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Status: Updated Feb. 19, 2014

Hidden Behind the Lines

Two years have passed since Matt Sanders and Liv Masters started a fake relationship to fend off Matt's obsessive ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Walsh. Despite Liv's school work and Matt being on tour with his band, they are still going strong.

While Matt is away, Liv starts receiving gifts from an anonymous person that claims to be an admirer. Things grow stranger still when Liv starts receiving threats and weird phone calls in the middle of the night with seemingly no one on the other end. With Tiffany still locked away getting treatment, Matt and Liv, along with their friends, have no idea who the person sending these threats can be.

Can they find out before Liv's life is really put in danger? Or will they end up being too late to save her?

Maybe Holding Hands Wasn't Such A Good Idea.
Love With A Motive.

Title credit: Modern Day Escape

This story is rated R for adult language.

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