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Student, Teacher Conference


Mr Jackmen's P.O.V

What was I thinking?! Kissing her like that! Rubbing against her like that?! she was a student! I knew I wouldn't be able to fight it, I knew I wouldn't. I'm just too attracted to her and interested in her. This was it, if, she told anyone, if anyone saw or found out; I'd be ruined and God knows what will happen to her! Her school life could change drastically and her parents might be mad at her and the school will definetly say something about it. I could loose my job! The one I went to College and studied six years for! My parents wouldn't like the idea either and I don't know about my friends, but they wouldn't find out about me unless I told them. I couldn't believe I done this! I sat at the table with my hands in my head. I was still hard and I had to think about something else o stop it, but I couldn't. Melissa had kissed me, then I kissed her and she had kissed me back. the look in her eyes and the warmth of her lips, it was just so intoxicating! Melissa hadn't even done anything and she was so wonderful...what was I going to do? Should I leave? I wouldn't be able be in the same classroom as her without remembering what happened here today. I heard someone coming in the base and I used my lab coat to cover my bulge and I looked up and smiled at one of the cleaners.

"Oh sorry, I thought no one was in here"

"That's alright I was just leaving, thank you" I smiled.

I got up and kept my hand in my pocket to cover my bulge. It was going down so I had less to worry about. I went back into my classroom and got my stuff together, I was needing to go home and think about this a lot. I needed to sort this problem, how was I going to un-attract myself from Melissa?

Tuesday morning

I paced about in my classroom and wondered if she was going to come in and speak to me. I wondered if I should of went to her class and asked her to come speak to me, but I was unsure and scared. Had she told anyone? The bell went and I jumped hurriedly getting my second years Lesson started on the board. I would see Melissa definetly last two periods of today, I'm not sure if she would come up lunch time. A part of me hoped she ould and a part of me hoped she wouldn't; if it was just us two I don't think I could control myself.

I got my third years to sit quietly and do their work while I should of been marking their homework they'd handed in, I couldn't stop staring at the clocks. It was five minutes till the bell went and it was the longest five minutes I'd ever experiance. Although she would usually come up after she had eaten her lunch so I still had an extra twenty minutes to wait. I shook my head and tried to get on with the marking. I read the same question and answer over and over again, I just couldn't make sense of it.


I looked up and saw Rebecca standing in front of me.


"Can you mark this?" She asked skeptically.

I forced a smile and nodded taking the paper from her. I had to focus, she wanted it marked here and now. I marked it and handed it back to her, she asked me to put a grade on it! I took it back then rounded it up to Credit level 2. Which was good since she was in the Credit Class. I congratulated her and she grinned pleased and went to her seat. The bell went and I dismissed the calss, my nerves were shot. I rubbed my hands together waiting for everyone to get out. I took out my packed lunch from my bag and sat at my desk, eating my pasta slowly, revising what I wanted to say to Melissa. Someone knocked on my door and I almost choked on my pasta and spluttered a 'come in'. I jumped out of my seat when Melissa came in. I finished my forful of pasta and walked towards her, she was blushing and had a small polite smile on her face. My heart leapt, she looked lovely, she suited her uniform and unfrotunately it kind of turned me on, especially when she wore a skirt and knee high socks.

"Sir, is it OK if I come up?" She asked unsure.

"Of course" I shrugged.

She nodded and got her Biology stuff out and then put her bag on the pegs. I couldn't stop looking at her, perhaps she was putting it behind her, forgetting about it pretending it never happened. I could do that...

"Would you rather I let you eat your lunch alone?"

"No, no it's fine. I'm alright" I said and took my seat at my desk and took a forkful of my pasta.

Nodding she opened her book and jotters and got reading and correcting her own work. I kept glancing at her, I was starting to sweat with nerves, but I also felt calm knowing she was here and knowing how she felt about it. I was a bit upset that she didn't have the same feelings but of course she wasn't; she was barely eighteen and I was twenty-six! Although she said she didn't mind age gaps, it was all to do with how two people felt about each other. She kissed me too though...was it spur of the moment or did she have feelings for me too? I looked up at her and caught her staring at me, we both blushed and looked down. A few seconds later I looked up at her and saw her looking at her work and biting her lip. I don't know what got into me but I got up out of my seat and walked over to her. I sat next to her and she looked up to me with those beautiful eyes.

"Melissa...about, Friday" I started.

"I haven't told anyone" She rushed and put her hands up.

"I wouldn't! I wouldn't want you to loose your job because of me"

I smiled at her and took a hold of her hand.

"Thanks, I appreciate it" I squeezed and went to let go but she tightened her hold and I didn't want to let go.

"I-I...I'm not..." She couldn't finish what she was saying.

I just wanted to hold her close to me. The urge was getting too great and I had to pull my hand away from her but I couldn't...

"Melissa...I don't want to make it worse but may I...?" I asked.

If Melissa said no then it was completely over. Melissa looked up at me with a slightly pink face, she tilted her head and I leaned forward, she didn't object. I pressed my forehead against hers, should I? I didn't have to make the decision, Melissa leaned moved and kissed me, kissed me so gently. I gave in. The table hurt my stomach so I pulled away and moved round to her side and she turned so I could get to her more easily. She pulled me to her and I wrapped my arms around her, she opened her legs and I moved inbetween them and ran my fingers through her hair. I lifted her up onto the table and she ran her fingers over my collar bone and down my chest, I wished I wasn't wearing a shirt so I could feel her finger run along my skin. I moaned a little and I felt her smile against my lips, it made me smile. I pulled away for breath and we looked at each other a little breathless.

"I've never done this before" I told her.

"Me either" She said.

I took her hand off my chest and entwined my fingers with hers. I looked at our hands, hers were so much smaller than mine. Her nails were long and they made her hands look so delicate. I squeezed and she squeezed back.


"Call me Alex...for now anyway" I chuckled.

She laughed a little and sighed, licking her lips.

"Alex.." She whispered my name.

"What...what is this?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, is this ging to continue or is it just something we're going through right now or...I don't know" She hung her head.

I stroked her hair and kissed her head. It was weird since I didn't know her that well, but it felt natural. It felt right.

"Well, being honest I am extrememly attracted to you, and I want this to continue" I addmitted.

I shook a little and took a breath, this was it, if she didn't return the feelings it was all over and I should leave before they find out, but they would probably find out anyway. Melissa looked up at me and nodded, leaning her head against my chest.

"I..really you too" She said barely above a whisper.

A huge wave of relief washed over me and I ook her face in my hands and kissed her. She blushed and smiled and tried to move back, shuffling on the table.

"But what will we do?" She asked.

"I...I don't know. Is it just a school thing or would you like us to do things outside school?" I asked.

"Well, if we're continuing's a relationship" She blushed and hung her head again.

I felt my cheeks heat up and I scratched the back of my head. A relationship with a student? My heart raced at the thought, what would people think if they found out?!

"Melissa, if we are going to do this, we'll have to be very careful" I sighed.

"I know...I'm sorry"

"Don't be sorry" I said and cupped her face.

"You aren't the only one whose worried about the other. I do like you Melissa, I like you a lot otherwise I wouldn't have kissed you, I want this it's just a little hard to take in"

She nodded. I was kind of greatful for the serious talk, I wouldn't be able to hide a bulge from my higher class, especially when the one causing it was sitting in front of me in a skirt for two hours after a kiss. I looked at the clock and then back at Melissa.

"Why don't you wait behind after class and we can discuss this more" I suggested.

Melissa nodded. I took a breath and moved so she could get off the table. I smiled at her and twirled her under my arm, she laughed and I pulled her to me and she leaned up and kissed me. This was amazing! Dangerous but extremely thrilling! I think that's what turned us on more was the thrill.