in the trees. "You didn't see her how I saw her!" Jacob began to walk about the area to keep himself busy, walking back and forth before the vampire who still glared at him and despised his existence. "Her skin was paler than yours, her voice was hollow and quiet, her eyes were glazed over and so goddamn lifeless!" The teen's balled up hand made a harsh collision with a nearby tree which caused part of the bark to be indented upon, leaving an imprint of his fist.

Jacob Black turned to Edward Cullen. A new fire was building up inside of him. It was the need and urge to protect her. It was the want to see her smile and be genuinely happy. It was the desire to be with her every second of the day. It was all of the love he had for her, for Quinn Hurley, and it was all of the proof that he would ever need.

Edward Cullen's face softened and his eyes began to lose their glowing hatred as he probed through this boy's thoughts, feeling through them the pure and true emotions Jacob Black held for her.

"She will be loved."