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Poison Oak


She's crying almost noiselessly, silver colored dots of pure emotion bursting from her eyes but what scares me the most is how she's folding into herself, like everything is just too much and she is so quiet. There's something gripping at my throat but I can't quite make it out, not sure what to do, what to say, how to act. My chest is spreading open, more and more with each tear dripping down her chin and more than anything I want to extract my still beating, blood covered heart with my shaking, sweat dampened fingers and show her just how much I care, will always care for her. No matter what I say she just shakes her head and tells me that I don't understand, will never understand. How can something so perfect turn to dust so quickly?

"The world is just so easy for you," She tells me, looking down. "It's never been like that for me, it never will. You have this way of looking at things...looking at me, and I can't, just can't."

She just can't.
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one chapter left, there will be a sequel, I'm not sure if you can see it in the top right corner or not, but yeah. thank you to everyone who has read/commented/subscribed/recommended

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